Saturday, 30 August 2014

Awoites Rush To Meet Bed Space Clearance Deadline

As it was earlier announced that yesterday, Friday 29th August, 2014 will be the last day for students who were already given Bed Spaces to claim them by registering it with the Hall Managements.

In our visit to Awolowo Hall yesterday, students were seen in their large numbers queing in order to register themselves. The students were cooperative enough with the Porters registering them as the queue moved fast and smoothly. There was no problem as at the time of the visit and more students were trooping in to join the queue.

A students allocated to a room in Block 2 that our correspondent asked why he has left his accommodation reregistration late responded that it was not his fault. He said "The reason why I am trapped in this late rush is because my payment was not confirmed early enough. As a finalist, the Bed Space I applied for the will only be seen when my payment has been confirmed.

However, students allocated to the burnt Room 107, Block 7 in Awolowo Hall were told by the Portal to drop their documents and come back later in the day. It was not clear to us if they will be given another Bed Space or the repair is imminent.

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