Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: OAU SU Leaders Call For Prayers

Prof. Y. K. Yusuf Saga: OAU SU Leaders Call For Prayers

On the Panel some Union officers are currently facing over the Prof. Y. K. Yusuf saga, 'There have been several rumours that seem to be affecting the Studentship of the Union leadership, we need the support and prayers of the generality of Great Ife students' the Obafemi Awolowo University Students' Union officers have pleaded.

In a Press Statement issued by the Leadership of the Union, the current state of the struggle against poor welfare conditions of students has been appraised including the Panel some Union Officers are currently facing.

Below is the full Press Statement.



Great Ife,
It is apposite at this critical point of our union's history to salute the doggedness, tenacity and continuous consciousness of members of the Great Ife studentry. The Union will not at this period fail to keep the generality of Great Ife Students abreast as far as the Struggle for better welfare, "Suspension of Union Activities", The query and panel set up on the Professor Y.K Yusuf, Cancellation of Session, Resumption and many other salient developments.

Upon the bad welfare condition we experience on campus ranging from bad water supply to unstable electric supply, dilapidated structures and many others. Great Ife Students saw it no longer bearable most especially after several period of diplomacy without hope in sight. The last straw that broke the camel was the erratic water and light for 3 consecutive days without any memo from the management notifying the public on the development as darkness took over campus for days. A congress of students was demanded and subsequently called on Friday, November 27, 2015. The Congress being the highest decision making organ of the union decided to go on a one day lecture boycott so as to press home our popular demands.
November 30 was massive as thousands came out to register their grievances in a peaceful demonstration. December 1 was greeted with hope of expectation that the administrators would call the union representatives to meeting to address the sordid situation. Rumours got thick that the varsity had been shutdown as Students were to proceed on an indefinite Mid Semester break.

"Tell no lies, Claim no easy victory, tell it to the people the way it is"-Amilcar Cabral
It was well established that the fear of disruption of convocation and a repeat of history was one of the reason the break was imposed, a less than 24 hours demonstration have warranted no shutdown. However, it was surprising as such was not intended and would never be the intention of an administration that brought glory to image of the ivory tower through the union scholarship scheme which saved the studentship of 85 Students. The Union wrote to appropriate quarters to debunk and further assert our concern interest in a genuine and moral course. We wrote and met with the Ooni and promised him a peaceful ceremony. As against the widely spread rumour, the convocation went peaceful and was successful, thanks to the collaborative effort of the union.

December 2, a circular of evacuation was pasted instructing students to leave campus. On the 3rd of December, another special release with Ref no: RO.2/Vol. VI/180 from office of the registrar gave the notice on the Suspension of the Union Activities. A lot of Unions both within and outside have risen to condemn the Suspension of the Students' Union.
On the 4th of December, three union officers, the President , Gen Sec and the PRO were served official query on account of disruption of EGL 206 Class, Verbally Abuse, Rudeness to the Professor and Refusal to obey Instruction. The union executives responded to these query within the 48 hours ultimatum.
On the 16th December, 2015, we received a letter inviting us to a panel set up by the university to investigate the Allegation of Disruption of Lecture, Rudeness and Refusal To Obey Instruction of Professor Y.K Yusuf. The Panel was slated for the following day, December 17. At the panel, we explained our side of the story and debunked the allegation of assault on the lecture. Although, we were chastised at the panel for wanting to disrupt the academic calender but we re-affirm to them our unquenchable and unrepentant thirst for Stable Academic Calender which was a cardinal point of our electoral promises, we also demanded quick re-opening of the University. The result of the panel as i write is not out as we have heard that they will report to the University senate.

Sometimes last week, some reports emanated from some quarters that the University administrators intend to scrap the session, however, the truth have surfaced against such. It is germane to inform you that we have confirmed from good Authorities that the administrators had proposed to members of ASUU a 56 working days leave which will definitely elongate resumption to sometimes in March or April. The ASUU fortunately at their congress kick against the leave and demand immediate opening of the University in January.

The Professor Y.K Yusuf issue is one the union have been making effort to resolve from the father to children perspective. We never at any time had the intention to disparage the personality of the respected professor. The personality of the professor is one that have always supported the students course. It is however unfortunate that the University is capitalizing on this issue. There have several rumours that seems to be affecting the Studentship of the Union leadership, we need the support and prayers of the generality of Great Ife students. Our course is a moral one. It is also imperative to know that the Union has several means suggestible to the management on how to go about the renovation.

The Students' Union is at critical stage where it needs the support of the over 30,001 students. The struggle against bad welfare condition is not one for the Students' union leadership alone but the generality of Great Ife Students who have so far shown the substance they are made of as the media has been agog with OAU News in the past few weeks.

No doubt, this period is a time when our consciousness is put to test. The struggle for improved welfare condition have taken a different dimension which is unprecedented in the history of struggle- the heavy publicity of our agitations on the pages of new papers, channels I-reports, Sahara Reporters, and other social media platforms have all redefine students' Union struggle. This demands are being well pressed home as it already get the attention of the presidency, the Ooni of Ife and press commentators. At this junction, Great Ife students should not loss trust in our leadership as we continue to agitation for re-opening of the
university and improved welfare


Oluwaseun Oketooto
Secretary General
Omotayo Akande (TY)


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