Wednesday, 20 August 2014

OAU Management Refuses To Reduce Freshers' Fees As Stalites Get Meagre Deduction

Today, the leadership of the Union honoured the emergency invitation of the DSA to hear the response of the University management on the 6-point demand of the Union at the last meeting with the management and the following responses were given to various demands;

 1. Re-opening of the University:

As earlier relayed to the University community that the Senate meeting of 15th August decided that the University has been re-opened and students are to resume the University on 24th August,2014 for academic activities to begin immediately. This was further confirmed to the leadership of the Union on official grounds.

2. Review of the fees:

The following reductions were made in the fees;
*Fresh Students: No reduction
*Returning Students:
~Humanities and Social Sci. No reduction
~Sciences and Technology #27700
~Pharmacy & Health Sci. #30700
For those who have paid, the deducted funds will be forwarded to coming sessions and that of finalists will be forwarded to the Alumni charges.

3.Instalmental payment/ Work-study/ Relief:

The University Senate Relief committee will begin the implementation of its plans on work-study and general relief plans for indigent students as soon as normal activities begin on the varsity campus. Instalmental payment will be available for students with special cases and such students are to write the DSA in order that their situation maybe addressed by the University.

4. Late Registration:

The management first maintained that that is yet to be finalised but a one-week extention beginning from 24th August, 2014 has now been given for normal registration to continue till 24th August.

5. Non-victimisation : 

The DSA reported that the University is not disposed to victimisation and that its position is not yet finalized. However,the management has listened to the appeals of various interventionists.

6. Prompt Mobilization of finalists for NYSC:

Assurances of prompt mobilization of finalists was given as all results are being compiled and necessary procedures are being set out to ensure that they are mobilized this November.
Taking it from this point,the leadership of the Union will meet to holistically assess the position of the management based on the reaction of students to the fore-relayed response of the management.
We therefore anticipate responses from students and opinion leaders.



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