Saturday, 30 August 2014

OAU Declares Ebola Free Period




This is to inform the generality of students that 10:00am - 12:00noon on Monday, 1st September, 2014 has been declared a lecture free period for awareness talk on Ebola Virus Disease.

Thank You.

Division of Student Affairs

All students are expected to be in Afrika Amphi Theatre by Monday 1st September, 2014 by 10:00am for the seminar

Student Leaders Urge Students' Union To Challenge Rustication And Suspension In Court


Equity and Unity are the foundation; love, courage, wisdom and trust are pillars upon which a just society rests. On the 25th August, 2014 by 4pm, the leadership of the union summoned a meeting of the heads of departments, faculties, religious and other associations to give detailed report, evaluate and seek the yearnings and opinions of their students on how best to further approach the struggle at this critical moment of our history as they are the closest to the students they represent from their respective organization.

The very essence of the meeting is to incorporate all structures on campus as we embark on another phase of the struggle because if attention is given to unity and no affection is given to diversity, our world will experience true peace and progress.

After a detailed verbal report was given by the president of the union which was as communicated to the entire Great IFE students in the official release of the union on 24th Aug, 2014 titled “WELCOME BACK:THE GREAT ARMY OF COURAGE!”, the leaders spoke one after the other and debated the issues critically and the following are their resolved positions:

1. Massive payments made by stale students weakened the struggle and the strength of union leaders in executing it of which started before late registration threat of the management when finalist were paying because of the fear of not securing special electives and accommodation while the union leaders staked their studentship in fighting for students of which the students didn’t solidarized by complying with the None Payment directives given by their leaders to give the struggle a strong leverage.

2. The leaders frowned at the congresses called by the leadership of the union that led to the last set of protests lamenting that they were not representational of their students’ interests but that were peopled and hijacked by certain interests not in tandem with the generality of OAU students.

3. In view of the above, the leaders demanded that more of such meetings of heads of faculties, departments, religious bodies and other associations should frequently be called instead of congress, or better still call for referendum to test the true feelings of the majority of the students.

4. The leaders reiterated that their students won’t welcome any further protest or related actions that are capable of the academic calendar, but enjoined that other effective diplomatic mechanisms should be employed.

5. The leadership of the union should concentrate more on the freshmen fees to get it reduced further and get the management committed to the implementation of instalmental payment and other relief programs.

6. The challenging in court of those of us put under suspension order of rustication and the re-instatement of those suspended should be facilitated in due course.

However the leadership of the union whom are obliged to represent, amplify and magnify the good interest of the entire Great IFE students irrespective of prevailing circumstances such as threat of termination of their studentship by university management shall continue the struggle based on the opinions/wishes of the majority and strongly demur, decry and frown at the targeted victimization of students.

Conclusively, a letter was sent to the university management on 28th August, 2014 to request for the extension of normal registration of which in response to our request late registration has now been extended to 5th September 2014 for all students to have the opportunity of registering.

La lucha sigue... !

Shittu I. Olatayo
Secretary-General Ibikunle Isaac M. President.

OAU CDL Extends 2014/2015 Predegree Application

As expected, the Centre For Distance Learning arm of the Obafemi Awolowo University who is in charge of the Predegree Programme has announced the extension of the duration for the 2014/2015 Predegree application. The application will now close on Friday, 12th September, 2014.

Please understand that after this period, there may be no further extension as the entrance exam is likely to come up September.The application fees remain N15,000 and it is mandatory for all candidates to keep checking the website from time to time to know the Entrance Examination Date and also to print the Exam Slip.

 Read details about the application here and apply here

Awoites Rush To Meet Bed Space Clearance Deadline

As it was earlier announced that yesterday, Friday 29th August, 2014 will be the last day for students who were already given Bed Spaces to claim them by registering it with the Hall Managements.

In our visit to Awolowo Hall yesterday, students were seen in their large numbers queing in order to register themselves. The students were cooperative enough with the Porters registering them as the queue moved fast and smoothly. There was no problem as at the time of the visit and more students were trooping in to join the queue.

A students allocated to a room in Block 2 that our correspondent asked why he has left his accommodation reregistration late responded that it was not his fault. He said "The reason why I am trapped in this late rush is because my payment was not confirmed early enough. As a finalist, the Bed Space I applied for the will only be seen when my payment has been confirmed.

However, students allocated to the burnt Room 107, Block 7 in Awolowo Hall were told by the Portal to drop their documents and come back later in the day. It was not clear to us if they will be given another Bed Space or the repair is imminent.

Insurgency: NCC To Start Monitoring Phone Calls

In view of the unstable security situation in the country, the Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, says security agencies will soon commence monitoring of all calls to enhance their operational activities in the country.

This Commission announced this recently at a special edition of Consumer Outreach programme organized by the commission at IBB Golf Club, Maitama, Abuja.

According to the commission, plans are in the offing to come up with a guideline that will guide the take-off of the plan in such a way that no subscriber’s right or privacy would be breached in the process.

Though, the Commission promised to ensure full protection of the rights of every consumer through the proposed guidelines, it however noted that there is no enabling law at the moment to guide the operators on such powers and called for a quick enactment of legislations to give the proposed guideline a legal backing by the time the implementation proper kicks off. According to the commission’s legal adviser, Mrs. Yetunde Akinloye, “In view of the worrisome security situation in the country, the security agencies are about to key into peoples’ conversation. We as a regulatory agency are coming with guidelines that will guide the operators on this. Though, at the moment, we do not have a law to guide how the operators should keep consumers privacy in conversation, we also need this guideline. to enhance the smooth implementation of the plan.”

