Thursday, 15 January 2015

“Our Honourables Are Suffering Amnesia” -Congressman

The congress of students that was held at the level of Afrika Amphi Theatre, Obafemi Awolowo University yesterday did not end without a show of emotional outburst by congressmen against the honourables representing them at the Students’ Union parliament.

At about 40minutes behind the scheduled time, the Congress commenced with the singing of Great Ife anthem led by the suspended Secretary General of the Students’ Union, Shittu Olatayo a.k.a SI Unit. A very quick observation by a congressman challenged the functionality of the suspended Secretary General in such gathering. This went a long way to effect the unanimous position earlier taken by the SU Parliament some days ago as SI Unit had no option than to succumb to the will of the Congress. He stepped aside to join the congressmen seated.
Just as the floor of submission was declared open by the Union President for Great Ife students to voice out their mind on bothering issues, among many brilliant and consistent observations submitted, a congressman who failed to reveal his identity before speaking opened a can of worm on the parliamentarians seated right before him. He expressed dissatisfaction and disagreement with the process and way the constitution amendment is to be approached. According to him, the constitution amendment should provide for the review of unnecessary but prevailing clauses in the constitution which has been raised several times by the students. He opined that the amendment of the constitution to be subjected to the Congress for review. He buttressed his argument by citing an example of CGPA barrier for aspirants for SU leadership positions. In a bid to lay emphatic premise on his claim, he said “our honourables are suffering amnesia”. By the way, Amnesia for some of our readers who are not familiar with this medical term simply means a loss of memory.

This utterance seemed not to have gone well with the seated parliamentarians as they noised in protest even as the congressmen busted into serious laughter. The Speaker of the SU eventually took to the podium to show dissatisfaction with the utterance. “I will not allow anyone disregard the parliament” “I will not also want our emotion to cloud our arguments” The Speaker submitted. He further laid proper clarification on the steps involved in the constitution amendment which was eventually applauded by the Congress.

In a similar tone, one Oke Olanrewaju from the Faculty of Social Sciences suggested that congressmen should always go straight to issues and stop attacking personalities for the sake of unity.
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