Thursday, 7 August 2014

OAU Fee Hike Novella (Episode 4)


...Just as the SU President was about to speak,someone tapped Tunde and with the laughter said 'i don't even know what they are struggling for,is 40,000naira too much ni'? He was expecting an answer from Tunde but instead Tunde walked away,wanting to avoid any fracas there though he was annoyed.

Ibikunle started talking and emphasised that students should move enmass to SUB so everyone can move to OUI roundabout en-mass.Despite the troubles of Tunde,he isnt the type that joke with food,so immediately he heard OUI, he asked Ibikunle if students were going to walk to OUI roundabout or a provision has been made for a bus,Ibikunle said that will be sorted out,'as if i have any option' Tunde said as he hissed and walked away. I didnt tell you Tunde has a girlfriend, Similoluwa, Tunde's girlfriend showed up unexpected and tapped Tunde who was eating gala like a real hungry man. On seeing Similoluwa, Tunde smiled and his mood brightened a bit,they chatted till they got to SUB.

On getting to SUB,popular buses called Town-Igboro,wer eat the receiving end of the protest as they were made to convey students to OUI,Tunde told Similoluwa to stay back,he didnt want her to experience the roughness of the Aluta.Don't forget you have SER001 exam oo,Similoluwa told Tunde as he was about to leave,Tunde stood for a while and said,ah,i have forgotten,i will return to campus by 1.30pm sha,with that he bade Similoluwa goodbye and joined some guys trying to get a hitchhike(ride) to OUI,he eventually saw a bus,tho it was full,he sat in the boot with 3 other guys,and they were singing Aluta songs most notably 'Omole ti se wa, Omole ti gewaje,awa students dehinleyin re,Omiloma gbe lo' suddenly everybody in the bus screamed,almost making Tunde fall down. What happened! Tunde shouted from the 'boot'...

The writer of this story, Oyedeji Olanrewaju is a Part 2 student of  the Department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Oyedeji through his e-mail:
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