Recall that last year Senator Isa Galaudu, PDP Kebbi North sponsored a bill entitled A Bill for an Act to Provide for Interception, Development and Protection of Communications Networks and Facilities for Public Interest and Other Related Matters 2013.

The bill seeks to give legal backing to relevant national chief security officers, national security agency, Department of State Services and Police to intercept communications considered prejudicial to national security or public interest.

The bill passed second reading in the upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly and was referred to the Senate committees on Communication, Judiciary and National Security for further legislative input.

However, though the bill generated serious condemnations from different quarters going by wide spread fears of privacy breach it could bring about, it received overwhelming support in the Senate, in September last year.

But the NCC is promising that the soon to be released guidelines will take care of fears of privacy breach and ensure that the process does not affect genuine conversations.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Commissioner, Technical Services, Engr. Ubale Maska said since the establishment of the Consumer Affairs Bureau, in 2001, the Commission had taken several initiatives to address numerous challenges consumers are facing by coming up with projects that will ensure and guarantee that consumer are well informed, educated and protected at all times.

Also corroborating him, Director Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Commission, Mrs. Maryam Bayi said, the Commission had made remarkable strides in its bid to protect the interest of telecom consumers, not just as a fulfillment of its mandate but also as commitment to ensure that Nigerian telecoms consumers get value for their money.

she explained that the Commission had come up with a number of regulations and initiatives for the purpose of protecting the telecom consumer interest. They include: the establishment of regulations on consumer code of practice, quality of service, enforcement, mobile number portability among others.

Also speaking, the Assistant Director of Public Affairs, Mr. Reuben Muoka described the regulation of the Nigerian telecom sector as a delicate balance for the commission. Muoka noted that the consumer outreach programme of the commission has not only made Nigerian consumers the most celebrated among other consumers in Nigerian economy but has also been recognized by the International telecommunication Union, ITU as an innovative initiative helping the commission to alleviate consumers problems.

Source: Vanguard News

Normal Registration Period Extended By A Week Again

 The extended period of Normal Registration of students for the 2013/2014 academic session has once again been extended.

The further extension is coming at a moment when many students are finding it real hard to register their courses online, even after their payment confirmation. Our visit to the Computer Building on Friday, 29th August which was initially set as the date for the commencement of the Late Registration with penalty saw students in their hundreds gathered to lodge complaints of various degree. Several complains ranging from the non-confirmation of their school fees, inability to register their core courses, inability to login to their e-portal account, inability to register for special electives even while we have them left to many other.

The Management has however granted the request of the Students' Union in relation to several obvious problems to graciously extend the period of normal registration by a solid week again. Now, Normal Registration will end on 4th September as the Late Registration with penalty will consequently be activated on the 5th September, 2014.

2014/15 UEFA Champions League Draw

2014/15 UEFA Champions League Draw


Atletico Madrid


Real Madrid
FC Basel
Liverpool FC


Zenit Saint Petersburg
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
AS Monaco


Borussia Dortmund


Bayern Munchen
Manchester City
Cska Moscow
AS Roma


Paris Saint Germain PSG
AFC Ajax
APOEL Nicosia


FC Schalke 04
Sporting CP
NK Maribor


FC Porto
Shakhtar Donetsk
Athletic Bilbao
FC Bate Boeisov

Friday, 29 August 2014

Boko Haram Sponsor: Ihejirika And El-Rufai Accuse Each Other

ABUJA—FORMER Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Minister, Malam Nasir El-Rufai and immediate past Chief of Army Staff, Lt-General Azubuike Ihejirika (rtd), Thursday, accused each other of sponsoring the deadly Boko Haram sect that has been terrorising many parts of northern Nigeria since 2011 with over 5000 people killed.

El-Rufai kick-started the accusations on his Facebook page with a post that read: “Breaking News: Sheriff and Ihejirika Just Named as Boko Haram Kingpins – Arise TV – August 28, 2014.’’
He said: “Australian hostage negotiator, Stephen Davis has just named former Borno Governor Ali Modu-Sheriff and immediate past Chief of Army Staff Lt-Gen Ihejirika (removed in January 2014) as the Boko Haram brains on ARISE NEWS.

“Davis said Boko Haram commanders that he has been negotiating with were the source of this information. The kingpins not only finance Boko Haram operations but select targets for assassination and execution. Finally, the truth about Boko Haram is coming out. Hopefully, the murderers of General Muhammadu Shuwa, the abductors of the Chibok girls, those truly responsible for the Nyanya bombings, and attempted assassination of General Buhari and Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi will be known.

“We hope the authorities will take the steps necessary to act on this revelation, and thereby discharge their duty to protect us, the citizens of Nigeria. That is just what it is, a hope!”
Reacting to the accusation, General Ihejirika countered that El-Rufai, who is a chieftain of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC, is one of the front-line commanders of the terrorist group.

Speaking with Vanguard over El-Rufai’s allegation, Ihejirika said he is not surprised that this unimaginable allegation is coming from ‘one of the Boko Haram Commanders’ because “The (Commanders) including El-Rufai know where the problem is. He should stop deceiving Nigerians by trying to divert attention.”

According to Ihejirika, “When the Boko Haram operation started, supporters of the sect like El-Rufai said that there was nothing like Boko Haram and that the army was just killing innocent youths. If you also remember, not too long ago, some of their supporters including El-Rufai said that I was re-inventing the killing of the Ibos during the Biafra war following government’s determination to rid the country of terrorism.”

An obviously angry Ihejirika, who spoke on phone, said: “The likes of El-Rufai started the campaign of human right abuses in order to divert international attention from the heinous crime being committed by the Boko Haram terrorists.”

