Saturday, 18 September 2021

Obafemi Awolowo University Student Union warns against Continuous harassment of students

Obafemi Awolowo University Student Union warns against Continuous harassment of students

By Adesina Emmanuel
The Central Executive Council of the Great Ife Student Union although not yet inaugurated has already started work in earnest. 

In a Press Release that was signed by the PRO Elect, Secretary General Elect, President Elect of the Great Ife Student Union has frown its face at harassment of students on campus and most especially off campus and has issue out warning to defaulter and promises to confront and challenge without no hesitation. 

The Press Release also urge student to make use of the medium available to interact with the elected officers of the Union, the Electoral Commission and the security Committee to register any complaint or observation that they have. 

Thursday, 2 September 2021

Pelumi: The Magnificent Musical Stage Play

By Pelumi Hassan

This and more was what the Pelumi, musical stage play can be qualified with. The musical stage play is one that has continued to grace stages for about a decade.  The stage play is an initiative of Muyiwa Adigun. For years, the Pelumi stage play holds on February 14, the international lovers’ day. This year, there was a change of date for some reasons but it did not affect the unique atmosphere of love and magic. 

The stage play is usually about the trials, tribulations and victories of love between two characters Adigun and Pelumi. It can be likened to a series of Romeo and Juliet without the grave tragedy. 

The scenes of the play are filled with pure action, passion and melodious songs. Although, there is a constant Pelumi anthem, the songs in the stage play are originals and different for every edition. This means the casting requires a singer and an actor in one person. 

In the plotting of the stories, Pelumi is also able to portray the love of God. Since the plot of the play changes for every edition, Pelumi wears a different face while Adigun is a constant character. 

This edition of Pelumi on Sunday, 29 August 2021 at Oduduwa Hall was as amazing as any Pelumi stage play in recent times. It was anchored by the Corporate Emcee and Praise who were beautifully dressed in native attires. Before the play started, there were outstanding performances from Wolesax and Shaba. 

There were also giveaways by the sponsors of the stage play. The play was a buildup to a very commendable and strategic flashback that started the play. It was a story about the mistakes of Pelumi which is different as Pelumi has always been the perfect character.

 We perceive a different side of her this time. For the first time, she was manipulated, greedy and made wrong decisions. The play was very realistic as no one is really perfect. The story led to a didactic teaching of love, greed, deceit, bad advice and forgiveness. 

The props and costume used in the play is topnotch. For a moment, it was hard to believe that we were still seated in Oduduwa Hall. From the setting of a living room to a courtroom, it must be said that the crew should be commended.

The students of OAU were definitely mesmerized by the musical play as they left the venue with smiles and positive commentaries about Pelumi.

Like watching a movie at the cinema, there were commentaries from the audience that made the play exciting. These commentaries were reasons to commend Muyiwa Adigun for casting professionals that are unshaken by the audience.

At the end of the play, Princess Ronke, a representative from the Ooni of Ife stated that she was really impressed by the stage play.
“I have never been to any Musical stage play in Ife, Pelumi is my first and I enjoyed it.”
She also revealed that the royal household will support the vision of Pelumi to transcend into a TV drama series. 

The play ended with music as the audience left the venue elated that they had experienced the musical stage play

Legbeti Emerges as the Financial Secretary

Legbeti Emerges as the Financial Secretary

By Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb 

Com. Joy Oluwasegun Abiola, politically known as Legbeti has emerged as the financial secretary of the just concluded Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1 September, 2021. He is from the Faculty  of Administration. 

He won with the total number of  3276 votes in all thirteen faculties over his opponents Olanlokun Peter Perolexy, who had a total number of 1285 votes and Yusuf Toheeb Olayiwola Yusolat who had a total number of 2294. 

Congratulations sir, we hope that you run your office excellently. That you remember to keep your promise to be honest, fast, responsive, and accountable with record-keeping.

Reform, The Students’ Choice

Reform, The Students’ Choice

By Adesina Emmanuel

Olayiwola Folahan popularly and politically known as Reform of the faculty of Arts and humanity has emerged as the President of the Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1 September, 2021. 

