Monday, 29 May 2023

Breaking: ACJOAU Withdraws From Electoral Debate

The Association of Campus Journalists OAU Chapter has announced her withdrawal from the Great Ife Students' Union Elections Debate. 

In a Press Statement made available to OAUPeeps News Agency, the association decides to withdraw from the election debate because of the circumstances surrounding arrangements and therefore decides to set the tone for election monitoring. 

The association decided not to participate in the election debate as a result of a last-minute in-house ruling and the leadership does not feel assured of the arrangements made available by the Electoral Commission. 

The Association however promised to support the future activities of the commission and assures Great Ife Students' to do everything possible to ensure effective election monitoring.

The statement read thus:

The leadership of the Association regrets to inform the general public of her withdrawal from the Great Ife Students' Union Elections Debate which, according to the formal invitation that we got, should hold today Monday, 29th of May, 2023, by 3pm. 

As we all know that by convention, the Association of Campus Journalists, OAU usually handles the Students' Union electoral debate and has, over the years, done it well. However, we will like to inform the general public of our withdrawal to participate during this time. This resolution is coming after a last-minute consideration of the terms, conditions, and modalities of the debate set down by the Electoral Commission. 

As a result of the Association's last-minute in-house ruling, the leadership does not feel assured of the arrangements made available by the Electoral Commission and cannot continue as initially arranged.

Having communicated our intent to withdraw to the Electoral Commission and having promised our support in their future activities, we want to assure the Commission and Great Ife students' community of doing everything possible to ensure effective election monitoring. 

Observers are recognized, safe, and protected in the course of doing their job. 

As part of our safety procedure, we want to state that our election Reporters and Monitors will be with ACJ tags signed by the leadership of the Association. This is to ensure due recognition as they go about doing their job. As the Association continues to build on its existing good reputation, we appeal to everyone to follow voting guidelines and conduct themselves in the best democratic way possible. 

We are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that prompt and real-time election updates are not missed and adequately published in a coordinated form. And we assure everyone involved in this election of fair, accurate, and fact-backed reporting. 

Thank you for your usual cooperation, and we hope the forthcoming CEC and SRC elections go well. 

Monday, 22 May 2023

In The Midst Of Everyone Coming, Great Ife Beware

By Ayomide Emmanuel

The political atmosphere in the Students Community, Obafemi Awolowo University will take a new dimension in days to come and amid everything, students need to be more careful in choosing the next set of leaders.

Electioneering activities already started in full some weeks ago with departments and faculties preparing to conduct their respective elections to present the next set of leaders. 

Consequently, the GreatIFE Students' Union also constituted the Electoral Commission to see to the emergence of the election of new leaders. The commission has however swung into action again by lifting a ban on election campaigns. 

In the centre of everything, it's important to note that the political space will be muddy and flooded in days to come. And this can only mean that students will have to open their eyes and let Ephesians 1:18a be their anchor prayer and scripture so that their eyes may be opened and be flooded with light so that they may see Wolves disguising as Sheeps.

Remember that the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy so you must be a sheep that knows the voice of his shepherd and harkens to it. Beware of politicians on Campus who unnecessarily become so close to you in this midst of time and season. 

Everyone is coming and coming but the question that should raise in the heart of everyone is where are they coming from? Are they coming from paradise or hell? Remember those who came before them and by now I believe we can conclude where they came from. 

GreatIFE Students Shine your eyes, do not be carried away by the activities of the election, you deserve leaders who will serve and not leaders who are all after the gain of entering into the building. Everyone wants to experience the opportunity of sitting down and making laws in an air-conditioned office. You deserve a VIBRANT STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL, one that will talk on matters pertaining to you, and put the executive councils in check and not one that will be engrossed in leadership struggle and forget to call for sitting. 

Students in the Hall Of Residence should elect a Chairman and Chairperson that will see to their welfare and not one that even the grasses in the halls will be taller than weeks after resumption hereby making Snakes and other dangerous reptiles the occupant of the hostel while you're the squatter. 

To everyone coming also, know that to be leaders, you must become servants first. You must not conform to the status quo especially if it entails ruling through coercion and unjust deeds over your subordinates. A leader’s credibility is based on how he/she upholds truth and fairness over his organisation and is meant to be humble and not boast.

They also encourage others and do not belittle their followers just because of their lack of capacity for something. They see potential in the uniqueness of their followers. You must be ready and open to taking advice so your ideas can become limitless. You must think of innovative ways to improve yourself and your followers remember where there is no guidance the people fall, But in an abundance of counsellors, there is victory.

Finally, in case you're coming and you don't know where you're going again, it's not too late to go back to where you are coming from and let those who have truly come to serve diligently attain the position of authority.

