Monday, 28 July 2014

Ex-PREDITES: Now That Result Is Out, What Next?

It is just like yesterday when the Predegree Programme for the 2013/2014 academic session kick started. Out of many tens of thousands that applied for the programme then, very small percentage was offered admission to come in and join the race to OAU. Since then, I want to agree with our friends that went through the programme that it was not an easy one except for God.

About 72 hours ago, the final results of the students of the just ended session were released and many already know their fate. Though, no statistical breakdown of performance is usually made public after every session, but the fact remains that not everyone of them will make it to the dreamland of Obafemi Awolowo University.

Having known that a minimum score required for anyone that has passed through the OAU Predegree programme for admission is 60%. In lieu of this, we want to congratulate all those that scaled this hurdle. If you are one of them, you are a student of OAU in the embryo.

Now that the result is out, what next? For as many that will be taking the OAU Post-UTME, we believe that is your next point of call. Going there to prove the stuff you have got. We already wrote something on thepreparation towards the Post-UTME Exam.

Much more importantly, this Post-UTME exercise in view is very strategic and crucial for ex-Predites that got below 60% but had above 199 in their UTME. This is the ONLY clear chance to remain on the admission track race. 

After the Post-UTME, we can now start discussing the admission processing in a new thread. On August 2, we will create a new topic where all the admission processing for 2014/2015 will be discussed. This will serve both the ex-Predites and JAMBites.

Until then, we wish you all good success in the Post-UTME exercise!
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  1. When is d cutoff mark coming out?

    1. Maybe August but application is yet to commence.

    2. The cut-off mark for admission for Predites in many faculty are not publicized. However, you will get to know about cut-off point during the admission processing period.

  2. I got 200 in jamb bt for my pd i choiced socialstudies edu n in my overall result i got 45.6% n in postume i got 130 wld i b considered