OAU Reverses Stance, Admits Using A 50-50 Screening Model

This is to inform all OAU Aspirant that the model for their screening Exercise has been changed from a UTME/O'Level ratio of 70:30 to a 50:50 ratio.

How to Calculate Screening Result

1. Both the UTME score and your O'level results' grades are
computed to assess you.
2. For the screening, UTME result weighs 50% of your total
score and the remaining 50% from your O'level results.
3. Your best 8 subjects are computed; With A1 = 8, B2 =
7, B3 = 6, C4 = 5, C5 = 4, C6 = 3, and so on.
4. Maximum points from your best 8 O'level subjects is 64
( A1 = 8 X 8 subjects).
5. Your O'level points is then converted to 50% (Assuming
y is your O'level points, then, it will now be calculated
thus: y/64 X 50).
6. For your UTME points, it will be calculated thus: Your
UTME score/400 X 50.
7. Your final merged score, which will be used for
admission now = UTME points (maximum of 50) + O' level
points (maximum of 50) = 100.

With this change, cut off marks earlier released by some faculties may be changed.
All Aspirants are however advised to reprint their screening result slip from University website (eportal.oauife.edu.ng] as fast as possible.


  1. But we CNT see any notice on the site asking us to reprint

  2. you better go and reprint. I have seen one...

  3. Enter your comment...How Did U Do It?

  4. Those that reprinted,how did you actually reprint?

  5. Yea I have done myn too..its very easy... Just click on the screening advert on the eportal Den you click on the utme...on the next page click on old avert or wateva..on the next page select admission screening and select load form den you input ur rrr afta DT u select 5 instead of 3 DTS all

  6. Please what is the rrr, what if we can't remember the number, will we pay another money or I don't get

    1. The number was sent to your mail box. It must still be there.

    2. The number was sent to your mail box. It must still be there.

    3. the rrr is the code you used to pay at the bank...am sure dey gave u a paper and a teller...d rrr is dere

  7. PLS WHAT IS 5 instead of 3 DTS? @AYO DELEDEJI

    1. you will see the numbers after selecting load form..it shows a scroll of numbers which are only 3 and 5...dnt select 3 which says load files just select 5 which says print screening summary report..

  8. What if ur cut of mark is below 50.0 mayb its 49.6325 whats going to happen and its meant to study local govt studies which the former cut off was 5.0???

  9. i no even know wetin they do them, well sha my own mark increased ni saa from 60.9 - 63.2. admission list ooooooo


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