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OAU Students’ Union Leadership Confirms Studentship Suspension

The leadership of the Students’ Union of Obafemi Awolowo Uniuversity has finally broken her long silence on the suspension of some Union officers.

Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant, the Students’ Union Public Relations Officer in a Release tagged ‘Immanuel Kant Speaks, Our Suspension and Victimization: A bullet in the Heart’, confessed that it is now due for him to break the silence on the suspension of the Union officers by either authenticating or debunking it. As expected, the PRO confirmed that their studentship has been truly suspended.

“The widespread rumour needs authentication or debunking. Sequel to the suspension of union activities, the invitation of some union leaders to an investigation panel and the re-opening of the university, I must confirm to you that truthfully, our studentship has been suspended for semesters.

“This decision was said to have been made at the recommendation of the Panel that was set up by the University administration. It should be noted the silence of the leadership of the Union was not borne of fear or cowardice but due to the uncertainty that surrounded the rumours. The confirmation came hours ago.”

The three members of the Central Executive Council (CEC) members involved including the President, Akande Omotayo a.k.a TY; Secretary General, Oketooto Oluwaseun a.k.a Hon. Seun and the Public Relations Officer, Ojedokun Emmanuel a.k.a Immanuel Kant are two months away from completing their programmes.



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