Reform, a part 3 student of English has emerged as the winner against his five other counterparts; Efficiency, Statesman, Bukola, Flash, Complex. 

He won with the total number of 3139 votes in all thirteen faculties. Efficiency had 1938 votes, Statesman had 929 votes, Bukola had 524 votes, Flash had 180 votes and Complex had 306 votes at the end of the election. 

Congratulations sir, we hope that you Preside over the Great ife Student with wisdom and you do not forget to bring in the reformation that Great Ife deserved. 

Mastermind Emerges as ASG

Mastermind Emerges as ASG

By Onyekpe Okechukwu Derrick 

Abdulganiyu Ismail popularly and politically known as Mastermind of the faculty of Arts has emerged as the Assistant Secretary General of the Students Union Election on Wednesday 1 September 2021. 

In an election that cuts across the thirteen faculties on OAU campus. Mastermind has emerged as the winner against his other counterparts. There were 3 candidates for the office of the ASG, Mastermind, OP Love, and Network. 

He won with the total number of 3243 votes in all thirteen faculties. His counterparts OP Love had 2127 votes and Network had 1556. 

Salvation becomes the Vice President Elect

Salvation becomes the Vice President Elect

By Ifelawpr

Aworanti Salvation Grace popularly and politically known as Salvation of the faculty of Arts has emerged as the Vice President (VP) of the Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1, September 2021. 

She emerged as the winner of concluded students’ Union Election unopposed with 6648 votes. 

Congratulations ma’am, we hope that you are innovative in your quest to create platforms for sustainable positive changes for students. 

Tao Emerges as the PRO

Tao Emerges as the PRO

By Adegboyega Ifeoluwa 

Taofeek Olalekan Ogunperi popularly and politically known as TAO of the Faculty of Arts has emerged as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the just-concluded Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1 September, 2021. 

Tao won with a total number of 4110 votes from all thirteen faculties.

Congratulations sir, we hope that you are prompt, proper and progressive with your office as the PRO. 

The Holistic Welfarist Becomes the Welfare Director

The Holistic Welfarist Becomes the Welfare Director
By Adesina Emmanuel
It seem the Welfarism of the Great ife Students is about to get better as they have decided to vote for Dada Arafat. He is the candidate that they decided to put their trust in for better welfarism. 

Arafat, the holistic welfarist from the Faculty of Science won with a total number of 4721 votes while his counterpart had 2174 votes. This made Arafat the official winner of the post of Welfare Director. 

Congratulations sir, we hope that your office is a lasting legacy where nothing is left unattended to. 

Great Ife Students Elects Great Sam as Secretary General

Great Ife Students Elects Great Sam as Secretary General

By: Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMÓ 
Odewale Samuel Damilare GREAT-SAM  of the faculty of Pharmacy has emerged as the Secretary General of the just concluded Central Executive Council Election on Wednesday 1 September, 2021. 

He won with the total number of 4215 votes in all thirteen faculties over his opponent Popoola Iyanuoluwa Wonder, who had a total number of 2657 votes. 
Congratulations sir, we hope that you run your office excellently. That you remember to keep your promise to be honest, fast, responsive, and accountable with record keeping. 

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Oluwanoni Emerges as the Director of Sports

Oluwanoni Emerges as the Director of Sports

By Onyekpe Okechukwu Derrick

Ogundana Ayotunde Anuoluwapo politically known as Oluwanoni of the Department of Medicine  has emerged as the Director of Sports in the just-concluded Central Executive Council (CEC) Election on Wednesday 1 September 2021. 

In an election that cuts across the thirteen faculties on OAU campus, he was the choice of the students.  Oluwanoni won in all thirteen faculties with 4,666 votes. His counterpart, Toheebah, lost with 2490 votes. 

The total sporting finesse emerged as the choice of the students to improve the health, the mind and fitness of Great Ife students.

