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OAU Hosts the Maiden Version of The Royal Awards & Leadership Summit

By Emmanuel Dominic  The Royal Awards & Leadership Summit is an event hosted by Royal African Young Leadership Forum in conjunction with the Ooni of Ife Global Outreach. The aim of the event is to award young and vibrant successful youths who have made it so that it can have impact in their respective fields/industries. It took place on the 17th of January, 2020 at Oduduwa hall OAU campus. The event was scheduled to begin by 11am, however, due to logistical hitches it kicked off by 12:04pm. The Public Relations Officer of OAU, Mr Abiodun Olarewaju and Mr Yinka were the Masters of Ceremony. They acknowledged how all activities on campus were on hold, due to the program, to honour the youths in Ife.  The Traditional Chiefs and advisers to the King graced the ceremony with their presence in their glamorous white attires and beads embodiments. Many dignitaries like MC Lively, Woli Arole, Seyi Awolowo, Seun Fakorede, Daniel Otabor, Fola David, Yomi Casual, Habeeb Whyte, Seyi Olofinjana, Pr…
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OAU Computer Center shuts down Eportal

The Computer Centre of Obafemi Awolowo University released an internal memorandum on the 17th of January, 2020, to notify the university community of a temporary shutdown of the e-portal. This memorandum is from the Ag. Director of Computer Centre to deputy Vice Chancellor (academics) informing the community that the temporary shutdown of the e-portal is part of the preparation for the new academic session (2019/2020). The shutdown of the e-portal is for routine maintenance, and it will last from 20th to 27th January. 
"During the time, there will be a rolling over for the incoming session and the introduction of some new security measures. In addition, the key members of staff of the Centre WILL NOT BE available during this period." The Centre apologize for the inconvenience that the university community might face during this period and they declare that this activity is for them to serve the community better.

OAU: Timelines For Change of Course Application For 2019/2020 Session

On the 8th of Jan 2020, the Principal Assistant Registrar(Admission) released a circular stating the timeline for processing application forms for the Change of Course /Degree Programme towards the 2019/2020 Academic Session.
The deans of releasing and accepting faculties are expected to note and keep to the deadlines. This will enable students who have been granted approval to change their course of study to register for those courses and commence the 2019/2020 session in the new faculty /department accordingly
Below are the timeline process
Sales of change of course application form commences                                 13th January, 2020 Sales of Forms closes                                                                                              29th February, 2020 Releasing Faculty /Department Receives Forms                                                10th March, 2020 Releasing Faculty /Department returns Form to Admission Office                15th March, 2020 Accepting Facu…

Sex-For-Grades: OAU Makes Headlines Yet Again

By Emmanuel Dominic 
Obafemi Awolowo University makes it to the headlines again, but this time, it is based on a sex-for-grades scandal, which involves a Lecturer from the Department of International Relations, whose name is Olabisi Olaleye,  and a 400l student of the department of International Relations, whose name is Motunrayo Afolayan. This is a case in which the student accused the lecturer of sexually harassing her. A complaint had been filed at the University Center for Gender and Social Policy Studies by the victim,  alleging that the lecturer had failed her in Diplomacy course code IRS 305. This is happening up 2 years after Mr Akindele,  a professor of accounting, was dismissed from the University,  for allegedly demanding sex for grades from a female student.  And was later sentenced to 24months in prison. 

Reliable source. Told Premium times that Mrs Afolayan first took IRS 305 during 2017/18 academic year. But allegedly failed cause she refused to sleep with the lecturer.  Du…

Possible Bed Space For Final Year Students As DSA Makes New Release

The Division of Student Affairs in its latest special release informs the final year students of a possible but “slim chance” of accommodation. DSA affirms that it is a tradition for freshmen and final year students to benefit from the bed spaces provided by the school.
 However, as a result of the reaction to last release that only freshmen would be provided accommodation on campus, the management states that “It would be unfair to ignore the reality of insufficient bed spaces for the students in this category and go ahead to make students unprepared against the possibilities of not getting bed spaces because of the limited bed spaces on campus.” It was also stated that the last release was to get students prepared as the possibilities to get accommodation on campus is very slim. 
The management plead with students to be patient as efforts are made to secure the immediate usage of the newly constructed hostels at Parakin Area. 

Graduating English Students Mourn Loss Of Class Member

Adekilekun Fatiu who was reported dead on 31, December 2019 was an English student (a member of the class of Candor 2019 graduating set). He wrote his final exams on 21st December 2019 with his classmates and went home on the same day. He had gone home for the holiday with the intention of going back to complete his project in school. There is no information on the state of his health before his demise, it was however reported that he was not active online for 2 days. He was also the project leader of his group. 

His class, the Class of Candor was shaken and saddened by the news and some class members had a lot to say about him;
"Adekilekun Fatiu, my friend was awesome. Amongst my friends in the department, he was the most jovial and humorous. He was also very reserved, I will always go to his room in Awo to snap note. He was very generous as he gave me food to eat whenever I visited. He was the group leader of his project work which they  have written to chapter 4.He actually we…

How To Maintain Your Glam This Harmattan period

By Babalola Moyinoluwa This festive period is the period of dry skin, dry throat, dry nose, white skin, white lips, cracked lips, cold and heat all at the same time! Yes, it's the Harmattan season And yes beloved, we are at that season of the year.

What should we do enjoy this period despite the demerits it brings? 1. Drink lots of water: It is easy to get dehydrated this period because of the intensity of the sun’s radiation. It is very advisable to keep a bottle of water handy. Don’t wait till you get thirsty like we always do before you drink water. You can even make it an hourly routine, it won’t hurt at all.
2. Moisturize: It is very essential to use moisturizing soap or cream. Apply the moisturizing cream all over your feet including under your feet. Apply it during the day and even at night before going to bed. Have a moisturizing cream handy always!
3. Dress Warmly: Clothes with layers are awesome for this period. As much as possible, avoid wearing skimpy clothes. Also wear hat…