Tuesday, 3 February 2015

OAU Student Speaks On Ibikunle's Noisy Bridge

By Ayodeji Iyanu

In the trying and turbulent times on OAU campus after a long suspension or proscription of the OAU Student Union precisely for three academic sessions, came a man of "integrity" whose radicalism I think drove to be the president of this prestigious citadel of learning.

From just few weeks into the tenure, till this moment, as short as it is, ALOT, I mean ALOT has happened; from the sudden increment in our school fees to, the most recent white elephant projects. Various decisions have been made, as well as friends and enemies in their numbers.

I do not wish to join number of innumerable critics this administration already has, because I understand that the best persons for any position are those that are not there, but stand afar off to point fingers. I want every stakeholder of the UNION to understand very clearly and explicitly that this administration is like the bedrock or foundation to rebuilding what we used to call a union, on which other administrations will build on in years to come, so it could not all be rosy and smooth with them now. But still we cannot but point out some flaws and analyze constructively what could have been because of the popular saying that "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well". From the above basis, two of the many projects that were carried out by this administration picked my interest and I thought to myself "oh! No!"

First, was the supposed 'ACADEMIC PACKAGE' in which some cups of beans were packaged in nylons and distributed in all hostels to only those people who could get it. To me, that was a waste and it defeated the purpose of an academic package. An exercise note(even a 40/60 leaves) and pen with the student union logo would have been much more appreciated and also would have served the purpose. It's an 'academic package' not a welfare package. Enough said on that.

Second, and the most recent which I must say is a very good initiative are the two bridges that connect Awolowo Hall & Fajuyi Hall, and Fajuyi Hall & Sport Hall that have received so many criticisms from many quarters, and I also call the 'NOISY BRIDGE'. To reiterate the saying I quoted earlier that "whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well". I want to assume we've all seen the bridge, and anybody that saw the bridge when it was completed some weeks ago and now would have noticed that the cause of this noise that we hear whenever we use the bridge is as a result of the detachment of the iron sheet which was pinned to the concrete and if it continues that way, it'll get to a point where the iron sheet will remove totally which in my opinion is not needed in the first-time place if the bridge is well constructed. And I believe the bridge is not just made for this administration and when this administration is over and it spoils, we go back to how it was, Obviously, NO! And lest I forget, a little lighting on the bush path (Awolowo hall/Fajuyi hall) which overgrown for those of us that pass through the path at night, is also needed.

Thank you.

The writer of this Opinion, Ayodeji Iyanu is a student of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Iyanu through his e-mail: gominadafidi@gmail.com
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