A Member of the Electoral Commission caught Canvassing for Votes

A Member of the Electoral Commission  caught Canvassing for Votes

By Pelumi Hassan

A member of the Electoral Commission was caught canvassing for votes for some candidates. 
According to the constitution, Article 5 section 60 sub-section 3, electoral officials are expected to be neutral. This means that they cannot support any candidate, canvass for votes or endorse any candidate. 
In the early hours of the Election Day, Wednesday  1 September, 2021, an electoral official known as Bazzman was caught canvassing for votes on the different WhatsApp groups.
However, at the polling center, names of the candidates to vote for were being passed around. This names were noted to be the choice of the students of the faculty of law.

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Cryptotv Plus, Earnathon partners with Hult Prize OAU

By Moyinoluwa Babalola

Hult Prize OAU, a campus branch of a non-profit organization known for helping young people envision their own possibilities and to lead a generation to save the world with social impact has partnered with CryptoTv Plus and Earnathon.

Hult Prize OAU is known to hold its event yearly. In 2019, they partnered with faculty of Science to host the event themed “Youth Unemployment”. A virtual event was hosted in 2020 due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Now, in 2021, another event will hold in the month of December.

In preparation for the 2022 On-campus event, it is a huge feat for Hult Prize OAU, as they have signed strategic partnership with CryptoTv Plus and Earnathon.

CryptoTV Plus is a foremost media cryptocurrency firm in Africa based in Lagos, Nigeria while Earnathon is a blockchain and cryptocurrency educational platform designed to teach people about the technology and have then earn crypto tokens while at it.

This partnership is a pointer to the many amazing things Hult Prize OAU will be doing this year on OAU campus.



BUSTED: Another Lecturer indicted for Sexual Misconduct in OAU

BUSTED: Another Lecturer indicted for Sexual Misconduct in OAU

Another lecturer of Obafemi Awolowo University,  Ile-Ife, has been indicted for sexual misconduct, Premium Times reports. 

The lecturer, Adebayo Mosobalaje, is from the department of English. 

He was accused of breaching the provisions of the university’s Code of Conduct “in the manner he related with a student of the department, Rachel Momoh.”

A verdict passed by the university’s joint committee of council and Senate noted that “in the process of its deliberations, the Committee FOUND Dr Mosobalaje culpable and was deserving of the highest punishment of dismissal,” part of the report read. 

Sometime in 2017, Ms Momoh, with matriculation number, EGL/2013/216, visited Mr Mosobalaje’s office for further instructions on her final year project work, but the lecturer allegedly requested a date with her.

The student presented the audio tape before the school and the said lecturer was invited. Alas! He defended himself saying "he wanted to marry the student because they were both adult."

Many years after investigation, authorities have found Mr Mosobalaje guilty of misconduct. 

The lecturer, who had earlier resigned as member of the university governing council would  not be allowed to hold any management position on the campus for the next five years.

Also, he would not be considered for any promotion in two years.

Monday, 23 August 2021

OAU Faaji Night: The Epitome of Creativity, the Birth of Culture

By Pelumi Hassan and Ife Adegboyega

Affectionately referred to as the most unique night on OAU campus, the OAU Faaji Night hosted by Rotimi Stephen and Blaqboo Entertainment will forever be in the history of events in OAU. 
The event that was held on Saturday, 21 August 2021 at Education Field was a night to showcase culture and be entertained. Faaji night is the first event of its kind as it has never been recorded that a night was dedicated to culture, ethnicity, tradition, and enjoyment. 
The event was free for all students except the VIPs. Tentatively, there was a dress code of native attires, which was different and beautiful to witness as students graced the venue with agbada, fila, Ankara, gele, and other native wears. 

There was a massive shutdown as about 3000 students turned up for enjoyment galore. The event was anchored by Comic Freak and MC Stov. There were different displays of talents with respect to culture. Notable dancers and artistes like Kheemoya, Badaagnes, and even the prominent Fujicologist performed at the event.

There were about 20 brands sold out at a trade fair in the event. Also, there were other side attractions like the Snooker, PES, and Table Tennis.

When asked about his reason for organizing OAU Faaji Night, Rotimi Stephen explained that he wanted to give OAU students a different taste of events. 
“Basically, for some semesters and months, the only parties that students get to attend are lounge parties and it is becoming so boring. People are forgetting the cultural part of OAU. This citadel is about learning and culture, so lounge parties got so boring. 
Thank God for the Lucid Experience that gave us a united kind of gathering. I came up with OAU Faaji Night to give another concept and creativity to shows on campus. So that people can come to display their tribe and culture. 
On the Faaji night, we had students of different ethnicity who came out with their attires to celebrate. So, the night was for the celebration and promotion of the cultural part of students.”

