Payment of Acceptance Fee, Other Fees, Accommodation Request, Admission Screening etc commence on Monday 18th February, 2019 by 9.00am


  1. But the eportal is yet to be opened for the freshers, how would they go about their payments?

  2. Oau peep pls answer bedspace allocation was not given to most people as at 12 pm of feb 18 bedspace was already exhausted. Pls need answer

  3. I made payment for my son not later than 10am the bed space was not exhausted by then yet he was not given, bedspace location showed "Nil'' until it started saying bed space no more available. So I wonder where is the principle of first come first serve basis the institute proclaimed.

    1. This is so ridiculous...
      I also could not get bed space
      I still don't understand the logistics behind this

  4. Pls will there be a second bed space allocation

  5. Oau peep it will be nice on your part to give some answer to question because according to the internet oau hostel capacity for 1st year male and female is over 1000 each. How can 1000 finish with a day like nothing. I think it is wrong for freshers who do not their way around to be living outside campus. Oau peep i think u can help us find out wat happpen really.

  6. Oau peeps pls when will the payment for schiil fees close nt acceptance fees oo, school fees will it be on feb 28 or till march 9

  7. Dat bed space is still shocking me till now..I wonder if it's spirit they gave the bed space most people I asked didn't get.. it's not nice as freshers they should at least give us accommodation in school and not allow us to be walking around the streets of Ife where most of us are new to

  8. Please whenever I try to print my bed space clearance it shows this "FPDF ERROR image file has no extension..." Please How will I fix this?

  9. The bed space biding at oau is now become political issue and connection influence


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