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OAU: NASELS Loses A Reputable Lecturer

By Mutiu Saheed Abiodun
Professor  Asiyanbola, a lecturer of Stylistics at the department of English, lost his life to the cold hand of death within the last 24 hours. The department was thrown into great shock in the light of this news. Professor Asiyanbola was considered to be a rare gem and he would be missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

OAU Post-UTME: Day-One Candidates Allege Irregularities

By Farombi Oluwaseun

Following the release of the 2017 Obafemi Awolowo University Post-UTME results, some candidates, especially those who had their exams on the first day are complaining that their results are not a true reflection of their input, thus alleging irregularities.

Complaining to the agency correspondents who sought to have a handful of reactions from the aspirants, some candidates who wrote their exams on Saturday, September 23 – the first day of the screening exercise said what they got were “surprised results” after checking their page on the portal. Another candidates who pleaded anonymity complained of scoring zero in three of the four subject areas he was tested and getting 3 in the last subject, thereby having an overall of 3/40 in the Post UTME.

OAU Peeps News Agency was able to project the complaints to the Management; upon putting a call to the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eyitayo Ogunmodede, he told our correspondent that the news is just reaching him for the first time since the release of the results and promised to get back on the matter shortly. Just few minutes later, the VC called us to inform that he has instructed the appropriate quarters to look into the issue as fast as possible.

This year witnessed the maiden computer based Post-UTME screening in OAU. Candidates will be considered for admission by their aggregated performances in the UTME, Post-UTME and their O’level results.

Here is the breakdown of the model employed to arrive at aspirants’ aggregate scores:

For O’level: A1 = 10, B2 = 9, B3 = 8, C4 = 7, C5 = 6, C6 = 5, Others = O

So, Aggregate Score:
A.UTME Score/8 (maximum 50)
B. O'Level Score/5 (maximum 10)
C. POST-UTME Score (maximum 40)

Total - 100%

Candidates must score a minimum of 25 out of 50 in the O'Level Score/5 + POST-UTME Score in order to be considered for admission.


  1. I also did on that day and was scored 2 in each subject which is not a true reflection of my result.
    We're pleading to them to please do something about it. It shouldn't be a crime to write on the 1st day.

  2. Enter your comment...
    we candidates that did on saturday 23rd are not happy oau should please act fast and recheck there mode of markings... Saturday 23rd i did ma exam at moro campus . up to 6 questions. asked out of 40 were not in order. i.e no answers, not complete and as a novice i asked the invigilator they said we should state our complain of a plain sheet and submit i submitted and left those questions without guessing just because of negative marking. checking ma result oau did not look into the aspect of incomplete questions. i had 23/40. confidently expecting up to 30/40. pls oau should look into these matter plssss oau.

  3. I did on the acclaimed day. 23rd, the first day the post utme kicked off.
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I check my result. I was scored 6 out of the possible 40 marks. I had 271 in jamb and 42 in my O'level grading.
    My aggregate is 48.3%. This is saddening ��

  4. I did mine on Tuesday nd I had 229 in jamb nd 38 in my utme upgrading nd 15 out of 40 marks d worst is avn 0 in mathematics. Have 51.2% in total. Pls dey need to do sumtin ooo. This is saddening

  5. I also wrote on 23rd,how can i score 4/40.pls they should look into it not just by saying it but doing something about it. I know I scored more than that.

  6. Me too on the first day I got zero in biology!
    2 in English!
    I don't even understand the marking scheme
    How can I get 11 out of 40
    It would have been better if the marking scheme was revealed!

  7. I also wrote on the 23rd and the result was unbelievable. 0 in biology and 9 overall,impossible!.Am not sure why every computer based exam in Nigeria is like this,if the computers don't malfunction during the exam then they'll wait for the results to be released. There are lots of other universities but we dedicated our future to oau,a decision we hope not to regret. All we ask is for the whole process to be reviewed,the exam and the results. This is the first CBT post utme and we know there can be errors,we also know errors and mistakes can be corrected as well and that's all we ask for. Thank you

  8. help us out ooooooooo,I also did on Saturday 23rd,I scored 239 in utme and 35 in olevel, they gave me 15 in putme making 51.9 as aggregate score,yet not eligible for admission

  9. Please OAU authorities it would have been more better If the mode of marking is revealed I.e questions one get right and wrong should be shown because the scores I got even though mine did not fall on the first day is surprising because I expect mine mark to be higher than the one I was given

  10. Please I wrote my exams on tuesday.....and I was very sure of what I wrote not until i saw my result nd I was very very shocked....please OAU do sumtin abt it on time....

  11. Infact, its so disaponitin scorin 1,1,1,1 in all subjects... Wen u are even sure of scoring atleast 7, 7,7,7... In fact, i dnt av words...

  12. Did mine on Saturday 23rd.Shocked when i saw my result,got 11/40 and two of my subjects were scored zero.Pls!.OAU should do something fast about it.