Ihejirika recalled recent allegations that he took away N48 billion, an amount of money he said is still in the coffers of the Ministry of Defence and can be verified by anybody, adding that he was not surprised that this allegation is coming from the likes of El-Rufai who started the campaign.
“The likes of El-Rufai have been supporting Boko Haram. In fact, El-Rufai and his likes are the same group of people that ensured the army did not get the requested equipment to deal with this menace once and for all, as they used their cohorts to tell the government that procuring modern equipment was not necessary.”

Recalling that the same El-Rufai went to This Day Newspaper premises to grant interview to condemn security forces for the efforts to rid the country of the senseless mayhem unleashed by the terrorists, Ihejirika said: “At the onset of this crisis, I was the first person to declare that the country was at war but a group of sponsors led by El-Rufai disagreed, saying that it was not true.
“It is the same group of El-Rufai that started the human rights abuses campaign. It was done in order to block any international assistance after the state of emergency was declared and the sect was initially tamed. That gave Boko Haram time and respite to build up again”.

Furthermore, General Ihejirika said that when the United States was to initially declare Boko Haram a terrorist organization, the same El-Rufai and his group mounted pressure on the international community, using alleged human rights abuses as campaign strategy.

The former Army Chief revealed that this same group including El-Rufai has taken further steps in support of Boko Haram, “which I cannot disclose for now”.

Shortly after his tenure came to an end as COAS, some Northern political elites started the crusade for General Ihejirika to be summoned before the International Criminal Court in the Hague claiming that he killed their sons and daughters innocently in the name of containing the rapid spread of Boko Haram insurgency in the country.

He not only established the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army with headquarters in Maiduguri, he established new Army Brigades, Counter Terrorism Schools in Kachia and Jaji as well as the Terrorism Training School.

A screenshot of  El-Rufai’s post on his Facebook wall.

Source: Vanguard News

Ronaldo Named UEFA Best Player In Europe

Christiano Ronaldo has been named as UEFA's Best Player in Europe for his Champions League-winning heroics with Real Madrid in 2013-14.

The Portuguese, 29, scored a remarkable 17 goals in 11 European games as Carlo Ancelotti's stormed to the Decima and struck three times en route to Copa del Rey glory as Madrid completed the cup double.

Though the Santiago Bernabeu side were less successful in La Liga, Ronaldo still averaged more than a goal a game (31 efforts in 30 matches) as they finished third behind Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

The former Manchester United forward was voted as the best player ahead of Bayern Munich duo Manuel Neuer and Arjen Robben, who starred as Pep Guardiola's men lifted four of a possible six trophies last season.

"I'm really, really happy," Ronaldo said upon being presented the award following the draw for the 2014-15 Champions League group stage on Thursday.

"I have to say thank you to my team-mates, to my family, my friends. I don't have this trophy in my museum - I'll put it there straight away."

Ronaldo has already begun the new campaign in superb fashion, scoring three goals in four games including his double as Real Madrid defeated Sevilla to win the Uefa Super Cup earlier in August.

2014/2015 OAU Pre-Degree Application Closes Today Friday, 29th August, 2014

Today, Friday, 29th August, 2014 is the last day for the application for the 2014/2015 Predegree Programme. Usually, there is always an extension of time after the normal deadline is reached but it could fall in as Late application which will include extra charges. At the moment, the form is sold for N15,000 at the designated banks.

Read details about the application here and apply here

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Important Information To Students On The Reduction In The School Charges

Further to our earlier circular ref no. RO.2/Vol.VI/74 on reduction in the charges payable by students, dated 19th August, 2014, please be informed that students who have not yet registered should still pay charges earlier approved by the University. However, the modalities for the refund of excess charges paid by students are as follows:

1. The deductions in charges paid by the current final year students will be credited as part of their Alumni Dues payable at graduation.

2. The excess charges paid by returning undergraduates, who are non-final year students, will be credited against their charges for the 2014/2015 session (for example returning undergraduates in the Faculty of Science will pay N24,700.00 instead of N27,700.00 etc).

3. Late Registration fee paid before 29th August, 2014 will also be credited to affected students for the 2014/2015 session.

What Patriotism Entails By Alexander Idowu

Thursday December 5th, 2013 was a remarkable day in the history of South Africa, as the ‘crème de la crème’ from all over the five continents of the world thronged the city of Johannesburg to honour a resilient, foremost freedom fighter and a revolutionary patriot who left the planet to the world up yond. Nelson Mandela fought earnestly for his people, the course he believed in and as well remained loyal to the course of freedom and equity in his country till death. In fact, he rose to the challenges posed by the most vicious economic and social system of that moment; the system which was referred to as apartheid. The legacy Mandela left was that of fidelity and total service to humanity. A source;(Ziwaphi vol. 4) termed him ‘a symbol of discipline and patriotism’. What then is patriotism if I may ask?

Patriotism, according to chambers 21st century dictionary (Revised edition) is loyalty and devotion to one’s country. Which in effect means, being totally and passionately sold out to the interest, mandate and precept of one’s country for the purpose of advancement and for the furtherance of her common course. However, patriotism could be viewed in a wider and more flexible sense as love, devotion, and a strong differential concern for one’s own locality (both the place and the people who live within), state, region, or country, shown both in thought and action. (Miller 1998)By ‘‘differential concern,’’ it means to care more about this place than any other places, or places in general; and to care more about these particular people than any other people, or people in general. And this concern is shown in substantial activity on their behalf.

