Thursday, 1 January 2015

As We Begin Year 2015!

We, at OAU Peeps News Agency want to appreciate the all sufficient God for the successful completion year 2014.

The vision of this project was obvious to us sometimes early last year and God being our source of power and inspiration, the distinctive News Agency came online on July 21, 2014 with the domain

Jumping from a one-man thing, the Agency now has up to 11 pioneer professional members who are not mediocres in the field of journalism with which we were able to register with the school authority via the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU.

Without ever-tatan Great Ife students, our testimonies for the year 2014 can NEVER be complete. These ones have been our primary audience. With just less than 6 months online, Great Ife community members have visited our website more than 450,000 times. This amounts to an average of 2500 daily pageviews. This is absolutely tremedous for a new magazine like ours. All this would have not been possible without you!

 We have continually, from time to time received feedback that have been of tremendous help to us. With your criticisms and words of encouragement, we are challenged to aim higher and perform better. I want to say thank you #teamOAU!

 2015 is finally here, we have numerous plans targetted at serving you in a greater measure. We hope to enlarge our coast in 2015 as membership calls will be made at an appropriate time. We urge every student(undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff members who wish to part of this vision to kindly heed to the clarion call when it is made. We can do this together!

A better coverage of the entire OAU Community for proper news delivery is non-negotiable and also not substitutional for us this year. We will maintain our current partnership with other external and internal firms and bodies even as we seek to involve and initiate new partnerships. All these geared at improving our service delivery.

Your continued support is what we crave for in order to bring this to reality. With God and you on our side, the sky is our starting point.

We also seize this opportunity to wish you happy resumption for the Rain semester. Our prayer is that this semester and year will be a progressive and productive one for you. Fresh air and a change for better I wish you!

David O. Adetula
Editor-In-Chief/General Manager
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