  13. 3/10th in biology unbelievable. The whole examination process was not okay. We plead the management to look into this matter as soon as possible . The thing dey vex me

  14. It's unfair seeing zeros in my subject score and hightime OAU looked into d matter on ground.

  15. Checked mine and saw zero in two of my subjects, scored 240 in jamb and 36 in o'level making a total percent of 48.2.They should try doing something pls

  16. It's not only Saturday I did mine on Monday and Oh God. Can u imagine I was given 1/10 in chemistry 3/10 in biology how come. Which kind computer marking is that one

  17. I did mine on Monday,25th of September, and I was really confident and sure of 75% of wat I wrote, only for the result to be out and I was given 3,4,5.pls do something cuz dis was my last option and I'm tayad of staying at home

  18. I got the shocker of my life when i checked my post utme result in which i saw 18/40.i can still remember all the questions i was asked in which i looked through my textbooks to check if i was right.i got 28 questions correctly,i am really baffled with this result.i implore the management of this school to please take necessary measures to save the situation.

  19. I wrote on Monday day by 12 pm at ict,but when am writing the exam suddenly the system was shut down,I don't know what to do ooo,pls consider is ooo,because I don't know how the computer mark

  20. Are the cut-off marks out

  21. Is it that not a single candidate passed?? Cos I haven't come across any comment that stated someone is eligible for admission..

    I scored 52.3% on aggregate after scoring 18/40 in putme.. I tried to check my result again on the oau website now.. the link to check result has been removed.. and a dialog popped up that I should check back in 24 hours... If I'm not mistaken, this means something is being done already about the results cos too many candidates got low marks.. period.. waiting patiently for the 24 hours to pass now

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. I Got 50.3%, Nd Dey Stil Wrote "NOT ELLIGBLE FOR ADMISSION".
    I Did Mine On Tuesday.

  25. Akinmoladun precious7:37 pm, October 03, 2017 much as i am sad for these individuals,there are still some people that did well,it is not totally bad....i had a score i deserve in the p jamb n some of my friends too....its good they are reviewing it now,but then, it SHOULDN'T affect those that initially did us relate this to the management please... The process should be FAIR! They should not consider those that didnt do well/scored lesser than they deserve only.......OAU PLEASE!!!

  26. I wrote on Tuesday and got 2 in crk he is dat possible pls look into it for us

  27. The problem of unwarranted low marks cut across all days of the aptitude test, even for those whom you can say have a bit of high aggregate.

  28. I got zero in chemistry...10 in maths 8 in the aptitude test and 8 in physics...aggregate is 64.5%...I don't know if OAU is storing my chemistry score for the proverbial rainy day...

  29. I did on Saturday 23rd at ICT HAll A @ 12pm and before we were allowed to enter the hall we were delayed for nothing less than 2 hours because of our surname that started with "O" .That one did not pain me o. Only to login and I saw 5/40 ..comman I can't take this. I nearly fainted when I saw it.. Please do something

  30. This is hilarious. Leading ICT university indeed.

  31. It Was A Joke Scoring 6/40
    I Could Not Believe My Eyes When I Saw It Scoring 0 In Biology 2 In Chemistry
    It Was Like... I Dont Even Know What Is Happening
    I Also Did Mine On The First Day Which Was Saturday
    And We Encountered Alot Of Problems
    Like Two Answers For One Question
    No Options, No Diaghram And Soon
    I Even Regretted Choosing Oau As My First Choice
    Is Totally Unbearable For Me
    SO SAD!!!

  32. Enter your comment...dis is so sad

    I wrote my exam on d 26 dat is on Wednesday

    my questions was so simple to d extend dat I am expecting like 35 over 40

    so while checking my result

    I saw 6 in government, 4 in crs, 7 in literature, 1 in English.... I don't just understand; how can I ve 1 in English, English of all subject, 3 in literature and my percent is 49.7

    how will dat one possible

    oau pls we beg u in d name of God, pls

    help us to look into our results

    give back our joy
    our heart is full of pain
    body is full of agonies

    OAU pls

  33. The exam was written on saturday 23rd, at Cloud Hall. Although, I was surprised with the mark 19/40, but my main complaint is that there were some questions that has the same options while some numbers has blank question and blank answer.

    Please, help us look into this anomaly soonest.

    Thank you very much.

  34. i wrote my on saturday 23rd september 2017
    i was surprise...score 20/40....that am expecting 30/40 or more sef.....because the questions was so simple am suppose to score at least 9 maths was given 8......7 in aptitude test i was given 4.........9 in chemistry i was given least 7 in physics was given 4
    nw that i recheacked it again this morning it was saying 'please cheack again in 24 hours time'
    am now totaly comfussed

  35. The new update was even more discouraging.The first one released I had an agrregate of 52% and this newly released result is just so bad.I scored 44 % . Please all students should clamor for the government to interven.This is unbelievable.

  36. The new results are far worst.. imagine my aggregate was reduced from 52 to 48.. with total disregards for your utme score.. jamb needs to see this.. they paid no relevance to your jamb score

  37. same here too....they do not even change anything in the postutme score wow this is serious

  38. Oh God the new update is not seeming to get any better but worse

  39. One person with initial postume score of 7 had it increased to 16 aggregate still 48% not eligible,oh God intervene .