A Patriot on the other hand, is a person who loves, supports and defends his country and its interests with devotion ( In other words, such individual is passionate about the common interest of the country at the expense of his personal or selfish interest. He is particularly concerned with abiding by the ordinances of the country, defending and promoting thewell-being of his countrymen and women. He might even go a little further to risk his lifein order to gain prestige and honour for his fatherland. Having known what patriotism and who a patriot is, we would at this juncture carefully spell out the virtues in patriotism, emulative examples of someincorrigible compatriots (both in this nation; Nigeria and abroad) who stood to defend and upheld the values of their nations in the various capacities they were privileged to showcase their genuine interest in their fatherland. We would also do well to suggest possible means by whichthe speedy decline in patriotism in our nation could be restored so as for us to witness unprecedented transformation in our country in the shortest possible time.

Going by the famous quote of Abraham Lincoln regarding moral virtue, which reads, “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him”. That exactly is what patriotic virtue is all about. Martha Nussbaum in his writing, ‘Non-relatives virtue: An Aristotelian approach’ defined virtues as character traits which dispose us to “choose and respond well”across the full range of human experience (Nussbaum 1993, p. 245). The prime benefit of this trait is that it brings about the thriving of the virtuous agent himself and the flourishing of everyone around. In fact, after the patriot is long gone, the memory will keep on lingering in the mind of everyone who benefited from the fruit of his devotion. When patriotism is in the service of valuable ends and is limited to morally legitimate means of attaining them, then it is a virtue (Samuel Johnson, Patriotism).

In the same vein, history will never forget certain men who stood the test of time to defend the interest of their country and also fought earnestly for their compatriots. Among such people is

• Obafemi Awolowo–He served as the prime minister of the Western region of Nigeria as an intellectual politician and a brilliant activist. He championed dogged move for the benefit of the masses and as well demonstrated sound attribute of a true patriot of Nigeria at home and abroad. He was described as the most articulate advocate of the right of the minorities and also headed true federalism with clarity and precision.

• Mahatma Gandhi –He led a decade-long of non-violent struggle against British rule by challenging their imposed salt tax with the 400km Dandi Salt March in 1930, and later on called for the British to quit India in 1942. This is a high level of patriotism displayed towards his country; India and his cherished countrymen and women.

Despite the good and virtuous sides of patriotism, it could as well be a vice if it is not to a valuable end. When it is serving as contempt, disregard or indifference to outsiders,it is therefore a vice. Our tender feelings toward our fellow citizens can make it easier to dismiss the value of people outside this charmed circle, or at least act in ways that fail to honor that value. Patriotism can encourage an “us versus them” mentality, and rationalizations for “our” superiority are easily generated.

Patriotism could also be a vice if the patriots do not wholly understand the purpose of their assignment as dependable ambassadors of their fatherland. But instead serve because of the financial or selfish gain. My heart almost bled when I read The Guardian Newspaper, (Saturday, July 5, 2014 edition, p. 60) with the Sub-topic: Nigeria Gave Up Victory for Money. The story was about the Super Eagles campaign at the just concluded Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. Segun Odegbami, an ex-Super Eagles International wrote on the clash between our national team and France on Monday, 30th June which led to the Eagles defeat. That Nigeria defeat had nothing to do with the fact that the French side werein any way better than them. In fact, he said the Nigerian side outpaced their opponent until the last 20 minutes of the game. Apart from the fact that they did not prepare a night before the encounter, he relayed that the team spent the better part of the night sharing money. Below are what he said, “Unknown to most observers, the team and its officials had spent the better part of the previous night counting and sharing money – bonuses of matches not won, appearance fees that had not been paid by FIFA, and other allowances amongst themselves.”

Under normal circumstance,trustworthy compatriots who know that they are representing the course of a whole nation will never spent their moments of preparation doing what will not lead to attaining a national goal. On the contrary, the winners of the tournament; Germany were reported to collect their own rewards 48 hours after their victory. The resulting effect; Nigeria exit was not missed in Brazil.

Now, here are some of the ways by which we can restore the decline in the level of devotion to the common interest in our cherished nation.

The very first way is to adequately train our children (who will undoubtedly become the leaders of tomorrow) at the early stage of their life. Charity begins at home, so the common saying goes. The moment parents build up their children to be devoted and be faithful to anything and anyone at every point in their life, they will grow up to be devout compatriots who will make the nation proud.

Another way is to sensitize our people not to see politics as dirty game that certain people must play. This point is very crucial, because it has built up wrong notions in the mind of people to be inactive as far as issue regarding governance and constitutionalism is concerned. This mindset has led them to the point of not standing for the course of the nation as the true citizen of their fatherland. Getting rid of this mindset, will help us all to stand for the upward movement of our nation and thus lead to the eradication of selfish motive to the barest minimum level. For this reason, all hands must be on deck.

Lastly, to achieve the nation’s transformational dream in the nearest possible time as committed patriots, we must regularly examine and revisit what our founding father stood for and believed in. The first stanza of national anthem instructs us not to allow the labour of our heroes past to be in vain.

Here are the lines:

Arise o compatriot Nigeria call obey

To serve our father land with love and strength and faith

The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain

To serve with heart and might...

That’s the call. A call to wake up and take up the vision of our great patriots who selflessly secured this nation with their blood to a glorious height.


Patriotism as an Environmental Virtue

Philip Cafaro

Miller, R. (1998). Cosmopolitan respect and patriotic concern. Philosophy & Public Affairs, 27, 202–224.

Nussbaum, M. (1993). Non-relative virtue: An Aristotelian approach. In M. Nussbaum & A. Sen (Eds.), The quality of life. Oxford: Oxford University Press

The Guardian Newspaper, (Saturday, July 5, 2014 edition, p. 60)

Ziwaphi vol. 4, N0 3. 12-25

The author of this opinion, Alexander Idowu is a Part 3 student of the Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Alexander via his e-mail:

Permed Prayers: On My Knees, I Set My Case!

