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Moshood Olajide Accuses TY, AY Toes Others Of Lobbying With School Management

Moshood Olajide Odunayo has accussed some prominent political figures on OAU Campus of lobying the school management toconstitute Students Union Transition Committee (SUTC) next session.

In a write-up authored by Moshood Olajide, titled "INVESTIGATION: HOW TY, AY TOES. KAY KAY, ATOM, DEPARTMENTAL PRESIDENTS, OTHERS LOBBY THE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT TO CONSTITUTE SUTC NEXT SEMESTER" and widely circulated among Great Ife Students, the OAU WIKILEAKS convener claimed that some "elements" have been hired by the school management and are being used to actualize the Management's aim of forming a SUTC instead of an independent Union, which according to him, is the wish of Great Ife Students.

The accused persons include: Omotayo Akande (TY), Ayo Toluwalase (AY Toes), Sodiq Kayode Olaniyan (KAYKAY), and Rasheed Brain.  Others allegedly at the centre of the issue include ATOM, Ikudaisi Ekiti (EKITI) - former Electoral Commission Chairman, TemiTee and some members of the outgone CEC.

The write-up also pinpointed Presidents of various departments as strong advocates of thesame course and are being used to spread the idea to their respective primary constituencies. The release alleged that these above listed people have been meeting the Management with the aim of championing the course of SUTC constitution in return for financial and other gains.

According to unconfirmed reports, the School Management has allegedly proposed the constitution of a transition committee that would see to the eventual prescription of the Students' Union, though Great Ife Students at a recent Stake Holders Meeting kicked against thesame. 

OAU Peeps News Agency, in order to confirm or clarify these claims, tried to contact some of the affected persons, but as at the time of writing this report, all efforts harnessed towards this has proved abortive.

The author by the implication of the write up promises the exposure of more names as the investigation continues.

A copy of the write up is found below:



By Moshood Odunayo Olajide

It is no longer news that some elements hired by the school management to ensure a Students Union Transition Committee (SUTC) is constituted next semester against the clamour of students for independent unionism are already making a desperate move to orchestrate their plan to sell out Great Ife students to perpetual bondage.

The Students union transition committee has always been the ploy of the university management to decimate the vibrancy of the Union and weaken the consciousness of students. It has always been the product of an anti-management suspended union. For instance, in 2012,the management constitute a students union transition committee led by Ayo Toluwalase popularly and politically known as AYTOES. The monumental looting and fraud which characterize the SUTC administration led AYTOES confirm the fact that it is an anti-students structure always put in place by the management to compensate their stooges to easily implement anti-students policies. I In fact, the overwhelming condemnation which greet that of 2012 is still fresh in the memory of students. During the SUTC administration in 2012, AyToes went to Awolowo Hall to make announcement addressing himself as Acting President, Awoites in their infuriated response pelted him with sachet of pure and pour urine on his head. In the process, AyToes ran away with the megaphone in his hand. The union was later reinstated after a serious agitation by students. The rest is history. History will likely repeat itself this time around.

Unlike in the past when 1member will be elected through a faculty Congress to represent his faculty, reverse is the case this time around. Based on their scheme, name of 35 management loyalists will be submitted to the DSA and appointed while 5 committees comprising of press, social, academic, Hall executives and one other will be formed out of the committee. This itself has shown that if the SUTC come alive, management won't reinstate the union for good three years while students will be suffering.

While students are clamouring for independent unionism, these selfish and greedy elements are busy meeting the management on how to constitute SUTC and gain whooping amount of money. The sad aspect is that, many CEC members are part of the plan. Omotayo Akande TY, the head of the recently dissolved Central Executive Council and other CEC members are involved in planning the SUTC. The plan of SUTC is not accidental, it has been in place for months as planned by TY in conjunction with Ekiti and others.
In fact, the SUTC is part of the condition for the reinstatement of TY, Immanuel Kant and Honourable Seun which is why they never build their contractual suspension among the rank and file of students. Ikudaisi Ekiti, former electoral commissioner of the union was also part of those drafting the SUTC plan alongside AyToes, former SUTC chairman. They have been having meeting together in the last 13 days on how to strategize their plan.

Departmental and Faculty Presidents are been used to spread the idea to students been the closest to their members. Atom, the President of the faculty of science has submitted 4 names to represent the faculty. Atom favor the likes of Honourable Bam and Dwaney. In faculty of education, the likes of Fatoyinbo Gafar and Adesoye Seun are been considered while other faculties are still keeping their list under wrap. Students should warn their departmental President not to get involved in this pro management agenda of SUTC. If your department President want to sell SUTC idea to you, Just warn him that he should tread softly and stop betraying Great Ife students or be ready for impeachment. Tell your department President that they should join in the campaign for independent unionism and not SUTC been promoted by selfish elements to loot students.

A lot of students have been lobbying to be part of the SUTC apart from their godfathers like TY and Ekiti fronting the plan. Here are few of them.

AY Toes - a part four student of Law. He lost the last Presidential election which ushered in the emergence of TY.

Positivev - a part four student of Law. He lost the last Law Student Society (LSS) Presidential election.

Rasheed Brain - He wants to contest for Awo Hall chairman before the union was attacked by the management.

Sodiq Kayode Olaniyan (KAY KAY) - A part 3 student of Sociology and Anthropology, he wants to contest for the union President before the union was attacked. He is favoured to be offered the SUTC chairman. And he have been meeting a lot of people for the past one month.

Temitope Aina (TemiTee) - a part 1 student of Law. She wants to contest for Mozambique Hall chairperson before she changed her mind and team up with SUTC greedy elements.

students should not be surprised that many of those vying for a post in the union might join them at the end of the day including the docile parliamentarians in the last corrupt TY led administration to some Judicial council members who failed to uphold the code of honour in the time of crisis. And students should not be surprised that some of those mentioned here have prepared empty rejoinder to gullible students. Don't be deceived but ask them questions like: If your name is eventually added or surfaced out in the management list, what should students do to you? Should students parade, beat you up or pour faeces on you?
Students should also commence the agitation that the atrocities committed by the TY led administration be reopened for comprehensive investigation, from monetary driven awards, mismanagement of DSA subvention, and clarification of funds received outside the four walls of the university, and the schorlaship scheme scandal including a detailed analysis on their suspension and the process which lead to their reinstatement.

Students should see the people mentioned above as traitors and their enemies. And whenever and wherever you see them, confront them and ask questions. Students should also continue to campaign for independent students' unionism in order to reclaim the vibrancy of the union while a Congress should be convened in early part of next semester to outline the next line of action.




OAU Peeps News Agency will continue to bring developments on this matter as they unfold.

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