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Press Release: Welfare Report For The Month Of January, 2015

Office of the Welfare Officer
Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.
Date: 7th February, 2015.


“Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men”
Mahatma Gandhi

The ever active and vigilant members of the welfare arm of Great Ife students’ union have been and are still on the move as regards the wellbeing of every student and in this context, we are obliged to bring you reports on the improvement in every sphere as well as any new development that has occurred or is yet to take place.


The usual challenge associated with supply of water on OAU campus has been corrected to a reasonable extent. The reason for this correction the lack of water supply that was experienced on the 25th of January, 2015 which was as a result of power outage experienced in the early hours of the same day which caught the authority of the dam unawares (as claimed). This was resolved at the timely intervention of the leadership of the students’ union.
Also, the shortage of water supply experienced on Monday, 19th January, 2015 was as a result of a bursted pipe along road 1 and has been addressed immediately. It is however worthy of note that the colourful water being supplied from OAU Dam has improved, as it is now colourless but not satisfactorily as there is always room for improvement.
However, through the intervention of the welfare committee, tankers are being used to transport water to halls of residence (Angola, Mozambique, Awolowo Annex and Alumni) when needed as supplement against what was experienced in the early period of this semester in these mentioned areas.
Note: Any supply of colourful water should be reported immediately to any member of welfare committee necessary action to be taken.


It is quite commendable that the supply of electricity on OAU campus has been constant in recent times except instances of flash interruption and routine maintenance work been undertaken by PHCN.
The rooms that were affected due to the fire incident in Moremi (Block A 1-6) now have their power supply back after experiencing complete black out for more than 2weeks this semester. This was made possible by the intervention of the welfare committee in collaboration with the power house personnel.
Other minor electrical issues have been attended to as soon as the welfare committee has been abridged.
The power outage in ODLT I & II have been reported to the appropriate quarters and would soon be resolved.


The welfare committee made certain corrections concerning consumables that are being sold on campus and on some occasions had to take drastic actions to see that these corrections are not wiped aside. The welfare committee has however been to the main market in Lagere to get the price of goods in other to regulate the price for students on campus to avoid cheating. Price lists will soon be pasted at various selling points and butteries on campus. Therefore, non-compliance of the regulation should either be reported to the hall executives or the number on the list can be called for necessary actions.
The welfare committee also went for an impromptu campus gate invasion to check for goods and consumables which are being transported into campus. This was done to eradicate bad foods and other items detrimental to the health of the students and or consumers.
The welfare committee called a meeting with all buttery operators and retail outlets on the 27th of January, 2015 which took place at the SUB Conference room and every issue pertaining to them and the welfare of students was addressed.


On 3rd January, 2015, students who reside in maintenance (B’vers Hostel) were denied entry to the hostel because their rents were expired and they were required to pay before they are granted entry. The Welfare officer (Ojogbon) and the P.R.O. (Bamidele) intervened over the matter to allow the students stay with the assurance that they will pay afterwards.

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” – Thomas Carlyle

On Sunday, 25th January, 2015, the attention of the welfare officer was drawn (by Omonijo Abiodun) to the challenge been faced by students who (in large number) needed medical attention and the health centre was short of doctors on call. The welfare officer intervened over the matter by calling the Director of Health services who apparently made provisions for two more doctors to attend to the patients.

The women selling at the entrance of Awolowo hall adjacent to the health centre have been moved to a reasonable distance as they have been an obstruction to the entrance.

Two agent-tenant issues have been resolved in favour of our students (in town).
Two phone issues were also resolved in favour of our students (in town).

N.B.: 1. If any student has any complaint whatsoever as regards any issue pertaining to welfare of students on OAU campus and even in town, please refer to the Welfare Office of the Students’ Union @ SUB or call 08062463612 rather than posting it Facebook; because we deal with facts and evidences.
2. Beware of the people you give alms to because most of them are fake people as there are evidences to this effect.

Ajewole, Martins O. (Ojogbon) Abimbola, Adenike. (Concept)
Welfare Officer 08062463612 Secretary 08162540512
Facebook: Ojogbon Alex Martins
Twitter: @MOjogbon
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