Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Another OAU Shut Down Beckons: We May Return Home Soon

Another OAU Shut Down Beckons: We may return home soon 

 Great Ife be warned!

As we prepare for resumption, we must all know that it is not impossible for us to return home quick. You are surprise? Oh! You want to ask why? Basically because of Ebola  Virus Disease amid other reasons.

If care is not taken we will be sent home not by the school management but by the Federal Government because of EVD. We have not resumed fully and students have started creating panic about Ebola on campus. Why? You must realise that any rumour about EVD on OAU campus can easily be believed by any one because of the massive presence of bats, which is believed to be one of the major carriers of EVD. 

Most of us may think the federal government is not taking the issue serious but occurrences have shown that EVD is not a child's play. If FG can ask all primary and Secondary Schools not to resume because of EVD, what ll take it to indefinitely shut down OAU. It won't be easy to reopen if closed by FG at all..the conditions for reopening will definitely be stiffer.

Let us be very careful with the kind of jokes we crack, kind of things we post, confirm every rumour before spreading it; we need to graduate on time; the image of OAU must be our concern. Or how will you feel to read/listen/watch on national newspapers/Radio/TV that 'Federal Government closes OAU over Ebola'?... Please let us be careful.

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 By Sodiq Oyeleke. Sodiq is a Media, Human Resources and Public Relations Practitioner.
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