OAU May Resume A New Session In July

A renewed agitation by members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Obafemi Awolowo University chapter for her annual leave may shift the widely circulated resumption date for the 2016/2017 academic session by three (3) months.

A congress of ASUU OAU members which held yesterday amidst many other issues deliberated on her members’ insistence on embarking on a 56-working day leave. Speaking to a lecturer about the development, he opined that the students may be going for a 3 month break.

“ASUU members have been given two weeks to mark the scripts of students starting from April 5 and this will end by April 19th. After this the university community will proceed on the normal sessional break which should be at least a month. It is now after this that we will now start our leave.” The lecturer revealed.

If this is anything to go by, all these break periods amount to 3 months leaving a new session to commence mid-July.



  1. Ahnahn.... Wah kinda leave is dat ??? This will disorganize the calendar... No ooo!!!!!!! 56 days keh?? After being at home for close to 9 months now??? Totally unfair;!!!!

  2. is dis reli a joke?

  3. It'd better be April Fool pool lolz

  4. If dah shld happen, den its madness of d highest order...

  5. I don't know why oau chooses to be slow in all ways.. I just don't get, are they the only school in Nigeria? I hope it's April fool cos if not then it would truly be madness of the highest order

  6. Pls! Help us beg dem.. I wan old for auz.. Mak dem resume ooo... All my fwends Don dey 2nd semester for their respective skuls... Ebe labe. Aaa shako.

  7. Please dont make it real ooo we've being at home since August (9 months ago) + 56days (approximately 3 months) = 1 year. This shouldn't shouldn't be real ooo ejoor oooo


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