Thursday, 7 August 2014

OAU Fee Hike Novella (Episode 1)

This is a non-fictional story on the OAU fee hike,feel free to drop your comments and criticisms


Oh, so it is morning? Tunde asked as he yawned turning from one side of his bed to another,looking sideways he saw that Sola was the only one left in the hostel with him,he started wondering what could be wrong that everybody would have left the room so early on a Saturday Morning leaving him and Sola. Tunde was about to ask what was happening when Sola spoke without mincing words, 'you dey find our rummies abi?

Dem dan go Awo jare,they talk say dm paste sumtin dia about fee increment,but you know say OAU na land of rumors,so i dont believe them'. Without waiting further Tunde started laughing,surpri sed at his actions Sola looked at him with scorn,just then Tunde stopped laughing and bursted out saying 'When Omole no want make we give am sms,increment ko,subsidy ni' abeg i wan go toilet jare.Sola stopped him and said,where you wan see water or you wan go spoil that toilet again.No jare,na shotput i wan throw,Tunde said. About 30minutes later, Tunde and Sola Ten other rummies came inside arguing fiercely,Tomide was saying 'imagine 95,000 for science students,ehn my popsy no go fit pay for Salewa,my sister wey just gain admission' Segun also voiced out fiercely,saying well na still rumor.

Just then Tunde rushed inside,asking 'abeg,how much dm increase stalites fee to? We dey hear 40k sha,on hearing this Tunde burst out in tears. Why did he burst into tears? What happened next?Who is Tunde and is the NEWS a rumor?

Watch out for episode two of this novella dedicated to the #OAU Students struggle.

The writer of this story, Oyedeji Olanrewaju is a Part 2 student of  the Department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Oyedeji through his e-mail:

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