Friday, 19 May 2023

Great Ife Electoral Commission Lift Ban On Election Campaign, Releases Guidelines

By Ayomide Emmanuel

Following the constitution of the Electoral Commission by the Great Ife Students' Representative Council on Tuesday, 16th May 2023, the Electoral Commission which consist of 13-men Committee which cut across the 13 faculties of the University to oversee the conduct of the forthcoming, Students' Union Election. 

In a Release made available to OAUPeeps News Agency, the Electoral Commission has decided to lift ban on election campaigns. 

According to the release, by virtue of the powers conferred on the Electoral Commission as contained in the Great Ife sacrosanct constitution in Article IV, Section 60 (4), “the electoral commission shall organise and effectively supervise all union elections and bye elections with utmost good faith”. After careful consideration and evaluation, it is on this note the electoral commission has decided to lift the election ban, thereby allowing the commencement of campaigns, which shall take place with immediate effect, Thursday, May 18, 2023.

 The electoral commission arrived at this decision to commence the election activities due to reasonable circumstances surrounding the electioneering processes. Greatest Ife! Articulate Ife! The university academic calendar stipulates that examinations are to commence 5th of June, 2023 which translates to that the commission only have 2weeks to complete the whole electioneering process.

 The commission however plead to the entirety of Great Ife students to join hands with the Electoral Commission in commencing the election, who want the Great Ife students and stakeholders to cooperate with the commission for the essential for the smooth conduct of the elections and the consolidation of our union. In respect to this announcement, the commission urge the entire students to actively participate in the electoral process. To promote participatory democracy and good governance for Great Ife students Union prosperity, the Commission uses the medium to encourage the totality of Great Ife student union members to embark on their ambition to starting of campaigns. While the election process serves as an avenue for healthy competition, would like to emphasize the importance of conducting campaigns in a respectful and peaceful manner. 

Consequently, the Commission implore all aspirants (CEC, SRC & HEC) and their supporters to read and get familiar with the campaign guidelines which are clearly stated below:

 1. Eligibility Criteria 

A. Contestants MUST be registered students of the university for the 2021/2022 academic session.

 B. Contestants running for the positions within CEC and SRC must have successfully completed AT LEAST one academic session in the 1 university. 

2. Campaign Guidelines 

A. All campaign activities should focus on the issues and be centered around the candidate's proposed solutions. A political campaign or slogan shall not be tainted with abusive language directly or indirectly likely to injure physical, psychological, religious, ethnic, or sectional feelings against another candidate will result in automatic disqualification. 

B. The use of the halls' public address system for campaign purposes is strictly prohibited. c. Colored posters are not allowed to be used by contestants. d. Contestants are prohibited from writing or posting bills on walls, water tanks, and roads. 

3. Conduct and Harassment:

 Contestants and their supporters must refrain from any form of harassment during the election process. Harassment includes any actions or behavior intended to intimidate, coerce, or harm others. 

4. Disqualification Risk: Any contestant who violates these guidelines stands the risk of being DISQUALIFIED. 

5. Incumbent Members' Responsibilities:

 Incumbent members of the CEC who are contesting positions within the CEC must hand over all union properties in their possession, including keys to their offices. This measure ensures the protection of sensitive election materials and promotes a level playing field for all contestants. 

The electoral commission will closely monitor the campaign activities to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. We are committed to upholding transparency, fairness, and impartiality throughout the entire electoral process. These guidelines aim to ensure a fair, transparent, and respectful election process, fostering an environment that encourages constructive campaigns and discourages misconduct. 

Let Your Fashion Speak, Let It Be Your Voice: CEO I-Touch Collectible Admonish Fashionpreneurs On Campus

In a colorful event hosted by the Kinflip community, a fashion Conference named "Future Fashion Industry Conference" with the theme "Exploring The Business And Sustainable Development In The African Fashion Industry which held on Friday, 12th May 2023. The conference which was graced by the attendance of the Great Ife Students'Union Vice-President, Salvation Grace was one that left impact in the life of those in attendance

The fashion conference which was hosted by Kinflip held at BOO C Faculty Of Sciences Obafemi Awolowo University. The conference which is a fashion Conference brought ladies and gentlemen from every sphere of the fashion world together to learn and unlearn new things

The keynote speaker of the day while speaking Mr Olowolaju Theophilus Itunnu the CEO of I-touch Collectibles said he spent 8 years in OAU but they were 8years of testimony, even though the school community (OAU) tried to break and humiliate him, but he kept standing. 

