Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Immediate Resumption And Fees Reduction Top Students' Request As SU Leaders Meet With The Management Today

Students have continued to show their willingness and desire to resume back to classes in no time. In responses to the question asked by the Senior Special Assistant to the NANS Zone D Coordinator on Media and Publicity, Comrade Adesoji Gabriel O., Ife students demand for the immediate re-opening of the University and a reasonable reduction in the hiked fees.

Below was the question and responses so far:
Adesoji Gabriel Angelgabby
Great Ife students, As NANS Zone D set to meet with your school management tomorrow what do you demand?

Note: Your opinion is highly needed as it's the only means to get the sincere and genuine wish of OAU students as we prepare to meet Your school management tomorrow.

Adesoji Gabriel. O (AngelGabby)
S. S. A Media and Publicity to Nans Zone D Coordinator


  • Adewuyi Julius Adesoji:  resumption is what we want.
  • Oyeniran Christopher: Resumption and reduction in fee!!Total reversal may not be possible.
  • Peter Onoriode: There should be a REDUCTION instead of total reversal of d fees and RESUMPTION most importantly
  • Qhordrie Olukayode Ajibade Plato: At least, another #5000 Reduction. Then, resumption before September. Then, on the part of the fresher's Fees, it should not be this expensive next session. We forgive the management over this one they have done. Next session, the freshers' fees too should be reduced.
  • Oduwobi Yorisola: reduction.resumption nd d skul mgt shud let us knw if it plans 2 increase fees again nd @wat rate xo we dnt find ourselves in similar crises wer we'll b caught unaweres.abi wetin una tnk?
  • Akanfe Olugbenga Diamond: #BringBackOurMoney
  • Ogunwale Goodness: #Voiceofthepeople.... #cmonletsresume
  • Afolabi Mayowa LordMayor: May the LORD show u the way uhm #ALLZWELL
  • Alfred Gbadebo Ibojo: why is oau currently more expensive dan it's conterpart like u.I, unilag, uniben despite being on top of subvention. Ask Omole dis questn and demand for reversal
  • Tiamiyu Nurudeen Adewale: pls all we want is meaningful reduction and resumption dis month. pls u guys shud speak in one voice we all support u guys with prayers. God bless Nass
  • Umosor Paul:  instant resumption tomorrow. we bone d money bt must nt repeat itself nxt time.
  • Alagbe Emmanuel Oluwabukunmi: Resumption.
  • Akinniyi Oluwasegun: -immediate resumption and reduction if the school fee can't be reversed totally -Non-victimization of the student union Excos and activists, the protest was executed by Great Ifes and not the aforementioned individuals.
  • Olubanji Engels Oluwole: The point is this: if management has a proposal, let them reopen the school first for us to discuss and have a resolution. Bring their proposal to the Congress, the Congress started the struggle, and only that general gathering of Great Ife Students can end it... either reversal or no reversal... not facebook
  • Adesoji Gabriel Angelgabby: Opinions are registered and keenly observing
  • Banjris Aloma: all we want is that school open first later we listen to their offer and bring it to the generality of Great Ife student to take their position and have a way-forward.
  • Adedokun Aminat Jenrade: Resumption n reduction
     Olajide Aaron Olayinka: #resumption #resumption #resumption #resumption #resumption #resumption
  • Tiamiyu Nurudeen Adewale: pls I support what olubanji said, let resume pls for God sake reversal or no reversal and latter we find a resolution among our selves. God bless u
  • Gbenga Desire Bankole: TOTAL REVERSAL of staylite's fee, reduction of freshers fee. . . . . + resumption and installmental payment. Dats wat we want, even though our wants may be too demanding buh dey started it with dier overdoing d increment. And tell him to be a democratic ruler, he shuld carry us along and stop treating us like we r slaves, we need to be informed abt most of dier actions cos we are a major stakeholder. If dey cant totally reverse cos of ego, dey shuld reduce to d bearest minimum.
  • Adesoji Gabriel Angelgabby: Opinions are registered and keenly observing
  • Olajide Aaron Olayinka: Reduction is also vague_ 'm realistic. A mode of payment like the pay in two semester stuff; and resumption this month.
  • Olajide Aaron Olayinka: Resumption and two-semester mode of payment.

  • MC Austin Laffingas: I want to go for service from part3. #shikena
  • Gbenga Desire Bankole: wats ur own wif wat i want? Shebi u av said urs
  • Adesoji Gabriel Angelgabby: Like Resumption takes it all? Then others follow... Pray for us, No going back on resumption.
  • Olajide Aaron Olayinka: We can't afford to blow this_ if you say refunding/reversal/reduction_ those demands won't work. So, resumption and 2-semester mode of payments for those who can't afford it at once.
  • Gbenga Desire Bankole: i feel dier pain buh dey shuld try sacrificing for dier mates wu r @ home and cant pay. Y did we start d struggle in d first place 
  • Kayode Olusola Asiri: D major tin is dat we resume as fast as possible, but it would be nice if d fee can be reduced so at least we'll av a consolation for spending about 2 months at home, cos its really frustrating.. #personal
  • Tiamiyu Nurudeen Adewale: most of the freshers were not part of d struggle, pls let us resume and resolution comes next.
  • Bello Muideen Adeyemi: a reasonable reductn 4 doz dat havnt paid and d skul can ovalook doz who hav paid.
  • Gbenga Desire Bankole: its rili awkward hw sum ppl wuld tell us b4 d struggle started dat we'll go home and come back to pay d fees and nw dey are all clamouring for just resumption so dat dey'll tell ppl dat dey've said it b4. NANS, we will never pay dat amount o, nt after sending us home for 2months and still counting, we all are nt shameless o
  • Victor Jimcy Oluwafolajimi: Total reversal indeed...Una don drink bobo!
    Letz resume abeg ooo... A year at home and still counting!
    Make those excos no go d meeting dey do agidi ooo... Resumption is my greatest concern!
  • Ayo Stephen: earliest resumption sud be top on d agenda nd a reasonable reduction... the total reversal for me is nt feasible nd i feel we sudnt be too greedy, atleast from my point of view if they can reduce by 50%, majority of us here will be ready to resume by wednessday. There sudnt be victimization of those who avent paid, i belong to dat category. if we can ave all these we re ready to go.
  • Moses Ever-young Jackson: #Resumption

  • Ayuba Mojoyinoluwa Olayiwola: Total reversal.Simple!
    The Students' Union leaders of OAU and members of NANS Zone D are expected to meet with the management later today in what is aimed at resolving every issue and finding a way forward.
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  1. It is quite unfortunate that some curious students still afraid of staying at home, when ASUU went on 6months strike, great ife students are dormant then, but now to fight vigorously for there right but now a problem. Well, I strongly support Engels opinions, Resume first and negotiation follows

  2. lol... many students don tire for house. You have solid point there Faleye.