On my knees, I set my case
That I may not be altruistic

I pray for the deliverance of my people
From the love of money
And other associated products

On this long and rough road
I amass blessings from the most High

I pray for the mothers
For their tired backs
And their bleeding hands

For the whole nation
I give my offer of prayer
That the arrow of God trembles at the gates of light

I cannot contain my jealousy
The secret thing is much endured
Imperative, it is a watchword
A matter of national love

And to my shaky conviction
I search for a graveyard

I give kudos, to the martyrs of spiritual racism
For our labour shall never be in vain

The poet of this poem, Adetola Adetuyi is a student of  the Department of Botany, Obafemi Awolowo University. Adetola blogs at Tuyitola's Blog(

Seven Unforgettable Lessons At +1 Year

To God be the glory, above expectations, the Lord had been ''too" good to me, even now that the choice of being a Daniel in the Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar becomes almost an unachievable task; To Him be the glory. The statement for this concluded year of mine was that it will be a “year of dancing” and people who are very close to me can testify with me that God is the best future teller.

Though I had my ups and downs but sincerely Jehovah has been very faithful. To this end I sing "Holy are you Lord, all creation call you Lord, worthy is your name, we worship your majesty, awesome GOD, how great thou art oh Lord! mighty are your miracles, I stand in awe of your holy name, Lord I bow and worship you". Let me emphasize that the above is not in any form a sense of spirituality but a realistic conclusion expected of any intellectually and 'wholesomely' minded person. The above stands as my first lesson.

Lesson2: The road to success has many potholes. There is need to be emotionally stable. Timelines changes, resources dry up, assumptions prove false, plans and people fail, one must keep traveling steadily along HIS pathway.

Lesson 3: God is good at giving you duties greater than your capabilities----> An important method people say He uses to build men.

Lesson 4: To be frank, the more you know God, the more devil knows you, you have got to brace up, temptations, trials will be on the Increase.

Lesson 5: One have got to be simple and learn not to be in haste, don't act on impulse, don't be hasty. Time is the best revealer of the original, for the expiry date of the original is far longer than the fake. Think well, Trust well and test well.

Lesson 6: Get the word from the source and sustainer at the most convenient time for it is promises that sustains in periods that you can't explain.

Lesson 7: I have learnt to never for any reason joke with my family members both spiritual and biological, they may be the only men standing. I have learnt to be happy, agile and very optimistic. I am the most loved by GOD.

This year is my "year of basking in His grace"(Hebrews 4:16). I appreciate all who have in one way or the other affected my life. Without you all, I cannot be where I am. I also use this medium to apologize for any one I offended this year. I solicit your continued support.

Lastly I congratulate the people and Government of The State of Osun as our beautiful state clocks 23!

The writer of this article, Isaac Oluwatobi Adeniran is member of Gospel Students' Fellowship(GSF), Obafemi Awolowo University

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New School Fees Yet To Reflect On The Payment Slip As Registration Ends

With just about 48 hours to the close of the extended time for the student normal registration, the management of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife is yet to implement the publicly announced reduction in the school fees.

In response to the requests of the Students' Union condition for truce in its school fees struggle, the Management had earlier on 20th of August in an emergency meeting which the Division of Students' Affairs had with the Students' Union leaders announced the meager reduction in the hiked school fees. A section of the response Release reads:

2. Review of the fees:

The following reductions were made in the fees;
*Fresh Students: No reduction
*Returning Students:
~Humanities and Social Sci. No reduction
~Sciences and Technology N27,700
~Pharmacy & Health Sci. N30,700
For those who have paid, the deducted funds will be forwarded to coming sessions and that of finalists will be forwarded to the Alumni charges.
 OAU students' reactions to the announcement of the selective reductions then clearly showed their rejection of it as they expected a better reduction. However, the Students' Union leaders in their reactions indicated their will to subject the Management's reply to students popular interests and decision.

The deadline of August 29 was set immediately the reduction was announced which was supposed to mean a week grace for students to pay the reduced school fees. However, as at the time of filing this report, the online Payment Slip used by students to remit their school fees still bears the formerly increased fees, meaning the reduction was not effective.

The implication of this is that any student who wishes to remain a bonafide student of the citadel is left with no other option than to pay the increased fees. Banks designated for the school fees payment have since refused to receive any payment contradictory to what is reflecting on the Payment Slip. One of the Bank Officials of Diamond Bank, Ile-Ife that our correspondent spoke with today confirmed that the Management has not given them any directive to accept any reduced fees as it was not reflecting on the Payment Slip. Many students who went to various banks with the exact amount of the reduced fees were stranded at the banks as every efforts to make the Bank Officials understand the new development proved abortive.

It will be recalled that the OAU Students' Union in its Press Statement on Sunday, August 23, 2014 counted the further reduction of N3,000 as parts of the gains of the struggle against school fees hike. Many students have continued to ask questions lately ranging from; Is OAU Management deceiving Nigerians about the further reduction? or Why has the Students' Union not in their latest Press Statement addressed the non-reflection of the new school fees figure on the Payment slip since they have counted it as one of their gains?

Any payment beyond tomorrow (Thursday 28th August, 2014) will attract a yet to be made public penalty.

This Victimization Must Not Distract The Struggle - Suspended OAU Students



“At times, we may be too weak to prevent injustice, but we must never be weary to protest it.”
Last week, we all received notifications from the Division of Students’ Affairs of pending letters from the university administration. To our utter dismay, the letters carried headings of clear witch-hunting, victimization, and unnecessary intimidation, and disguised as different categories of suspension. Exclusively, eight of us were served indefinite suspension pending police investigation over a purported "abduction" of Abeeb Alabi Olayinka (Angel), Chairman of Students' Electoral Commission in April 2014. Wole Olubanji (Engels), Adabale Olamide, Ademuwagun Johnson, Ibirogba Samuel (Sammy), Olusiji Nelson (Mandela), Pele Obasa (Chocomilo), Sanyaolu Oluwajuwon and Abimbola Abiodun (Anchor) were all served letters of indefinite suspension under this category.