Speaking to the on the need to be creative and hard-working as a fashionpreneur, he said he was once stucked at Abu Dhabi, Dubai at 2am due to lack of Cash at hand. But what led to him been able to overcome that situation was because he had his fabrics which were his work and he was able to sell over $500 overnight and eventually, he was able to cater for himself and when able to afford to Lodge in a five- star hotel. 

He further admonished Fashionpreneurs on the need to be original in everything you do and the best way to show people who called youth lazy is to show them what we have. And to make fashion grow, it must come from the heart, place value on what you do by creating your own style of fashion. He need no one can initiate his style and any attempt of someone doing that will result to the person selling his brand unknowingly because it is his passion and when everyone in life should go, the passion will be there. 

Consequently, he said the best way to sell yourself to the word is to paint it on people's face as Fashion is not a convenient business, it takes hard work and Fashionpreneurs shouldn't stop creating until they get there niche, work on there ability as that's how to sustain the Fashion business. 

In his closing remark he said, Let Your Fashion Speaks, Let It Be Your Voice. 

The panelist session which was moderated by John Adefisayo had Ademiloye Adeshola, the founder of Arcade Model Agency, Atilola Gbenga, the creative director and founder of Fortress Clothing and Owoseni- Olofin Enitan Alex, the President of AMG, Allien Men Group answered series of questions related to the fashion space.

According to Mr Adeshola, Fashion is an expression. And one can start making money with what you do when there's acceptability by people Mr Gbenga said. 

Live musical performance was done by Hay-Why Virtuoso and B-pop and live drawing was done by Ferdinand which left the whole crowd elated. 

Awards were given to Fashionpreneurs who were outstanding in their different field of the fashion space

Friday, 5 May 2023

Approval To Open E-portal For Registration Issues

On Friday, 5th of May, 2023, the Vice chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University generously opened the e-portal for students who have issues with their registration.

It was stated that the e-portal will be opened from Monday 8th of May to 12 midnight, Friday 12th of May, 2023. The portal would not be opened again after this period is exhausted. 

Students are therefore required to maximize this period of grace.

Saturday, 15 April 2023

OAU Awo Boiz Debunk Affiliation With Late Ahize Death

By Olukanmi Abidemi Abeeb ÀBÍMÓ 

The Obafemi Awolowo University popular entertainment group known as  Awo Boiz have made a release to debunk the affiliation to the death of late Ahize, who was allegedly beaten to death for stealing.   

In a statement made available to OAUPeeps News Agency,  the group express their sincere sympathy for horrific event and death of Ahize, a student of Faculty of Technology Obafemi Awolowo university and also send their condonlence to his family, friends and the entire University.

The Statement Read Thus;

As we express our sincere sympathy for horrific event and death of Ahize, a student of Faculty of Technology Obafemi Awolowo university we send our condonlence to his family, friends and the entire University.

On behalf of OAU Awo Boiz group, we are writing to the entire students of Obafemi Awolowo university to desist from linking the whole sadden incident to Awo Boiz group because Awo Hall Executives are different from OAU Awo Boiz group. 

Our group is just like every other entertainment groups on campus which have been serving as the father of all entertainment groups on campus for our hilarious comic acts and well-cultured display. In fact, none of us was in the Hall when this unfortunate incident occurred but our group name is in respect to the legacy of Late Obafemi Awolowo.

On this note, our entire fans and OAU community  should know that we are law abiding set of student who understand the principles of the university, not a preachers of jungle-justice and no harm or arrest has been done on any member of our group, we are all fine. Our special regards to those that checked and checking on us.

Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Let Peace Prevail On Campus: Dean DSA Plead With Students As They Present Their Demands


By Ayomide Emmanuel

The Dean Of the Division of Students Affairs of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof Aransi has pleaded with agitated students who are reacting to the death of one them after been allegedly beaten to death for stealing.

Speaking to the students, Prof Aransi pleaded with students to let peace reign and allow free flow of vehicles on Campus. Assuring the students, the Dean said the management will tackle it with utmost concern as no one will pray to lost his/her child in that kind of manner. 

Stating their demands, the students said they will want the investigation to spread to the Central Executive Council as they received information that the deceased spent nothing less than 12 hours at the Students' Union Building and eventually died there and also, the Students' Union building be under lock till the investigation is over

Furthermore, there should be no representative of the Students Union on Campus again till further notice as none of them came out to give concrete information on what happened. 

They further demand that a student from the Faculty Of Technology be included in the Committee that was set up by the management because they want to make there follow up and confirm everything been done to ensure justice. 

Finally, they demanded that the conventional application of Scientific Maximum Shishi(SMS) and parading of offender be eridacated finally from OAU Campus. 

Reacting to the demands, the Dean Of Students Affairs agreed and said everything will be worked on and no culprit will go unpunished as the School management will not leave any stone untouched