According to a part 2 student of English, the event made an impact on him as he was moved to change his outfit.
 “I wasn't ready to attend the event before. I had the perspective of just spending a few minutes at the event. I got to the event without my native attire. All of a sudden, the rhythm of the jingle blew up my brain, I had to go back to the hostel and return to the events in native clothing. The event was lit! Rotimi Stephen and Blaqboo Entertainment did it”

Opeyemi Ogunwusi, Product Marketing Manager at Sturrd and a nursing student believed that the event was a very creative concept.
“The event was nice, very creative concept; it's one we've not seen on OAU campus ever. We're used to the usual shows, parties, dinners, and the rest; it was something different from the norm, very creative if you ask me.”
Dorah from the department of Microbiology, revealed that the event was a necessity because it was something new.
"Faaji night indeed is something that is new to us all and the vibe was definitely different. I personally really loved the fact it was a traditional theme because I feel the regular clubbing and concert was already too much and we needed something different."

The event lasted all night as about 3000students grooved and partied till dawn.

Students' Union Elections: Electoral Commission Clarifies CGPA Requirement

Students' Union Elections: Electoral Commission Clarifies CGPA Requirement

By Adesina Emmmanuel 

In a press conference held with the Association of Campus Journalists, ACJ, on Saturday, 21, August 2021, the Great Ife Students' Union Electoral Commission clarified the modalities of the scheduled elections.  

The commission's leadership led by Mr. Ajayi Oluwafemi further detailed the intentions behind the election calendar while answering questions from the press. The press conference came as part of the preparations toward the Students' Union elections which would be taking place in the coming weeks.

When asked about the 2.5CGPA as the minimum CGPA for every aspirant contesting for a post at the Students' Union Level, the chairman of the electoral commission explained that the use of the CGPA was a law adopted and signed by OAU Governing Council. He noted that the electoral commission pushed for the removal of the CGPA requirement. But the institution's vice-chancellor explained that he would have to table their request to the Governing Council of Obafemi Awolowo University. This, he said, is contrary to the rumors that the Electoral Commission itself initiated the idea.

However, the chairman spoke about the exemption of Part 1 students contesting for posts at the HEC level from the CGPA criteria because by this time do not have CGPA yet. He also assured that every candidate vying for a position has met the electioneering requirement and fulfilled all guidelines. 
Following a broadcast that showed a change in the deadline for submitting nomination forms, the commission was asked to explain the reason behind the conflicting dates. According to the chairman, the date change was to ensure a swift preparation for the election. He noted that it was impossible to print ballot papers within the stipulated time.  

We have to put so many things into consideration, and the number one thing is that the election materials should be ready. There is one election material that is so sensitive, the ballot paper. If the nomination form should close on Thursday, we have only Friday to print the ballot papers. This means we would be giving the printer 24 hours to work on almost 10,000 ballot papers for the HEC election coming up on Saturday. If he should fail in delivery, Great Ife students would not be pleased. In order to give the printer enough time, we had to change the date for the deadline.”

He furthered that the change in the screening date would not affect any other schedule on the calendar. At the end of the conference, the chairman assured the generality of Great Ife that the election would be free, fair, and transparent.

Friday, 20 August 2021

‘Tiara’s Bloom’ will Transform Your Academic Life.


If you're reading this, there's a 100% chance that you're set for a transformation in your academics (because that's what the title says, right?)


If this is you, a book was written just for you.

Moyinoluwa Babalola is a Law student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), currently in her 4th year. 

She is the founder of Academic Bloom- a brand that procures the God factor in Academics, propels students to Academic Excellence and promotes a fun-ride academic journey.

She wrote a fiction book titled "Tiara's Bloom", because she noticed that some students have negative attitudes towards their academics, so she aims to help them climb the ladder of success in their academics, despite all odds. 


