Tuesday, 12 August 2014

OAU Fee Hike Novella (Episode 9)

Ah,see this freshers o,them dress like say na party them dey go, well I remember last year when i also gained admission, I wore my Christmas cloth to school, i wanted to look so good,may his soul rest in peace, my Dad even told me that i should beware of girls with the way am dressed,Tunde said while conversing with his new friend Ayo. Ayo also didn't go home,he stayed back in school as he said that, there is no point going home when his school is on fire. Na you know o, them too go dey form next year, saying same thing you are saying, Ayo replied Tunde.

Campus was agog with the arrival of fresh students for the 2013/14 session. Sodiq an English student who sat close to Tunde made a joke of the expensive cars bringing the students to campus,he said; 'You now say make management no increase the fee,see as cars dey flow in', everybody including Tunde laughed at this joke.Angola hall now Tunde's former hostel,was beehive with the fresh students who were carrying loads. This girls sha,see how them they pack food stuff,like say dem feed their roomates, Tunde said refering to the Mozambique girls.

Have you not noticed something?Ayo asked Tunde,what is that? Tunde replied. The number of students here now is low compared to last year, it seems people really are finding it hard to pay their school fee, well i share their pain,Ayo concluded. Tunde also told Ayo that he observed same thing but didnt want to be the whistle blower. I just hope they reduce the fee,or return it to status quo,if not so, students no go gree o, Tunde added.

Just then Tunde's Phone rang...

 The writer of this story, Oyedeji Olanrewaju is a Part 2 student of  the Department of Accounting, Obafemi Awolowo University. You can reach Oyedeji through his e-mail: Olanrewajusamuel8@gmail.com
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