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How To Check Your Admission Status On OAU E-portal

At last, the admission status of newly admitted students (2014/2015 session) has been updated on Obafemi Awolowo University e-portal. T...

At last, the admission status of newly admitted students (2014/2015 session) has been updated on Obafemi Awolowo University e-portal.

To check the Admitted Status for 2014/2015 session, click on "CHECK ADMISSION STATUS"


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  1. Hi admin, i checked my admission status and i was redirected to a page where i will upload my passport, i uploaded my passport and it redirected me to a login page. I had to stop there cos i didn't the next step. Kindly update me on that.

  2. i did see dat too... pls admin, should we go on with it or not

  3. Is there any instruction concerning that on the portal, if not I would advise you dont rush things...

  4. Hi Admin, I was instructed to upload my passport which will be used for the Student's I.D Card when i checked my admission status on in which i did so, i confirmed the passport and i was redirected to the students login page and i was unable to move on since i don't have the login details. Due to this I've been unable to print out my admission letter. I also checked Jamb's website and it showed admission not yet given, I'm really confused on what to do. Please update me on that. Thanks

  5. Hi admin, i checked my admission status i wasnt asked to upload any picture, but i already printed my addm letta on jamb site now epoertal says my adm mode is predegree... pls explain that
    to yo guys that were asked to upload ur passport rechecked the year that you entered it should be 2014

  6. I've been using 2014, moreover i Just tried it again and It's still asking me to upload my passport...

  7. Well, peharps I think u have to follow the instructions strictl, when input your exams year, jamb reg.No, the next thing is to upload your passport( 400 x 360 pixels or 10 x 11cm) then it will bring ur admission status with passport u uploaded. And that's all. And at d bottom u will see option to "Go back"

  8. I will agree with Mr Oyinola and also the portal may not proceed beyond a point till you pay the school fees. Just follow the instructions carefully and if u av an undergrad around to assist pls dont hesitate to ask and if at the end of the day there are complications..... You may have to report to the schl's ICT centre

    1. All those experiencing that were all DE aspirants, i did experienced that some days back so i uploaded the light sky blue passport that was asked as it is on the eportal, and it brought out my admission status. Yes that what you will do and it will bring out ur admission status. Gd luck.

  9. Thanks everyone, i eventually checked and I've been able to print my admission letter. i Checked for my friend and it was bringing up a message that the name was not found on the portal, does that mean that he was not offered admission?

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