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OAU: NASELS Loses A Reputable Lecturer

By Mutiu Saheed Abiodun
Professor  Asiyanbola, a lecturer of Stylistics at the department of English, lost his life to the cold hand of death within the last 24 hours. The department was thrown into great shock in the light of this news. Professor Asiyanbola was considered to be a rare gem and he would be missed. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Fatile Emmanuel: We Did Not Mean To Be Comrades!

By 'Joba Ojelabi

(Dedicated To The Loving Memories of Fatile Emmanuel)

In the faculty of Pharmacy of the Obafemi Awolowo University, there are two major kinds of students; the typical pharmacy students and the “comrades”. The typical pharmacy students are the ones who take pharmacy “very seriously”. Somehow, they have managed to design their lives around the faculty and its demands. They attend almost all classes, go to all practical labs, write all reports, do all assignments, and as much as possible try to avoid every other thing that is not pharmacy. For to them, every other thing is a distraction. These are the kind of students the average Nigerian parent would be proud of; they mind their business, “face their books” and most times have comparatively good results to show. The comrades, on the other hands, are the ones who try to be more. These class of students, either by some realistic necessities, a flair for adventure or developed ideals and beliefs, have managed to add som…

How To Calculate Your OAU Screening Score

This is to inform all OAU Aspirant that they can calculate their screening marks using UTME/ O'level 50:50 ratio utilised last year.

How to Calculate Screening Result

1. Both the UTME score and your O'level results' grades are
computed to assess you.
2. For the screening, UTME result weighs 50% of your total
score and the remaining 50% from your O'level results.
3. Your best 8 subjects are computed; With A1 = 8, B2 =
7, B3 = 6, C4 = 5, C5 = 4, C6 = 3, and so on.
4. Maximum points from your best 8 O'level subjects is 64
( A1 = 8 X 8 subjects).
5. Your O'level points is then converted to 50% (Assuming
y is your O'level points, then, it will now be calculated
thus: y/64 X 50).
6. For your UTME points, it will be calculated thus: Your
UTME score/400 X 50.
7. Your final merged score, which will be used for
admission now = UTME points (maximum of 50) + O' level
points (maximum of 50) = 100.

All Aspirants are to note that no official cutoff mark have been relea…

Faculties, Students And Reputations- Akinfenwa Olaitan

By Akinfenwa Olaitan
There's this popular notion that majority of OAU students have about some departments and Faculties. It's quite funny actually. Have you ever wondered why some departments and Faculties in OAU, for example, the Department of English and by implication, the Faculty of Arts, and probably the Faculty of Law, have a reputation for being quite socially loud and quite morally indecent, compared to other departments? Surely, there must be a reason why these departments are highly rated as the home of party goers and 'baddest guys'. Actually it's no news to most of us that when we want to talk about the most interesting parties and events on campus, such departments are usually in charge. Of course, having a reputation for being socially popular is not bad, but when it crosses the line to indecency, that can be quite demeaning.

Despite being a proud student of the Faculty of Arts, I cannot totally deny the allegations, because there is actually some…

Rampage In SUB As President Allegedly Walks Out On Congress

By Olabimpe Samiah O.

"Step Aside! Step Aside!! Step Aside!!!"

These were the words that rented the air as agitated students or congressmen were shouting at the OAU Students' Union Congress held on Thursday, 29th June 2017.

The congress, which is still likened to many as staged drama, was supposed to start by 4pm but was delayed till some minutes after 6pm. The SU PRO, Mr Okediji Simeon, stated that the congress started late due to inaccessibility to the university sound system at Amphi theater. The Engineer in charge of the sound system who according to the PRO and SEC GEN promised to be available was nowhere to be found when it was due time for the commencement of the Congress. It was reported that the Engineer lamented on the mismanagement of some of the sound systems at the last Congress.

