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The History: Ojà(Market)

By Ganiyu Ayanniyi M.
The Yoruba ethnic group has proven to be a vast tribe with many brave historical achievements, culture and traditions, places, things of huge values which are well respected in the world. One of the things held in great esteem by the Yoruba tribe is its language. The Yoruba language has always been influential in different part of the world aside Nigeria, Benin republic, Togo. The language is well appreciated in Brazil, USA, Cuba and many other nations. One of the important and famous daily used word by the speakers of the language is the word 'Ọjà' which means 'market', a place where day to day activities take place. Oja is a place where buying and selling occurs as well as the distribution of services in acquisition of funds or something lucrative in return.
It was gathered that native Yoruba tribe named a place that attracted people's attention. It was said that whenever there was a public fight or dispute especially during competitions, trade…