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Car Accident At Fajuyi Hall

On Monday, 9th December 2019, a car accident occurred around Fajuyi Hall Annex of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. 

The car, which was reportedly said to belong to an OAU lecturer, was reported to have crashed into the gate of Faj Annex. The accident was said to have occurred at about 5pm. 
The car was reported to have suffered from a brake failure and crashed into the second gate of the hall, damaging the canteen very close to the gate. However, there was no life lost, although some of the people at the restaurant were injured. 
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Finally, FASA Decides!

By Bernard Nasamu 
The election of the Faculty of Art Student Association; FASA, was set for 10pm, but the voting process abruptly started around 11:30. The condition was conducive for the election. In small groups and troupes, students made way to exercise their constitutional rights.
The bone of contention after the cancelled election was the actualization of a free and fair election. A notable figure at the election which held at History lobby was Dr Amusa, whose presence coupled with the selfless services of the incorruptible electoral commissioners paved way for a hiccup election. There were two candidates from two different departments under FASA, Zachman and Hamzat as they are popularly called.
The voting process ended officially around a few minutes after 4pm. Just as the saying goes the voice of the people is the voice of God. Hamzat, a part 3 student of the department of philosophy, emerged as the president-elect of FASA. Hamzat claimed the spot with a narrow 277- 248 votes, a…

Female OAU Student Assaulted At Maintenance Gate, Security Reacts

At 10:50pm on Sunday 8, December, a female student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife was assaulted directly opposite Maintenance, the popular female residential area around the campus gate. 

It was reported that the female student (who pleaded anonymity) was out to buy food when three unidentifiable guys who alighted from a car behind her allegedly harassed her. In reaction, she was then said to exclaim,"Are you normal?" This is when the situation got out of hand as things got violent. These unidentified individuals, reportedly three in number pounced on this female student slapping and hitting her vigorously. The food seller who tried to help was also said to get some part of the beating. The onlookers who sells by the scene tried to help but these individuals kept slapping and hitting her.
It was also reported that the case was reported immediately to the security at Maintenance gate but they turned their deaf ears to the report. The identity of these individuals rem…

OAU Management Dedicates Hotline To Reporting Sexual Harassment

By Eberechuwu Okafor

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University has released a special circular on new means to protect students from sexual harassment.

Prior to the release of the helpline, the viral video of the "All-seeing eye" by Kiki Mordi for BBC Africa in October, several students had looked out for the steps the Obafemi Awolowo University will take towards protecting its students against actions like that. At the time, it did not seem like much would be done.

However, the management has put these fears to rest as the Obafemi Awolowo University has decided to take a strong stand against sexual harassment meted on any of the students of the great school by creating a helpline in case of emergencies.

According to a release signed by the registrar of the school, students can now send text messages directly or via the social media "WHATSAPP" to 07063610481 in cases of emergencies. This development is surely welcome as many students have shown a warm recept…

Olanrewaju Bello To Steer LSS OAU Through Next Academic Session

The OAU chapter of the Law Students' Society announced the emergence of the new elected Executives.

The Electoral Commission officers of the Law student body, corporately known as the Law Students' Society (LSS) conducted the election at the Old Law MOOT and MOCK court, located at the Faculty building.

After two preceding presidential debates and Manifesto nights, Voting started at the early hours of yesterday, December 2nd, at about 9:45am due to some delays as against the intended 9:00am and the process spanned till 5pm.

Sequel to this, the collation of votes began 30 minutes later at 5:30pm and the new executives were announced soon after.

Of the 10 LSS positions, only 6 positions had more than one aspirant involved.

The office of the Public Liaison Officer (P. L. O), the Public Relations Officer (PRO), the director of Sports and the office of the Director of Socials were contested unopposed.

Despite the absence of part one students from the faculty, participation took a h…

Best Wishes To All OAU Students In Forthcoming Examinations

As exams start, we wish all students of the Obafemi Awolowo University success in the upcoming exams. As we prepare for the end of the session, we hope you all have time to reflect on the session and on the year as a whole. 
We wish you all the happiness and joy that this month has to offer. We hope you leave every exam hall with smiles on your faces, even if we all know that how we feel after writing an exam doesn't matter till we see the result. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. 

Pelumi Hassan  Editor-in-Chief, OAU Peeps News Agency

OAU Peeps Gets New Editor As Babafaros Bows Out

One of the foremost online campus news agencies in Obafemi Awolowo University - OAU Peeps News Agency now has a new Editor-in-Chief (EIC).

The outgone EIC, Oluwaseun Farombi a.k.a Babafaros, whose tenure elapsed on November 30, 2019 hands baton to an Interim EIC, Hassan Pelumi.

Hassan Pelumi, who is the first female editor of the agency is a 300 level student of the Department of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University. She will be assisted by four other members including, Lawani Oluwashemiloore, Akintunde Oluranti, ALABI-OYO omobolaji and Bernard Nasamu.

According to a statement by the Board of the Agency, the appointment of an Interim EIC comes on the heel of the dissolution of the Executive Council of the agency. "This decision and step is necessary to stabilize, restructure, strengthen and focus the agency to deliver on its original mandates," the statement added.

Going forward, every communication and business relating to the agency is to be discussed with the…