In the same vein, all members of the Central Executive Council (CEC), including the Clerk of the Parliament and several students’ activists (including those ones earlier served indefinite suspension) were also served these vindictive letters under another category called “rustication.” For this category, the university administration classified it as punishment for act of misconduct for participating in the Students’ protest of May/June 2014. As a funny development, the university went ahead in this same letter to inform us that the rustication order has been suspended because of several “appeals” and “we are hereby placed under probation so that the university management can observe our readiness to comply with rules of the university.”

Please note that these rules, given the interpretation of the vindictive letters, mean that it is unlawful for students to reject or protest obnoxious policies of the university, even if such protests are legitimate and guaranteed under the constitution and laws of the Federal republic. In short, engaging in students' struggles is criminal!

In strict conformity with previous vindictive arrangements of the university administration, the arguments on which the various suspension orders are premised are not only flimsy, but self-destructive. It also confirms that the exercise is designed to witch-hunt students’ activists and to cow their colleagues into submission over the unresolved issue of school fee-hike.

Firstly, the indefinite suspension order over Students’ Union elections in April and the fictitious allegation of abduction of Abeeb Alabi Olayinka (Angel), Chairman of Electoral Commission of 2013/2014 parliamentary year, is unwarranted and cruel. In fact, it is an arrangement of the University Administration to protect their agent and dissuade students in the future from challenging the excessive interference of the management in Students’ Union activities. As against all known norms of our union, including clearly entrenched provisions of Article 5 of the Students’ Union constitution, Angel went ahead to disqualify students’ activists under the directive of the university management. When students approached him for explanations for this clear departure from union values, he said his hands were tied and the “disqualification was beyond him.” In an event the university management later termed as abduction, mass of students had gathered at Afrika Amphi Theatre to demand from Angel why the names of screened candidates would be arbitrarily dropped from the election debate activity. A number of Great Ife students can bear witness to the subsequent development of questioning, which was moderated by Angel himself. This action in the university dictionary of language is called “abduction.” Does it mean that the mass of students involved in questioning of Angel were abductors?

We are however not surprised that the Omole-led administration has reverted back to the barbaric regime of sheer blackmail, character assassination and blatant lies. These are known attributes of the OAU management, especially wielded when students defend themselves against obnoxious policies threatening their study and welfare. Management had thought that the disqualification of dissenters, who resent unjust and undemocratic policies of the university, would pave the way for little or no resistance against a prospective fee hike, which came barely a month after the students’ union election. Alas! Management miscalculated. Students protested, because they are not oblivious of reason and are not ignorant of what is right, just and acceptable. This time: the thinking is that with the suspension of students’ activists who have argued for continuous action until the hike is reversed, and the incrimination of students’ protest as the probation order means, then the resistance of students against the fee would have been completely broken. Management desperately wants us out of campus, with the phantasmagoric belief that students would not think rightly when some of us are not on campus. This is a wrong and mechanical mode of thinking. Take us off; Great Ife students will defend themselves to the latter!

Though the university might have shut the university gates against us, but they can never shut our mouths, and the words that come out of them against oppression, injustice, and conscious destruction of thousands of lives. For us, the election fraud, probation drama, and vindictive letters of suspension are all offshoots of our struggle. And they are clear indication that management fears the unknown, and the unpredictable power of mass of students. Why should the management not fear when history has the long but tenacious battle of our LASU colleagues against vicious authorities, including the deserved victory at the end of it?

What is worth fighting at all is worth fighting well. The demand of the university that we should take responsibility for the crass ineptitude of the scoundrels misruling this country is unacceptable, irritating to common sense; and it is worth fighting hard and well. Government should fund education, not our poor parents, who earn N18, 000 as minimum wage and mostly live on less than $2 per day. We hence advise the university to reverse its vicious policy, which has already deprived some of our colleagues from coming back to school. The ridiculous reduction in fee is a placebo to give us the erroneous impression that the disease has been cured. Great Ife! Do not be deceived, the dangers of fee-hike are not imaginative, but real. Neither reduction nor the filthy hands of witch-hunt must dissuade us from this just cause. History is with us.

We should state clearly to Great Ife students that we do not so wish to cultivate martyrdom nor heroism as these are not part of the norms and values of our union. But we greatly wish not to give our management the satisfaction of this imperious but vindictive action. Colleagues, as with the generation before us, who laid the foundation of the greatness of our campus and union on tenacity and readiness to oppose injustice: the ball is in our court and the hard decisions are only ours to make.

We thank Great Ife students for the opportunities given us to serve, and we leave you with these legendary words of Frantz Fannon; “every generation, out of relative obscurity, has a mission – its either they fulfill it or betray it!”

Amandla Awethu… Nothing shall discourage us!!!


Wole Olubanji (Engels),
 Adabale Olamide,
Ademuwagun Johnson,
Ibirogba Samuel (Sammie) 
Sanyaolu Oluwajuwon(Com. Juwon)

Students To Forfeit Unclaimed Bedspaces After August 29

In a release accredited to the Fajuyi Hall Warden, He has said all allocated bed spaces are expected to be claimed on or before Friday, 29th August 2014. The same day the extended normal registration will end.

