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OAU Post-UTME Registration Commences on the 5th of October 2020

By  Ganiyu Ayanniyi The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife is set to start Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (PUTME) registration on the 5th of October, 2020 for Jamb candidates who picked the institution as their first as well as for Direct Entry (DE) applicants. The registration form which is obtainable via the school portal ( at the amount of N2,000 is expected to close on the 31st of October, 2020.
After the payment for the registration form which would require generating Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number from the school portal, there will be need to authenticate the payment.
It is to be noted that the Post-UTME screening will be strictly observed under the guidelines as released by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) at the following centres: a) JAMB CBT Centre, Bwari b) Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife.
All Candidates whose screening date would be allotted from the period between 21st of November - 5th December, 2…

OAU Suspends Post-UTME Result Check, Launches Complaint Portal

The authorities of Obafemi Awolowo University is ready to attend to the complaints of candidates who wrote the institution’s 2017 Post-UTME, latest developments have shown.

Following the exclusive reports on OAU Peeps News Agency, explaining the allegations of irregularities brought up by some candidates who wrote their Post-UTME on the first day of the exercise, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Eyitayo Ogunmodede directed the “appropriate quarters to look into the issue as fast as possible.”

Some hours after the report, the main link on the profile page of candidates to check their results was retrieved and candidates were told to check back in 24 hours time. Also, a complaint menu option has been added for candidates who have issues to submit their requests for proper address and possible resolve.

Candidates who have issues are encouraged to log on to their page at and file their complaints via the link on their profile page.


  1. Nice one, the school should make an official announcement about cut offs and other stuffs

  2. They should resolve that.. Also we are anxious of knowing the departmental cut off marks as well

  3. D results are still d same ooo. In fact d Final score is less. We want justice and sumtin need be done very fast.

  4. How can this possible without using jamb pls what is essence of the jamb we did

  5. Oau peep take our clamor and let those bats take our cries along in their wings.

  6. Weep not deraged candidates
    marked down with zero competent.
    Upon fingers clicking againt the cold buttons
    Upon partial condelence of remarking
    the error was clear like a log in ones own eyes.

  7. This is getting more confusing. The complaint was on the post jamb but instead of rectifying it, they decided on using it as the new mark thereby reducing more marks

  8. Omg I can't believe my score was reduced upon d complaint I made what is going on.

  9. This is unfair.the error is to correct the post utme result especially those that wrote their own on Saturday.their are many error in some questions and the invigilator told us to write down the questions with subject that is not correct on a sheet of paper that they provide for us.but now they are reducing the mark instead of making amendment.pls helps us we student is not easy

  10. The updated results are much worse from 51.3 to 46.8 and physics I was so sure of I got 1/10 and chemistry was alarming I got 0/10 that's impossible, I now got 7 in math and aptitude scoring a total of 15/40...please they should also review Monday 2pm some questions were not complete....please oau peeps help the Monday batch..

  11. Same old result in a different format, unbelievable, what then was done on complaints made??

  12. Dearest oau, it's not possible to do something for the first time and not make mistakes.Instead of making us the candidates weep because of the post UTME scores given to us, I'd rather you use our jamb and waec only.

    I mean why would you use our post UTME and waec only?
    What's the essence of the jamb we studied so hard to write then?
    And why wouldn't you use our jamb when the post UTME was a flop?

    Don't force these unbelievable scores on us, please.

    Let go of your pride and scrap the post UTME.

    We need admission.

  13. It's not fair....I thought Examination is a true test of ability but the examination conducted by Obafemi Awolowo is not a true test of ability rather a saddening and heartbreaking test...think of many people that came far and near...If not for anything, don't you fear the creator of the candidates. The Almighty God is not asleep and he will judge all of you in charge of the post UTME if amends are not made to your so called unfavourable amendments to the post UTME....It is not by bluffing but if amendments are not made, all of u will pay seriously.

  14. I like that person that commented before me...All I will say,is that please make proper amends cause u really don't know what some candidates are capable of doing o....u don't know whether they have people solidly behind them( terrestrial power I mean).... U never can say

  15. Please, tho they made the corrections, it has became worse,imagine someone having 44.8 reducing to 32.7,and someone having 39.5 having 62.4,
    I would really advise screening is better!

  16. Although some marks were added in my post utme score,it still didn't make me eligible.I expected to get 25 or 30 out of 40 but we all don't get what we want. we have to leave everything in God's hand now. please does "not eligible for admission" means we won't be given admission??.. I will be happy if my questions were answered.thanks

    1. Not eligible for admission means you won't be offered admission because your o' level and putme is not up to 25

  17. please why was the method of calculation changed,before it was a calculation of the jamb,o level and putme but now it is just the calculation of level and post utme score..what is the need of saying those who scored 200 and above in jamb should registered for the post utme if it wouldn't be taking into consideration

  18. Please and biko help us find solution let the prev. System be used since d affected aspirants over irregularities have been corrected so why changing the system which means something is fishy somewhere u can't just deny someone's admission when he/she hasn't we all know d stress we passed through during jamb and oau registration,candles we burnt and how much we paid for lesson. The saddest thing is that d best are denied imagine a person who had 54 before now having 44 a person having his putme corrected hoping for 52.5 but disappointed by having 49.2 .oau peeps save lives by contacting the appropriate quarter

  19. Hmmmm, couldn't believe my score still remain the same after the correction. They released my mathematics score and with held my chemistry. God help me.

  20. You guys should complain to jamb by sending them an email. Or DM them on Twitter

  21. How wil my score drop from 60.6 to 59.2,this rubbish o,ha,it unfair oau

  22. Suddenly my score reduced from 50.3to48.8%.what exactly is wrong.yet it says not eligible,even the result is not up to my expectations for I used all the effort in me to make sure I score at least 98% of the questions. After all the stress from Lagos to osun.Oau God would not allow you to give aspariant high blood pressure.

  23. Na wao, oau should please use Jamb and Waec Result only and remove this already discredited postutme that is loaded with viral errors to save the credibility of great Ife.

  24. Pls oau I humbly request a recheck on my result because I scored more than what was given to me during the utme. I was to write my examination on Saturday by 2:00pm but I missed it,i did the exam on Monday and am sure my actual score was not what was recorded I got more.also some questions were not complete additional marks I guess.i will appreciate if that is done fast.

  25. They should just revert to the old system of computing the UTME and Post-UTME results only! A situation where someone scores 298 in the UTME, passes the Post-UTME, yet is "not eligible for admission" is callous!

    1. Pls when is d departmental cut off mark going to b released

  26. I lodged my complaints hoping that it would be resolved but nothing was done at all. those of us that did the test on the first day at CENTER FOR DISTANCE LEARNING, MORO IFE CAMPUS experienced a lot of difficulties with our systems. About seven questions had displaying errors. Some only displayed the question while some only displayed the options. We were given a plain sheet to pen down our complains at the exam venue when a kind of chaos erupted but I am very sure that our complaints wasn't treated. they were definitely neglected. I am sad that upon all my efforts, I only bagged 48.4%. I challenge the administration of OAU. verbal screening would have been better.


    Official”]This Is a Very Important
    Information to all jambites who scored below
    180. From our database, we found out that
    there was a massive failure this year, so due
    to this problem we are helping some students
    in upgrading their jamb result, so therefore If
    you are Interested in upgrading your Jamb
    result, call office on 08051268316 /or whatsapp
    08100876275 Mr George in Abuja for help

    CALL OR WHATSPP US ON +2348100876275


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