Wednesday, 13 August 2014

OAU Fee Hike Novella (Episode 10)

Who is calling me now jare, Tunde thought. Tunde's Mum called to inform him that she is trying to get the school fee and has been able to raise 8,000naira so far,she also told him she wouldn't be able to send his weekly stipend of 1000naira, she sounded sober on phone and with this ended the call.I didn't mention to you that Tunde's home is located at Iropora(a small village in Ekiti State) so the mum wasn't aware of any increment in school fee or any protest in OAU and Tunde decided not to tell her because he didnt want her to worry too much,all his hope now hinged on the school management not increasing stalites fee. Tunde dropped the call and decided not to bother himself thinking too much,he continued chatting with his friends and left some few minutes later.

Fresh Students who had arrived were checking into their rooms, presenting their documents at the gate to the hall wardens before proceeding into the hostel.Later in the day the SU released information concerning the orientation of the freshers.When Tunde read the release,he needed no one to tell him that another protest will be held soon after the orientation.Well,it is freshers that are concerned sha, i shouldn't kill myself;Tunde consoled himself,he never knew the fate the will befall him the next day.Tunde retired into his new room at Awo hall where he was squating at around 8pm,tired he fell asleep an hour later not minding the noise been made by his new roomates.

Tunde woke up the next morning very early and washed his clothes. Tunde saw guys gathered around Awo Cafe discussing when he decided to join them so he would know what the discussion centered on.When he got there,he met Ayo who on sighting him,started hailing him. Tunde,my main Man,Iwe of OAU,you dan hear the NEWS wey dey sup for OAU now?Ayo asked Tunde.No i havn't,Tunde replied. Well, our school fee has been increased, na 40 sumtin thousand una go pay now, you are in Med.Rehab, are you not? Ayo innocently asked Tunde, without waiting for an answer Ayo continued, if na Med Rehab you dey, please go prepare your 40thousand naira plus, Ayo concluded.Stop everything you are saying, must you always talk? Tunde angrily asked Ayo. Please you have to direct your anger at DSA and not me, Ayo also replied,laughing and surprised at Tunde's action at same time. Tunde left the guys and went back to his room.Good Morning Tunde,how you dy?Saheed a new roomate of Tunde greeted.He didnt received answer as Tunde was deep in thought,he was thinking about how he would manage to raise 40thousand naira or how he will break the news to his Mum,or my dream will end abruptly, i ater slept off.

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 The writer of this story, Oyedeji Olanrewaju is a Part 2 student of  the Department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Oyedeji through his e-mail:

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