Join The BlackBeauty Fashion House Mentoring Programme Today

Seeking an avenue as a:
- Social media manager.
- Product Ambassador
- Photographer
- Graphic Designer
- Models
- Makeup Artist
to be successful by impacting individuals who desire to be professionals like you?

Do you see yourself mentoring like minds?

Do you desire a  platform to accomplish this nudge?

    BLACKBEAUTY FASHION HOUSE is here to respond to your hankering.
Register by sending your Name, Department/level,  Area of speciality, A brief paragraph of your prior experiences to 08164253217 or 07031560302.


1) Sick of wondering what will become of you after school?
2) Ready to acquire all its takes to be of employable value and standard?
3) Yield the call of BLACKBEAUTY FASHION HOUSE and be part of her community of pros.
4) Let's together help you build your brand.

- Social media management.
- Product Ambassadors.
- Communication Graphic
- Modeling
- Photography
- Makeup Artistry.

5) All you have to do is register by sending Your: 
Name, Department/level, Area of interest, Brief paragraph why you are interested
to 08164253217 or 07031560302.


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