  40. The government should order the school to conduct another exam.And set out standard rules against discrimination of students based on their origin or tribe. What OAU has done prove that they are incompetent with the system and the results are believe not to be authentic and as such the exam should be cancelled.Another exam must conducted to abrade this bizarre.

  41. The updated results are much worse from 51.3 to 46.8 and physics I was so sure of I got 1/10 and chemistry was alarming I got 0/10 that's impossible, I now got 7 in math and aptitude scoring a total of 15/40...please they should also review Monday 2pm some questions were not complete....please oau peeps help the Monday batch..

  42. The new update isn't making anything better....please it's even worse....adding 3 marks to English is not good enough...what about other subject that I got 2,3,'s better for the post utme to be scrapped cause with the way things are going,OAU is trying to tarnish their image

  43. Or better still,another post utme should be conducted,besides they just resumed another semester so they have enough time to conduct another that they can be prepared for....With the way it is,so many talents will be wasted and they might just get the wrong students into their university...They should consider so many things and not take the bad decisions

  44. It's not fair....I thought Examination should be a true test of ability but the test conducted by Obafemi Awolowo University is not a true test of ability rather a saddening and heartbreaking test...think of so many people that travelled far and near only for their efforts to be in vain...If not for anything,don't you guys fear the creator of we candidates...The almighty God is not asleep and he will judge all of you in charge of the post utme if nothing is done about the discouraging news updates that seems not favorable atall

  45. Please is it only does that complained on their portal that were given little marks?

  46. Never had any exam this worst in my whole lifetime... I wrote the exam very fine and coming to check my result I received the greatest shocker of my life ...imagine 1,1,2,2 altogether making 6/40.......what if I didn't read before going to the exam maybe I should be expecting -20.......OAU IFE jz try and rectify this before you destroy all the reputation you've built all the way

  47. Hey there!,
    My Post UTME examination was scheduled for 23rd (first day) but I unfortunately missed it. Then I heard of it being rescheduled to 30th and in a hurry I came down to OAU that morning. When I got there, I was told my name wasn't in their database. At first, I thought it was a mix-up but no!, they were frankly speaking. About 2 computers confirmed that. Then I was redirected to another lady who went to check perhaps their server. Aftet a while, she returned saying she cleared me and it was all fine now. I then proceeded to the hall. On entry, I read the instructions displayed on the screen and typed in my JAMB registration number and my surname. Just when it seemed snag-less, I re-read the instructions and tapped to proceed. Then I got an alert saying I had written this examination already. And that was a bombshell. I didn't know what to do, what key to press, I decided not to panic but just reached out to a lady who took my slip to the other room for a few minutes and returned saying that I could retry the sign in. Though it worked fine this time. I didn't notice any repeating questions but I did notice that after carefully obeying the guidelines stating that the use of calculator were discouraged and shouldn't be used. Though I did see a number of people who had calculators and weren't approached talk lest of being penalised. And for the obedient, had no calculator provision from the school. This may not have been an issue for the art inclined but the scientists had to deal with physics, chemistry and mathematics without the use of calculators and last time I checked, were humans not bots.
    Equally, I did notice that the questions weren't properly formatted. Eg 4² did appear as 42, and so did 6x10² appear as 6102. And as such led to a lot of confusion especially without the use of calculators.
    With each student in knowledge of how they performed with anticipation of excellent results, and the marks disapproving, it would be greatly appreciated if the School's examination body look into this and perhaps hold another examination with no bugs this time.

    Miraculous Owonubi.

  48. Why cant the school be uniform in what they do?let them get it right now.see how they're are just changing things and spoiling peoples lives.they said we shouldn't bring in calcs and i get to the venues and find out calcs are allowed afterall.i now brough a calc just to be on the safe side and they now say my kind of calc isnt allowed.they should really step up their game.because this is how other versities will just overtake them.they obviously didny plan this properly and they now scrapped the jamb.i dont understand

  49. I wrote my examination on the first day at the ict hall and we were not allowed to use calculators, I did physics, chemistry and mathematics. OAU Peeps pls do something about it, pls make sure the VC sees all our complaints.

    1. Jamb upgrade is real, i want to use this medium to thank MR ALBERT for making this a reality, He upgraded my score from 178 to 279. After many years of writing jamb it has not been easy, but finally i got it this time with help of MR ALBERT. thank you sir for being there and i will forever be grateful to you. it was i was unbelievable to me but now am sure jamb upgrade is real and confirm. for any help and CONTACT HIM NOW +234810835606

  50. Hello Jambites,
    This message is very essential to you all. If you had any problems with your examination or you didn’t answer the questions given to you well, if you had any problem with your system, or if you want to upgrade your score before the result will be uploaded to the server, kindly CALL:_ JAMB HELPLINE on 09052010791 for help/solution. This info is vital. Thanks and God bless

    Hello Jambites,
    This message is very essential to you all. If you had any problems with your examination or you didn’t answer the questions given to you well, if you had any problem with your system, or if you want to upgrade your score before the result will be uploaded to the server, kindly CALL:_ JAMB HELPLINE on 09052010791 for help/solution. This info is vital. Thanks and God bless


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