Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Violence Reports About Accounting Students In OAU Is False -NUASA OAU President

The widely reported parliamentary sitting of Accounting Students' Representative Council(ASRC) of the Nigeria Universities Accounting Students' Association (NUASA), Obafemi Awolowo Universities which allegedly turned violent has been debunked by leaders of the association and thus not true.

Below is the Press Statement made available to OAU Peeps News Agency by the Association:

At this moment, it is a must for me to come out and let the whole world know that accounting students of Obafemi Awolowo University are people of integrity and well-mannered students. I as the president of NUASA will not do anything that will tarnish the good image many past leaders of the association have shed blood and made a lot of sacrifice to build. The release that there was a fight at the last parliamentary sitting was untrue and our press must always realize that damaging images of people for popularity or for the purpose of making money is not good enough. As the pressmen are doing their job, every ethics guiding the profession of journalism must be obeyed.

It was unfortunate that the little disagreement in the house between the Accounting Students' Representative Council(ASRC) and the gallerias could be escalated by some students who came to the sitting as students but were there as informants and went online to publish another story which later caught the attention of different news outlets and national dailies. A lot of story in the publications were wrong. The General Secretary the person of Oladiti Oladotun was not suspended, there is no office as the Director of Studies in NUASA, nobody was attacked and what transpired between some gallerias and Lasisi Afeez was amicably settled by me and I was shocked when news outlets reported that he was attacked.

The principle that has been guiding the present administration is integrity and we have been doing everything within our capacity to make sure that the association funds are well accounted for and our staff advisers, lecturers, patrons and students can testify to this. More so, let me make it known to the public that the disagreement in the ASRC which was later escalated by individuals has nothing to do with money or financial report of our just concluded summit. A constitutional matter was raised during the sitting by a galleria which the appropriate authority refused to recognized was all that lead to the issue that has been hijacked by the press.

The ASRC approved a budget of over 2.2million for the summit and less than 1.8million was spent for the three days summit. The summit financial report has been submitted to appropriate authority and has been verified and approved by them. The Present NUASA leaders have been nominated for many awards based on our performances so far and we will not do anything to tarnish the good image we have labored so much to build. We appeal to all news outlets to make their findings very well before they publish anything and that money and popularity should not always be the motive for doing anything which in turn may have negative effect on others. I want all nuasites to be calm and that we must handle this issue with all maturity.

Our lives are not determined by our challenges but by how we handle every challenge we face. We will always be committed to courses that will add positive values to every student in the association and our promise to always give you our best still stands. Finally as paraphrased one of my role models the person of Martin Luther King Jr. "I refuse to accept despair as the final response to the challenges of the present moment". And I want to thank all NUASA past executives, lecturers, patrons, corporate bodies, students and other stakeholders for standing by us at this crucial period in the life of our association.


Adeoba V. Oluwadamilola (NUASA OAU President)

Oladiti Oladotun Victor (NUASA OAU General Secretary)

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