Redeemers University To Suspend 22 Students For Not Attending Church Service

According to sources, Redeemers University is about to suspend 22 students today for missing church activities. The source who informed us said one of the students who missed not going to church had asthma attack and missed it, but their porters felt it’s none of their business. The students have been asked to go and inform their parents of the suspension and parents are planning to storm the school this morning. This is what they are fighting for. The school’s students handbook already made it clear that ‘Absence from corporate worship hours’ will attract a deduction of 10points from the offenders total 100 points.

So parents now wonder why the school is planning to suspend them, which will make them not seat for their forthcoming exams and will also make them cough out another N400,000 as school fees. Above is what one of them sent, underlining the penalty for their offense, which clearly says it’s a reduction of 10points.

The source also made it clear that she is very much aware that Pastor Adeboye does not know how some of these porters victimize some of the students. She said when the bold ones among them confronted their porters that their offence does not warrant a suspension, they told them, we know, we just want to make you scape goats.



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