The deadline for Bedspace clearance is coming just few days after many students are just paying their school fees and even finding it hard to complete their course registration online. The Notice pasted in various corners of the Hall read thus:




Winners Of LAUTECH 2014 OSCAR Awards

Winners Of LAUTECH 2014 OSCAR Awards

Artiste Of The Year (F) - Pezyshelah

Artiste Of The Year (M) - Damilesky

Best Campus Writer - TomiNigeria

Best Class Rep. - Akinloye Felix (400L Accounting)

Best Clique - Alopay N Co.

Best Comedian/Compere - Mc Sweethmouth

Best DJ - Dj Vanwak

Black Diamond (F) - Aluko Tayo

Black Diamond (M) - K-Cash

Charismatic Leader - Alopay

Hour Glass - Mz Crown

Model of The Year (F) - Gbadeyanka Adesola (Slim Show)

Model Of The Year (M) - Promise Nicholas

Most Beautiful - Nikky

Most Courteous (M) - Olayinka Oluwafemi (FBI)

Most Creative - Fisola (Don-P Grafix)

Most Enterprising - Sammie (FF Photography)

Most Fashionable (F) - Juliana Ojo

Most Fashionable (M) - Phendy Kay

Most Handsome - Anthonio

Most Influential (F) - Ideal

Most Influential (M) - Singapore

Most Popular - Arexzie

Most Sophisticated (F) - Ogunmuyide Damilola

Most Sophisticated (M) - Seyifunmi

Online Media Personality - Gurusloaded

Politically Conscious - Dr Young

Rookie Of The Year - Haywise

Socialite Of The Year - Dj Hagapae

Sportsman Of The Year - Indomie

Sportswoman Of The Year - Adeola

Student Organization Of The Year - All-Nigeria United Nation Students’ and Youth Association (ANUNSA).

Best Hangout Spot - Liquor Bar

A Dinner will be organized later for the #Winners.

UI Releases Cut-Off Marks For 2014/2015 Admission Exercise

 The University of Ibadan has finally released the cut off marks to be used for this year's admission exercise. Medicine expectedly has the super high cut off mark of 80. Faculty of Law among others too has a slightly high cut-off mark of 73.



Economics 63
Geography 50
Political Science 66
Psychology 56
Sociology 58
Agricultural & Environmental Engineering 50
Civil Engineering 58
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 63
Food Technology 50
Industrial & Production Engineering 50
Mechanical Engineering 60
Petroleum Engineering 61
Wood Products Engineering 50
Anthropology 50
Archaeology 50
Botany 50
Microbiology 59
Chemistry 50
Industrial Chemistry 50
Computer Science 54
Geography 50
Geology 50
Mathematics 50
Physics 50
Statistics 50
Zoology 50
Law 73
Arabic & Islamic Studies 50
Archaeology and Anthropology 50
Classics 50
Communication and Language Arts 70
English 67
European Studies - French 56
European Studies - German 50

European Studies - Russian 50
History 50
Linguistics 62
Linguistics- Yoruba 50
Linguistics- Igbo 50
Music 50
Philosophy 50
Religious Studies 50
Theatre Arts 61
Adult Education 50
Educational Management 50
Guidance & Counselling 50
Health Education 50
Human Kinetics 50
T. Education- Arts 63
T. Educ.- Pre-Primary 50
T. Educ- Science 50
T. Educ.- Social Science 50
Special Education 50
Pharmacy 68
Biochemistry 60
Dental Surgery 74
Human Nutrition 54
Medicine and Surgery 80
Medical Laboratory Science 63
Nursing 67
Physiology 60
Physiotherapy 68
Agronomy 50
Animal Science 50
Agric Economics 50
Agric Extension & Rural Development 50
Crop Protection & Environmental Biology 50
Aquaculture & Fisheries Management 50
Forest Resource Management 50
Wildlife & Ecotourism Management 50
Veterinary Medicine 50

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

OAU Students' Union Reappraise Fees Struggle


(As at Sunday, August 23, 2014)


With due civility and veneration, we salute the doggedness and tenacious standing of Great Ife students ever since the planting of the seed of struggle against increment in fee in OAU and their perseverance towards nurturing it into a grown tree which over time has been producing branches of victory. As we resume, it is important that we give proper reports of how far we have gone with the struggle. This is important for the sake of proper orientation, information, expected accountability, assessment and to beam a light on where we are heading towards. The leadership of the Union at its meeting on Saturday, August 23 made an holistic assessment of the struggle viz a viz;


The Union prosecuted the struggle following resolutions from the leadership, parliamentary sitting and congresses and this saw strategies like negotiation, appeals, lobbying, and the final resort which is protest being adopted. The execution of the strategies as backed by law and tradition is what has put us in the current status of the struggle. Towards the end of last session when the new regime of fees were approved by the University Senate, the union adopted the 3Cs of struggle by first opening up of negotiation with the University management on the Fresh Students regime of charges. The negotiation produced some reductions, the congress of students however was uncomfortable with the reductions and Great IFE students took to federal roads and Ife environs, protested to the Ooni’s palace, called for interventions from activists and well-meaning Nigerians yet the university management did not yield. This unyielding attitude of the management necessitated protests on the University campus. The protests led to the shut-down of the varsity upon allegations of violent protests by evidently peaceful students. The Union embarked on a very aggressive press campaign and mass sensitization which had been said to have no equal in the history of our union. During the period of the shutdown, the Union continued to pressurize the University management for a reversal of the fee, while we were open to negotiation as against the propagated belligerence of the Union by the management. This pressure was mounted on the management through third party interventions that we got. After the closure, the struggle became multi-faceted thus witnessing shifts in dimension: Issues of late registration and delay in mobilization of graduating finalists also surfaced during the 2-month closure. Having employed all these means it is necessary that we assess the effects of all our tactics through the obvious results in order to have an informed way forward.


