Wednesday, 13 August 2014

AIRTEL Introduces Android Internet Subscription(AIS)

These GSM provider are trying to bring down data subscription affordable for Nigeria. That is why Airtel came up with a new package for Nigeria.

These are new Airtel data bundle for android users.

The Android Bundles are designed to help you get more from your Android device. With the Android bundle you will never have to worry about how much data you consume.
The Android Bundle allows you to enjoy browsing the way you like.

To activate the 2GB Android bundle @ N2000 for 30days, simply dial *437#
To activate the 4.5GB Android bundle @ N3500 for 30days, simply dial *438#
To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223#

1 kobo/kb from 9:59pm - 5:59am & 1.5 kobo/kb from 5:59am - 9:59pm

Life just keeps getting easier on the No1 Internet service provider that makes you Come Alive in Nigeria! Tell your friends and family about it.
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