Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Full Report On Fire Incident At Moremi Hall

ROOM 304.

   It is true that there was a sardonic fire incident at Moremi Block A, Room 304 yesterday 18 th December, 2014. From the accounts available to the Union, no member of the room was around when the incident occurred. Many of the occupants had returned home for the purpose of the break and festive period. There was however a part 2 nursing student who was in the room earlier in the day to cook with her gas cooker and rest for few hours after cooking before she left for lectures.
    Occupants around reported that they began to perceive smoky emissions from the room around 12noon when electricians were working on the floor lights. They also said they heard sparks in some rooms before the fire started. The burning
lasted almost an hour before University fire service workers came around the hall to attend the situation. As at the time the fire was put off practically everything in the room had been destroyed by the fire. Some of the items damaged are: the nursing students’ laptop computer, clothes of occupants, their textbooks, notes and materials, plates, pots, beds, provisions, etc. Reports from the only available
occupant read that there were no working sockets in the room.
   As at now there has not been any ascertained cause of the fire outbreak in the room. Power supply to the block (A) has been stopped as humming sockets were later discovered in some rooms on the block after the fire incident. The Union is using this opportunity to implore students that are still around in the various halls
of residence to be extra vigilant about electrical connections in their rooms and ensure that they report all spoilt sockets to their hall executive or hall management for quick repairs.

See Pictures from the incident below

Bamidele Oludare J

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  1. God will save OAU from fire incidence. It is becoming too frequent.