"Engineer in charge of the sound system said the microphone and the mixer were destroyed and are to be repaired." Boluwajaiye Adeoluwa, the Secretary General of the Stude…

Ife Law Set To Host Second Leadership Legal Career Conference

The Law Students Society of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife is set to host the second edition of its Leadership Legal Career Opportunities Conference.

The conference, which started last year, has been scheduled to hold on Friday, 30th June 2017 and Saturday, 1st July 2017.

The conference is to feature special sessions in Leadership ​and Entrepreneur/CEO; Entertainment and fashion/Showbiz; competition and Anti-monopoly Law; corporate Law and finance; Intellectual property and IT law; Arbitration and ADR; Legal drafting and writing.

The conference is open to Young lawyers, Law students and even non-law students.

The theme of the conference is, "BEYOND THE WIG AND GOWN: The practice of law in an emerging global economy, Legal services, careers and opportunities for young and budding lawyers". Alongside a grandeur dinner and launching of the LSS Mega website

Some of the Speakers at the Conference include:
1. Akorede O. Yusuf Ph.D
Department of Public Law, OAU, Ile-Ife…

Students Cry Out Over Marked Increase In Rate Of Robbery, Union Leaders Visit State Commissioner Of Police

By Alabi Aderonke and 'Joba Ojelabi

Robberies in residential areas are not totally new occurrences​, especially in places with a dense population of Students. However it seems Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-ife might have just had enough of these sardonic incidents. 

In what seems like the straw that broke the camel's back, about three female hostels in maintenance area were robbed in between the late hours of Monday, 26th June 2017 and the early hours of Tuesday, 27th June 2017. The three hostels affected include B-ver, Aquifer and Stella Hostels and there are reports that several valueables were carted away by the armed men, who were alleged to have come in through bush paths. There were also reports of a number of other robberies occuring simultaneously at the time of the incident in some other student hostels in town.

Keeping in mind that "Maintenance" as the estate of female hostels is called used to be regarded as one of the safest residentia…

"A Call Into Politics, A Call From God"- GILCOM Alumni Host Governor Ayo Fayose

By Alabi Aderonke and Uthman Samad

"A Call into Politics, a call from God".
This was the justification statement for being a Christian and the venturing into politics of Governors Peter Ayodele Fayose, the governor of Ekiti state, at the Oduduwa hall of the Obafemi Awolowo University on Saturday, 24th June 2017.

The governor who was represented by the Chief of Staff of Ekiti state, Mr Dipo Anisulowo, at a program tagged, "THE MARKET PLACE", a public discuss on vital issues that shaped​ the world. The programme was organized by GILCOM a.k.a Charismatic Students Fellowship. The alumni fellowship of God is love Community OAU claimed that his political success was because he harkened to the voice of God which he did in 2000. The governor also justified his outspokenness by saying, "he is the voice of the common man" and if he did not speak his conscience will not be free. He reiterated his service to man right from 2000 when he was a philanthropist, a humanitar…

June 26: Drug Free World or World of Free Drugs?

Living  in  the  21st  century  has  its  own  intricacies  especially  when  its  2017.  The  recession  is  taking  its  toll on  all  and  sundry,  people are  stressed  and  stretched  more  than ever  before,  divorce  rates  are  skyrocketing,  depression  is  consistently  shared  amongst  the  old  and  young     and   the  life  expectancy  has  plunged   miserably.  In  this  age,  the  celebrity  celebrates  obscenity  and  extols  immorality,  the  artist  sings  odes  to  marijuana  and  if  you  are  a  boy  and  you  have  not  had  a  beer  at  16,  then  you  are  chicken –hearted The  world  is  in  a  bad  shape   and  almost  all  of  us  are  entangled  in  this  sad  web  of  modernity  ,  a  very  valid reason  to  resort  to  these  stuffs at  least  to  lift  us  high  when we  are  down  and  to  celebrate  each  of  our  successes  and  landmarks: drugs.

       As  a  pharmacist  in  training  , I  understand  drugs  as  substances  used  in  the  diagnosis…