Thursday, 19 August 2021

Students' Union CSO gets Dismissed for the Harassment of Female Students

By Emmanuel Dominic

The SUG acting executives have once again been clustered up in allegations as regards the harassment of students. Which has before now, been regarded as a rumour. It was recently reported that two female students were harassed by the Chief Security Officer of the Students' Union, Ojuko Taiwo Paul also known as T-Paul on Monday, 16 August 2021. 

The students, IBK from the department of Dramatic Arts and Bolu from the department of History revealed that they were mistreated by the CSO. They reached out to the Students’ Union security because their gadgets were stolen. They are roommates in Mozambique hall of residence, who had merely solicited for help since the Division of Students Affairs, DSA had informed them that they could not be of help to them.

Unfortunately, the Students’ Union security was of no help too. The students were delayed, unnecessarily summoned, addressed rudely and harassed.

In IBK’s statement, "Our phones were stolen, mine, my friend, and a phone and laptop from another girl, so we went to the DSA to report, but they said there's little they can do, so we were advised to go to SUG, that they can be of help. The day we went, we didn't leave there until around past 11, so they have been summoning us, and we've been going. It was our phone they stole, but they handled us like we were the criminals. They came to our room and said, they wanted to see everyone on Monday at 5 pm, and that Monday I was at PIT till 6 pm, since rain was falling and having a meeting when going with a lady under her umbrella, I heard my name, and I looked back, and the next statement was so it's you, you think you can escape from us, then I now saw the SUG security officials, and I greeted them, and they asked for my phone, and they collected the phone and asked me to follow them, trekking in the rain from Mozambique hostel, so I asked for my phone to call my elder brother, so a lady who seems to be a law student shouted that how will I make a phone call in an insulting manner, so a kind of argument broke out after I defended myself from making the call. So I then called my brother, who now called King to follow me to SUB. So I met King on the way. Then I was sat down at SUB, just to receive a slap from my back, and just to watch back and saw that it was the CSO, and he talking that they called by 5 pm and I didn't answer, who do I think I am. He then asked the other friend that they dragged from Mozambique, she didn't answer, so he now slapped her, so the girl being defensive as to why they slapped her, standing up to him, they gave her another slap, I don't know if she slapped him back or something, he then slapped her for the third time, In which her nose ring remove from the slap impact"

She also stated that the school's CSO got to learn about the unjust treatment of the female students and called. The witness, King, who was responsible for informing someone who had access to the School’s CSO was threatened to deny the reality of the event and his words. The executives came around and told the female students, that they were just victims of circumstance.

The next day, IBK filed a report to the DSA as to the harassment she got from the SUG. On Wednesday, 18 August, the case was taken to the DSA investigative unit, to address the matter. Dramatic Art students from various levels came out to protest and to ensure that there was justice for IBK. While gathered outside, the Students’ Union CSO, Ojuko Taiwo Paul also known as T-Paul came around.  When he was accused of slapping the female students, he confidently replied "Ehn na, and if I slapped her?" This power-drunk reply angered the students more.

He denied laying a finger on anyone before the DSA investigative unit. The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Ajayi Oluwafemi, also known as Efem Castro arrived at the DSA, and the students expressed that they were displeased over what transpired. In an open interview with the Electoral Commission Chairman stated that he wasn't there when the slap occurred, but King who was present, said the CSO admitted to slapping the student. The students raged on in protest until a member of the DSA came out to address the student. Students demanded that the CSO be paraded and beaten, as he has done to others. But after a discussion with the President of Dramatic Art and few others, a conclusion was made. The students were asked to move down to Students’ Union Building (SUB), and wait for T-Paul who had been found guilty of the accusations.

T-Paul was then taken to SUB. As angry students demanded for justice, the guilty Chief Security Officer fainted in slow motion. As people attended to him, he was caught smiling. This raised the suspicion that he was faking it. However, he was then rushed to the health center on a bike. The angry protesters followed him to the health center. They waited to ensure that he was punished for his offence but they were informed that he was transferred to another hospital. The protesting students left in anger.

Later, a release from the Electoral Commission Chairman confirmed that the Chief Security Officer, Ojuko Taiwo Paul was guilty and punished for the harassment of female students. He was relieved of his duty as the Chief Security Officer of the Student Union because of his unacceptable act which made him unfit to be a member of the committee, let alone the head of the unit.

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