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Google RISE Awards 2015 Application


We aspire for students to be creators and not just consumers of tomorrow’s technology, and that includes students of all backgrounds.
Google RISE Awards are grants for organizations across the globe that:
  • Promote Computer Science (CS) education
  • Run initiatives that reach girls, underrepresented minorities, and students facing socio-economic barriers under age 18 


RISE Award recipients receive:
  • Funding: Grants range from $15,000 to $50,000 USD.
  • Access to a global network of CS partners: This includes an invitation to the annual RISE Global Summit and participation in the Google+ online community.
  • Consultancy with Google experts and volunteers: Learn about technical tools & organizational development over the course of 12 months.

In turn, RISE Award recipients are expected to:
  • Report on progress: Demonstrate scale of CS program over one year and keep Google updated on progress by submitting midyear and end of year reports.
  • Share resources across the community: Communicate ideas and expertise on CS outreach programs within the global RISE community.

Organizations are eligible to apply if they have a(n):
  • Emphasis on CS programs: We fund CS organizations that currently run extracurricular computer science programs or STEM organizations looking to start a computer science outreach program.
  • Focus on girls, minorities, low-income students: Programs must target girls and/or underrepresented minority students up to the age of 18. Awards are not open to programs targeting students already enrolled in university or above.
  • Regional reach with potential to scale: Programs should have regional reach (city, county or state) with the potential to scale nationally and collaborate internationally with similarly focused organizations.
  • New program: Previous RISE awardees may apply if adding a new dimension to former programs or launching a new CS program.
“Our RISE Award has allowed us to look forward and plan to expand our current programs into future years. We weren't in the position to do this otherwise.”
- Rachel Wilkins Patel, HER Ideas in Motion
“With the increased support from Google, our major success was our ability to serve 50% more students this summer.”
- Shawna Young, MIT Office of Engineering Outreaching Programs

Eligible Countries: Nigeria is inclusive. 


 How to apply: 

The 2015 RISE application period is open from August 18 to September 30, 2014. Recipients will be notified of their grant award in December 2014.
To apply, please click on the appropriate link below by language. You will be taken to our partner site, E-Resources, where you will create a username and profile to access and complete your RISE application.

To apply in either English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, or French, click here
. Please note: Once you arrive to our partner site, E-Resources, you will see instructions to create a username and password for your RISE account. Make sure to read these instructions carefully. You will need to complete preliminary information in English regarding yourself and your organization before arriving to the application in your respective language.


Q: Do you provide funding for programs outside of CS?
A: The focus of the RISE Awards program is to support Computer Science initiatives. We do not fund web literacy programs, IT troubleshooting, computer literacy programs or ITC training programs.
Q: Must programs have an explicit computer science component to be eligible? Might a math program which produces a lot of very avid computer scientists be considered a good fit?
A: While our focus is on Computer Science, one goal of the Google RISE awards is to promote interest and excitement in CS fields. If your organization runs STEM outreach programs and you would like to add a CS component, you are eligible.
Q: Are RISE applicants required to have a 501c3 status? Are there other formal requirements like being an established organization listed somewhere?
A: Outside of the US, RISE applicants do not need to have 501c3 status but do need to be a not-for-profit organization. In the US, if you are not 501c3, you must have a fiscal sponsor. If you do not have 501c3 status or a fiscal sponsor in the US, you are not eligible for a RISE grant.
Q: Can university student organizations apply for funding?
A: Yes, however you must have a computer science faculty or staff adviser participate in the application process and included as a contact if you have not had extensive involvement in CS/STEM outreach programs. Please include contact information in your written proposal. The program being run must be aimed at K-12/Primary or Secondary School students aged 7-18.
Q: Does receiving an award one year guarantee funding for the following year?
A: No. But applicants and selected partners are welcome to apply annually for a RISE Award.
Q: Can faculty apply as part of the institution if the institution is considered a tax-exempt, non-profit organization?
A: Yes, faculty can apply as long as they are applying on behalf of the non-profit organization.
Q: Is an institution allowed to submit more than one application at a time for a Google RISE grant?
A: No. An institution is currently allowed to submit one application per RISE cycle. However, if you have multiple organizations within the University, they can apply separately for the award should their strategies and goals vary.
Q: Is the program limited to applicants from the United States?
A: No, the program is open to most countries around the globe. For a full list of eligible countries, please see our eligibility criteria here.
Q: We are an elementary/middle/high school. Do we qualify for the Google RISE Awards?
A: Courses/programs targeting elementary/middle/high school students are eligible for funding if they have a reach wider than just one or two schools. Keep in mind that we do not fund courses or programs that are eligible for college credit.


Q: Can I receive feedback on my application?
A: Unfortunately, the RISE team is unable to provide feedback on individual applications.
Q: When will you announce the awards?
A: We announce the 2015 Award recipients in December 2014.
Q: Is it mandatory for recipients to account for monies spent after being awarded funding?
A: Yes, it is mandatory for recipients to provide a written account for monies spent and impact had throughout the year.
Q: How many applications were received last year? And how many organizations were funded in prior years?
A: As you can imagine, we get several inquiries about RISE applications and to remain fair we do not consult or comment on the status of an organization. Also, due to both legal and privacy concerns we do not publish statistics regarding our awards publicly, however you may read about previously awarded organizations on the Award Recipient tab on this site.

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