Friday, 30 January 2015

OAU Premier League: Angolan Scores Last Minute Goal To Gain First Point

OAU Premier League continued yesterday with the Fajuyians getting a draw from their game against the Angolans at the home of the latter. The first goal in the match came from the host through an Angolan by the alias Alfa, the Fajuyians equalized when the Angolan Keeper made a mistake that cost them a goal.

The Fajuyians eventually took the lead when their star player Aji saw the back of the net, a feat which the Angolans responded to a few minutes later. Aji then took the Fajuyians up the scoreline once again when he scored a free kick which raised a little controversy as the Angolans claimed that the referee had not blown the whistle when he played the spot kick. The goal was later counted and the game resumed.

Just as the Angolans were about giving up, their goal finally came in the last minute when the Angolan highest goal scorer, Clinton, headed in a goal for the host.

The league continues this weekend as the Angolans will once again face the Fajuyians at the dreaded Fajuyi hall stadium while the Awo machines would go to ETF to show the stuff they are made of.

In the other game, Aguero's hatrick for the Awoites was more than sufficient to dismantle the visiting team from ETF Hall as the game ended 6-0.
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