Monday, 4 August 2014

Great Ife SU Facebook Page: Unjustifiable Removal Must Stop!

By Damilola Toblan Dspice

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant"- Martin Luther King Jr.

Great Ife students, it is no longer a rumour that some set of people have hidden agenda which they plan to implement against the present Students' Union administration led by Ibikunle as the indiscriminate removal of Damilola Toblan Dspice which happens to me evidently shows.

It is really pathetic that students can unjustifiably resort to remove students who at any point render useless their Propaganda's and suicidal releases. The time has come for this evil colossal to be nipped in the bud. I remember the removal of one certain Ajaks whose full name I cannot recall but many Great Ife active students can remember.

This evil act was categorically tagged at the Union as most students are not cognizance of the fact that the page is not runned by the Present Union administration but by some few who feel that with the effective monopoly of this means disseminating of information, they can effectively perpetuate their evil agenda of making Great IFE student see the IBIKUNLE led administration as devilish so as to be able to pursue their impeachment agenda.

I begin to question the actions of students who because some set of people have refused to align with their beliefs and because the usual God-fatherism Stance of our Union is been negated, feel that the best way is to make his people turn their back at him so that they can get to Power, they are power hungry individuals.

I as a great Ife student personally feel that if we share contrary opinions to that of the present autocratic controllers of the Great Ife Student Union Facebook Page, that does not give them the right or justify their removal of students because constitutionally as a Citizen of Nigeria and a bonafide Great Ife student we have the Right to Freedom of Expression, thought and likewise conscience.

Consequently, I can with their action say that this set of few can actually delete Information meant to liberate students during this strike action as my removal indicates. Res Ipsa loquitor: The Fact speaks for itself!

The Omisore gift has truthfully torn students apart but to an extent it affords the Union some level of independence from the management. If for years our Union never had a Personal Bus then it means we have been stagnant! This bus was not only given to the SU but also to Union bodies like ASUU and NASU. So why are we biting ourselves?

If they were in his shoes they will have turned it into money and pocketed it. IBIKUNLE as a student feels that Developmental initiative that will be beneficial to students such as Scholarships, Buses to aide easy movement of students from Faculties to farms and to other areas where the students have to trek down, can actually be addressed and not by collecting cash to pocket like many of these town criers would have done.

It is even very disheartening that these people have forgotten the current reason why they are not in schools and have resulted to sponsored political campaigns here. SMH

Great Ife student its time to rise and fight for the return of Damilola Toblan Dspice to the Page if actually they don't have agendas which I have stressed above. I implore us not to be brainwashed by the selected few who do not see Positivity out of things.

Amandla Awetu!

The writer of this Opinion, Damilola Toblan Dspice is a student of  the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Dspice through his e-mail:
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