In this book, she tells a touching story about a girl named Tiaraoluwa, who gets to the end of the road in her academic journey and has to fight her way back to the top in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of graduating with a First-Class.


In the process of getting back on her feet, she embarks on a journey that leads her to discovering herself, connecting with the right people, imbibing new habits, overcoming challenges and experiencing God in a new way.


The book can be gotten through a pre-order link, A couple of people have read this life-changing book and here's what they have to say:

“Tiara's bloom is a book that shows the typical struggles of a tertiary student Tiaraoluwa. And provides practical insights that would help any student achieve the grade of their dreams by God's help.”

- Ogunlusi Peace (Economics Graduate, OAU)


“Tiara's Bloom is a book you hold in your hands, which takes you on a journey of experiencing lessons that can transform your academic life as you flip through every page. Told in fiction, I

find it relatable and I know You will too.”

- Ilerioluwa Olatunde (Economics Graduate, OAU)


“Creative...Challenging... Extraordinary

Felt like I could hear God from this masterpiece. It's a must read for every student.”

- Oluwasaye Rachel (Final Year Mass Communication Student, Unilag.)


Tiara's Bloom is a didactic and loaded book. Gosh!!! Mo really poured out herself into writing this book such that it was skillfully written to help anyone with academic challenges and hurdles. It's a book I'll recommend for any student at any level of education. Trust me, you can be sure to be making a great investment by getting this book.

Victoria Agbonyin. UCJM, Choir Co-ordinator.


"Reading Tiara's bloom was so much bliss and insight. Much more than a story, it is a student's guide to academic success and self-discovery beyond the four walls of a school.

The simplicity and applicability of the principles is next to none.

It is definitely a book for every student who needs insight and understanding for their academics. You definitely don't want to miss out on this wealth of knowledge. It's a must have really.”

- Aluko Temitope. (Penultimate Law Student, Unilag)


Tiara's Bloom!!!!! I couldn't take my eyes off the book till I was done.. The book is loaded, God literally held the writer's hand to convey His thoughts about academic failure and how to rise above it.. I recommend this book to everyone irrespective of the academic level you are in.

Adedoyin Grace. Penultimate Law Student, OAU.


This book successfully captures the reality of students and how they can thrive academically by proper planning and having the right people around but ultimately it teaches us not to ignore the place of God in our academic pursuit. It's really a good book and a must read for students.

I'm Dammy, President of International Relations Student Association.


Every student should be gifted 2 copies of Tiara's Bloom; the hard copy during Freshers' Orientation, and a soft copy after receiving 100 level first semester results.

Tiara's Bloom demystifies why a lot of smart and hardworking Nigerian students end up with bad grades. Many times we are tempted to believe it's a spiritual problem, but that's story for another day.

If no one buys this book for you, get one for yourself. In my dad's words, "CGPA is forever."

Ovedje Rory Ovedje

Head of Operations, OAU EVENTS.

Final year Law Student.


Tiara’s Bloom talks more of a young girl who moves from a place of confusion into straight clarity that comes with recognizing where her strength lies and what she should be doing.

Failure is not an easy experience to go through and navigating your way outside is even more painful. At that point, what mattered to her most was the situation and gathering more strength.

It goes on to further look at what exactly makes an undergraduate fail or pass and how to handle failure in times when it seems like nothing is working.

The book teaches smart learning, personal mastery, adequate preparation tips for academic excellence and so much more.

Anyone who needs to learn resilience and doggedness, understanding that it’s part of the things we must learn to fulfill life’s purpose, should read this book.

Abayomi Adeola (Della)

Life and Business Coach

Convener of Becoming More with Della

Final Year Law Student


Tiara’s bloom is an explicit book on academics; its challenges, solutions, right timing and God factor. Isn’t it amazing that the writer has put in a lot of effort to put together this book especially at a time like this when many people are battling with one academic issue or the other? I am delighted to say that this book is a three in one; “A spiritual, motivational novel”. Starting from Tiaraoluwa’s struggle with identifying her bad grade to looking for solutions to her problems to finding God amidst finding the right association on an equilibrium, Moyinoluwa Babalola has done a huge work in making us see in-between and beyond the physical forces of academic challenges. If you need help with your academics, you are holding the right book in your hands!

