Friday, 22 August 2014

OAU Fee Hike Novella (Episode 15)

Did i sleep at all? Just now that i slept and its morning already, Tunde commented as he rose up from his bed checking the time,he saw that it was already 9.30am. Today's congress has been scheduled to  by 7pm, so Tunde had all the time to cook and do some other things. He decided not to go anywhere,but decided to read a novel he saw in the room before 7pm, he just wanted a quiet day. He Novel for 3hours and slept for another 3hours,he woke up about 5.30pm.Immediately he woke up,he quickly took his bathe and remembering that he has no body cream again,he used vaseline,just to make sure he doesnt have a dry skin.

 Tunde got to the congress twenty minutes before 7pm,he wasn't there alone as many other students also arrived the congress early.The congress started 7.20pm and immediately issues were raised students started giving suggestions. We should lock down the school, yes we should! Tunde commented in reaction the  suggestion made by a student that all campus activities,including vehicular movements should be stopped to send the signal to the school that students are not joking, there was a popular concensus about this. Tomorrow's protest will be super o!Tunde exclaimed as he was walking with other students to the hostel.When they got the Awolowo hall of residence,Students
didn't go to their room but instead were discussing what will happen the next day.

 In Angola hostel,students were very angry,as they claimed that whenever a protest is to be held the SU doesn't go to Awo to give them ultimatum to come out,why are they now coming to Angola?they quipped.We are not going anywhere! They shouted in unison, trying to calm them down a member of the Action Committee told them that Angola has always been the bedrock of OAU millitancy and this set shouldn't be different,after some minutes of arguments, Angola residents gave in and promised to support the struggle.

 Early in the morning of the next day,as early as 7am students were seen outside the Angola hall of residence ready to partake in the protest,some students who were still in the hostel came out soon after the arrival of the OAU SU President Comrade Ibikunle.There was a massive crowd at the Anglomoz car park,and the president addressed the student,telling them to be peaceful and not to destroy anything.

 Tunde was also among the crowd,and was screaming,yes to the statements of the SU President. Everybody moved to the front of the Students' Union building and put on every vehicle,or motorcycle leaves. The Students barricaded every road in the institution making it impossible for motorists to ply the road. Having barricaded the road, students moved to the Computer building and locked it up. Tunde was helping in making the environment lively as he was singing aluta songs, at some point he got people laughing.

The Students continued to increase in number as they moved to the Senate building,demanding that a top official of the school should come out to address students on the situation things,the students also requested that a top official come down to receive their letter. Though officials of the school were standing on the last storey of the Senate building,while some were peeping through their windows, none of them was ready to come down to face the students. After the officials refused to come down, the Students' gave them five minutes more, or they will lock down the senate building,but this didnt scare the Officials of the school.

 Tunde was always in front,shouting and singing,the students carried out their threats and locked down the senate building for hours. Around 5pm in the evening,the unwanted happened.

 The writer of this story, Oyedeji Olanrewaju is a Part 2 student of  the Department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Oyedeji through his e-mail:
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