Fresh Students To Resume May 28, Stalites; June 27

Proposed Academic Calendar for 2015/2016 Session

According to a new proposed academic calendar which was found in the University Senate building and has been circulating the OAU cyberspace, the proposed resumption date for the fresh students is May 28, while returning students are to resume on the 27th June 2016.

This is following the approval of the 56 days leave of the Academic Staff by the school management. Also following the opening of the University's ePortal, fresh students are expected to start changing their passwords of their Portal accounts as the payment of the 20,000 naira acceptance fee is expected to commence on Wednesday, the 20th of April, 2015.

We would also like to advise fresh students to be careful when changing their passwords as any mistake during the process may stall their registration process and attract  an earlier trip to the University for appropriate corrections.


  1. This proposed calendar hasn't been approved yet so what's the assurance that its going to be followed.

  2. The proposed academic calendar most times is eventually ratified except for any unforeseen circumstance which may only bring on board adjustment.

  3. With the current NLC strike everywhere, are we still resuming on may 28?

  4. Can you give any Question Papers it is very helpful for my preparation to this sarkari result

  5. This is most useful information thanks and regards previous papers


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