Ebunoluwa Ewuola

Final year Zoology Student, OAU.


Without a doubt, you know this is a book for you! The book launches on the 28th of August, 2021. Anticipate!


What's more interesting?


Thursday, 19 August 2021

Students' Union CSO gets Dismissed for the Harassment of Female Students

By Emmanuel Dominic

The SUG acting executives have once again been clustered up in allegations as regards the harassment of students. Which has before now, been regarded as a rumour. It was recently reported that two female students were harassed by the Chief Security Officer of the Students' Union, Ojuko Taiwo Paul also known as T-Paul on Monday, 16 August 2021. 

The students, IBK from the department of Dramatic Arts and Bolu from the department of History revealed that they were mistreated by the CSO. They reached out to the Students’ Union security because their gadgets were stolen. They are roommates in Mozambique hall of residence, who had merely solicited for help since the Division of Students Affairs, DSA had informed them that they could not be of help to them.

Unfortunately, the Students’ Union security was of no help too. The students were delayed, unnecessarily summoned, addressed rudely and harassed.

In IBK’s statement, "Our phones were stolen, mine, my friend, and a phone and laptop from another girl, so we went to the DSA to report, but they said there's little they can do, so we were advised to go to SUG, that they can be of help. The day we went, we didn't leave there until around past 11, so they have been summoning us, and we've been going. It was our phone they stole, but they handled us like we were the criminals. They came to our room and said, they wanted to see everyone on Monday at 5 pm, and that Monday I was at PIT till 6 pm, since rain was falling and having a meeting when going with a lady under her umbrella, I heard my name, and I looked back, and the next statement was so it's you, you think you can escape from us, then I now saw the SUG security officials, and I greeted them, and they asked for my phone, and they collected the phone and asked me to follow them, trekking in the rain from Mozambique hostel, so I asked for my phone to call my elder brother, so a lady who seems to be a law student shouted that how will I make a phone call in an insulting manner, so a kind of argument broke out after I defended myself from making the call. So I then called my brother, who now called King to follow me to SUB. So I met King on the way. Then I was sat down at SUB, just to receive a slap from my back, and just to watch back and saw that it was the CSO, and he talking that they called by 5 pm and I didn't answer, who do I think I am. He then asked the other friend that they dragged from Mozambique, she didn't answer, so he now slapped her, so the girl being defensive as to why they slapped her, standing up to him, they gave her another slap, I don't know if she slapped him back or something, he then slapped her for the third time, In which her nose ring remove from the slap impact"

She also stated that the school's CSO got to learn about the unjust treatment of the female students and called. The witness, King, who was responsible for informing someone who had access to the School’s CSO was threatened to deny the reality of the event and his words. The executives came around and told the female students, that they were just victims of circumstance.

The next day, IBK filed a report to the DSA as to the harassment she got from the SUG. On Wednesday, 18 August, the case was taken to the DSA investigative unit, to address the matter. Dramatic Art students from various levels came out to protest and to ensure that there was justice for IBK. While gathered outside, the Students’ Union CSO, Ojuko Taiwo Paul also known as T-Paul came around.  When he was accused of slapping the female students, he confidently replied "Ehn na, and if I slapped her?" This power-drunk reply angered the students more.

He denied laying a finger on anyone before the DSA investigative unit. The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Ajayi Oluwafemi, also known as Efem Castro arrived at the DSA, and the students expressed that they were displeased over what transpired. In an open interview with the Electoral Commission Chairman stated that he wasn't there when the slap occurred, but King who was present, said the CSO admitted to slapping the student. The students raged on in protest until a member of the DSA came out to address the student. Students demanded that the CSO be paraded and beaten, as he has done to others. But after a discussion with the President of Dramatic Art and few others, a conclusion was made. The students were asked to move down to Students’ Union Building (SUB), and wait for T-Paul who had been found guilty of the accusations.

