Sunday, 22 February 2015

Some OAU Campus Politicians, Activists Are Hooligans -Sodiq Oyeleke

...Vows to realise pics, videos of how Students’ Union election Manifesto/Press debate‎ was disrupted

The editor and founder of Newstrawl Update, Sodiq Oyeleke, has expressed dissatisfaction with the aggressive attitude of some campus politicians and activists.

He said this in a statement to react to the attack unleashed on a campus journalist, Afeez Lasisi, by some members of the Accounting Students Representative Council (ASRC) OAU chapter.

‎SDK, as he is popularly called, narrated that Afeez Lasisi, a reporter was almost beating for doing his job .

According to SDK, the campus journalist was on his duty when some honourable members among whom are Hon. Fetuga, and Hon. Abdullah attacked him and pushed him to the window.‎

SDK recalled that a similar thing had happened during the last Students Union election press debate/manifesto day at the university,s popular Amphi theatre.

On that day, chairs, water and blows were thrown on journalists, including the then Association of Campus Journalists President, Remi Ojekunle.‎

He said, “This is getting too much. Journalists are not scape goats and should be treated with dignity. Why is it that campus journalists have always been at the receiving end of every crisis on campus? Campus politics should be a training ground for national development and not to exhibit acts of hooliganism.

“Most of those who currently call themselves politicians and activists on campus seem to appear more as hooligans and that can obviously be seen in their behaviours. ‎If this continues on a campus like OAU, I wonder what the future holds for campus unionism and Nigeria at large.”

The journalist, however, threatened to release the videos and pictures of students who unleashed terror on journalists during the SU election if any journalist is attacked on the cause of doing his job again.

He added, “This should serve as warning to all those that engage in beating journalists. If any journalist is beaten, threatened, attacked or attempted to be attacked again, pictures and videos of such, including that of the past would be released.‎

“It should be noted that campus journalists have only taken much embarrassment because to ensure the growth of unionism on campus. However, if we must now be used as punching bags, then we will need to show the power of our pens and cameras.”

SDK, however, commended the NUASA President, who interfered and offered to bear the cost of the breakages.

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