Friday, 25 July 2014

'OAU Pre-Degree Forum' Partners 'OAU Peeps' For Better Information Blogging

At last, the partnership has yielded fruit. OAU Pre-Degree Forum that has been on Facebook about 3 years as partnered with the emerging news outfit, OAU Peeps to build a Blog for better news dissemination.

In a message posted on her Facebook page earlier, it is part of plans to mark her 3 years anniversary.


OAU Pre-Degree Forum is a trend for predites and ex-predites to share their experience and for the incoming ones to get any help from ex-predites.NOTE: this facebook page (OAU Pre- Degree Forum) does not belong to OAU Centre for Distance Learning.


We are up to create a friendly community made up of past, present and future Obafemi Awolowo University Pre-Degree School students. This is aimed at rendering help to any issue that might come up in the admission processing and other academic issues. This forum also offers the medium for both Ex-predites, Predites and Aiming Predites to hold discussions that will help both parties positively.


25 October 2011
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