Monday, 1 May 2017

OAU: Management Releases New Policy On Use Of Halls

Any true student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife would agree that one of the areas where​ University falls short of her acclaimed greatness is in the state of her undergraduate halls of residence. The halls, which are grossly insufficient to accommodate the student population, are often grossly overcrowded and her facilities thus suffering the consequences of over population. However, the management of the University, in a bid to optimize these facilities have released a new policy on the use of the Halls of Residence. The policy which was published on the​ University's portal dictates several punishable offences in the use of the Halls. Find the policy below;

(i) A STUDENT shall not obtain accommodation by
fraudulent means.
(ii) A STUDENT shall not sell to, or buy accommodation
from another STUDENT
(iii) A STUDENT shall not harbour non-students in
allocated rooms
(iv) A STUDENT shall not secure multiple
accommodation allocations one or more halls of
(v) A STUDENT shall not harbour squatters in the halls
of residence.
(vi) A STUDENT shall not use prohibited electrical
appliances or tamper with electrical installations in the
halls of residence
(vii) A STUDENT shall not by any action or inaction
damage or destroy university property in the halls of
(viii) A STUDENT shall not move any university property
from one hall to another without proper authorization
(ix) A STUDENT shall not organise parties or social
events which may disrupting general peace in the
rooms within the halls of residence
(x) A STUDENT shall not engage in any disorderly
conduct in the Halls of residence

NB: Policy violation is punishable by loss of studentship!!�

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