1. The first set of dialogue and negotiation on fresh students’ fee yielded a reduction of between #12,000 and #17,000 depending on faculties putting the fees at #61,400, #71,400 and #74, 400.
2. The dialogue served as a platform for the Union to propose better alternative ways through which the University can generate funds as well as aid students instead of the increase in yet burdening regime of charges . Thus, the following were proposed: work study programme, instalmental payment, and maximization of certain business opportunities in the University like the school farm, OAU bread and water
3. Union also secured first set of deduction in the returning undergraduates’ fee which was reduced after the first set of protests and mediation in some quarters by #5,000, #8,000 and #11000. It will be recalled that #24,000 #35,000 and #44,000 were approved by the Senate but same fees were slashed to #19,000 #30,000 and #33,000 respectively. Some days to resumption, the fees were further reduced by a sum of #3,000 from some faculties putting the fees at #19700 for HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, #27,000 for EDM, SCIENCES AND TECH, and #30,000 for PHARMACY AND HEALTH SCIENCES. In summary, the Union secured a deduction of #5,000 #8,000 and #14,000 respectively from the returning students’ fees.
4. In the first year of this struggle, though total reversal is not yet achieved, reduction is achieved. For purpose of clarification, it should be noted that LASU SU which currently won a total reversal did not even win a reduction in their first year of the struggle which was far back in 2011. Instead, their management succeeded in banning their Union.
5. Late registration plan was stopped, instead, extension of normal registration till August 29th, 2014 is achieved.
6. The proposition of intalmental payment, work-study for the indigent and scholarship for the brilliant was approved by the Senate with a relief committee set up to effect it immediately
7. Assurances were given on prompt mobilization of graduating finalists by November, 2014 with efforts readily on-going.
8. For the first time in the recent history of OAU students’ unionism, the draconian order of closure was protested against students Union still sustained and our tactics attracted various legal backings for the Union despite the loss of one of our legal counsel, Barrister Bamidele Aturu during the shutdown.


The odds against the struggle were enourmous:
1. The Union fought from a disadvantaged position: the Union structures were already crippled as it was just coming from a longtime proscription, its finances were Zero, and mobility which is key to any movement was a challenge as management deliberately withdrew its bus, no available patrons or matrons to run to for advice or support, among others.
2. The struggle was too politicized by the activities of struggle-profiteers, opportunists, pretenders and ambitionists to the extent that the struggle was almost derailed
3. Support was more of advisory and mediating in nature than definitive. For instance in LASU, ASUU and SSANU went on strike and this made the management and the Government to feel the heat.
4. Psychological warfare by the management through cyber- discouraging and threatening messages just like in the period of late registration threat which made many students rush to pay. As a matter of fact, the payment by many greatly frustrated the struggle and dwindle our negotiating power.
5. The death of our lawyer, Barrister Bamidele Aturu was a serious setback as the management would have before now been challenged in court on some issues such as late registration, rustication, etc.
6. Disunity within the union especially in the area of which strategies to adopt in prosecuting the struggle: while the leadership believes in liberal approaches, opposition believes in Marxist and hardline approaches. And the insistence of the former not to follow the latter in several cases did lead to cheap blackmail from the latter, a move which negatively affected the struggle.
7. The apathy of some staff members was erroneously provoked at the climax of the struggle. This also affects us negatively.


Some major developments erupted during the shutdown which are worthy of note. One of these is the receipt of a bus from senator Iyiola Omisore. It needs to be reiterated that he had promised to give the Union the bus since his intervention on the hike in fees and was made known at that time to the congress of students. Reactions have now trailed the receipt of the bus hinging on the person of the donor. The same donor we with joy invited into the campus to come and intervene on the issue of the fee! Great Ife! It is high time we rejected those who believe they can be playing on our intelligence to achieve their selfish political interest! Once again, the union should not be dragged into partisan politics.


It is sardonic that our University management has reversed itself to the era of victimization based on spurious allegations against its students. Just some few days ago, students that make up the leadership of the Union and some other students, were served probationary rustication letters for misconduct during the protests against hike in fees, thereby putting their studentship hanging. As if this was not enough, the University went to suspend some of the other students that were served rustication letters alongside other students that were indicted and disqualified during the Union elections in April. They were suspended indefinitely pending police investigation on the allegation of the abduction of the then electoral chairman. The Union maintains a capital NO to victimization and therefore demand that they are reinstated immediately and the students on probation should have their studentship fully restored. It should be noted that the union has since the occurrence been consulting with those affected and also with its lawyers to secure the best way of handling the issue.


It must be on record that the Union leadership is not satisfied yet, but the meeting resolved that the decision to either continue or not continue with the struggle should not be unilaterally arrived at by the leadership but be based on popular opinion to avoid the criticisms that trailed the last set of protests as being products of congresses which were not duly representational of genuine students’ interests. Thus, in order to avoid same ordeal, it has been resolved that the matter be (1) referred to the parliament to have the opinions of the students through their duly and legitimately elected honourables or (2) to a meeting of heads of faculties, departments and other associations as these are leaders closer to students or (3) subject to a referendum to have a wider coverage of opinions. These options are being put forward to avoid the grouse of many that have in the past contended that their opinions were never sought let alone respected! This is a democratic Union championed by liberals and progressives and as such everyone would have a say.

Greatest IFE! The defense of the greatness of Great Ife which lies in our intellectual struggles and constructive agitations remains our utmost concern and this can only be achieved through unity... LA LUCHA SIGUE!
NB: In order to address the arrays of issues, rumours and several developments elicited in the course of the struggle, press conference holds on Monday, 24th, August.

Bamidele Oludare J.
Shittu I.Olatayo
Ibikunle Isaac M.