Life On Campus With MizDee- Privacy 2

This edition is mainly to share with you what people especially Alumni Hall occupants think about ‘privacy in Alumni hall’. While I went around gathering people’s opinions concerning ‘the tying of curtains in Alumni Hall’, a few people questioned me: Is this for your research work?  Well, I am considering it as a research problem but under what discipline will that fall? (Laughs)

Here are some people’s opinion as to the tying of curtains in Alumni Hall.

    ‘I feel it has more disadvantages than advantages. Take for example, a laptop was stolen in a particular room and the roommates were around but they did not know when a non-occupant of the room probably walked in and picked the laptop because curtains were down. The only advantage I can think of is maybe a little PRIVACY. There are more disadvantages though.’
                                                                                                          -Ajibade Fadekemi, Alumni hall chairperson.

    ‘The use of curtains has more advantages. To me, it keeps out too much ray of light.’

     ‘The use of curtains help to appreciate individual differences. It also beautifies the room.’

      ‘It’s a free world.’

      ‘For people like us who are prone to cold, the curtain keeps it out.’

      ‘It makes the room look like a shrine’

      ‘It could be 50% disadvantageous and 50% advantageous but critically it is 70-30.
 ‘It’s good. For example if I’m in my corner and a guy wants to come in and I’m not well dressed, 
I can drop my curtain.’                                                                                     -Tolu

        ‘It’s the coolest thing ever.’ 

         ‘It makes the corner look homey’

          ‘It’s been the trend OAU. If there’s gonna be a change, the management has a lot to do.’

           ‘It promotes promiscuity.’
  ‘I don’t blame the people who tie curtains. Your corner is private but we should learn to
             accommodate one another.’

   Hmm, many ladies have agreed to and are enjoying Alumni’s PRIVACY. Based on the fact that, not all ladies were around and the rooms where the options were ticked, were randomly selected, we will be using frequency measurement.


Looking at the table above, a greater number of people say it has more advantages. Isaac Watts said, 

“Ten thousands things there are which we believe merely upon the authority or credit of those who have spoken or written them.”

 I feel the occupants of this hall are ‘an authority’ in the decision to support or oppose.

My opinion? Okay...I am enjoying my privacy but I think it limits interactions amidst the roommates. Oh! Before I forget, I use a curtain in my corner(Laughs).  

See you next week.


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