T-Paul was then taken to SUB. As angry students demanded for justice, the guilty Chief Security Officer fainted in slow motion. As people attended to him, he was caught smiling. This raised the suspicion that he was faking it. However, he was then rushed to the health center on a bike. The angry protesters followed him to the health center. They waited to ensure that he was punished for his offence but they were informed that he was transferred to another hospital. The protesting students left in anger.

Later, a release from the Electoral Commission Chairman confirmed that the Chief Security Officer, Ojuko Taiwo Paul was guilty and punished for the harassment of female students. He was relieved of his duty as the Chief Security Officer of the Student Union because of his unacceptable act which made him unfit to be a member of the committee, let alone the head of the unit.

Monday, 9 August 2021

Babafaros Expresses Displeasure Towards the Attitude Of The Awo Boys during Lucid Experience

By Adesina Ayomide Emmanuel

Another history was made in the Obafemi Awolowo University as OAU’s Farombi Oluwaseun Babafaros and Markay Entertainment hosted the Lucid Experience with the celebrated Afrorap artiste, winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5, Olamilekan Agbeleshebioba, prominently known as Laycon. The Lucid Experience was a music concert where Laycon, and other artistes performed in Oduduwa Hall on Saturday, 10th August 2021.

It can be said that the concert was a way to resurrect
concerts in OAU. Since the pandemic and other issues have prevented any event of this style in OAU. It is a way to introduce part one students to what
concerts in the school is.

Oduduwa hall is a 3000 capacity hall situated in the
academics area of the school. Students and fans were needed to get tickets of #1000 for ordinary seats and #5000 for VIPs. COVID-19 safety rules were
strictly adhered to as face mask was also a required ticket.

The show kicked off around 5pm with the absolute best
demonstrations who displayed their gifts to engage the crowd before the show’s headliner, Laycon showed up to  wow the crowd with his extraordinary performance. OAU’s best artistes like Kheemoyah, EWA, Virus da Viper, Adeash, among others also performed before Laycon. Twitter influencer/ O.A.U Graduate, Shank Comics additionally graced the occasion as the main host of the show. Shadaretobi was also a cohost of the concert.

The show’s main art, Laycon, arrived the stage around
10:20pm. His appearance ran students wild with excitement. The atmosphere was taken to a whole new level as Laycon made that big appearance to perform.
However there was setback when the rapper was held on stage and prevented from performing by the infamous Awo boys who demanded that he prostrate before performing. They did this as a way to continue the old tradition of making artistes prostrate before OAU students before they are allowed to perform.

This tradition has been changed from the simple and
respectable way it used to be. It used to be a way to carry the crowd along and give respect to Oba Awon University.
Usually, artistes are aware of this tradition and they do it without being forced or coerced. In the quest to make Laycon follow the tradition, Awo boys caused an unpleasant scene as Laycon was manhandled. It should also be noted that the Awo boys were given free tickets to attend the show but they took this for an entitlement to disrupt the show. This attitude from the Awo Boys raised questions to whether they should continue this tradition or the free invite of Awo boys should be stopped.


Babafaros the organizer of the show has hereby expressed his disappointment by the attitude shown by the Awo boys on his status. He expressed that he gave 25 free tickets to the Awo boys and yet they didn’t put up the best acts. In his words, they scattered his show.

However, the show proved to be a success. Abel Scott, a part 4 student of International Relations who attended the concert said that he enjoyed the concert and that it was good, "My going there wasn\"t for Laycon actually, it was to just feel the concert vibe as i haven’t experienced one after the last show HOTINC had on campus and also to witness some of OAU finest artist like EWA and other real musicians. Although I feel there should be strict screening for the upcoming artists that are not known and also slots for performances should be reduced or price increased to curb some acts."

Another Student of Accounting expressed her excitement to see Laycon as she was an Icon. Abimbola (aura bodyworks), a student of PHE enjoyed the concert, “I enjoyed it.. but the new artiste performing were too much.. almost made the show unbearable.

But I enjoyed the whole show, the Mcs did great but the performing acts.. nahhh

 The concert was sponsored by Unik Properties, Angel’s Touch, Tife’s Hub, Afkit, Flux, Munch it
and many other brands. Students of OAU are still talking  about the Lucid Experience with Laycon.