Wednesday, 6 August 2014

OAU SU Clears Air On Alleged Division, Indict VP As Betrayal


(As At Today, 6th August 2014)

‘’ Most times, lie gets halfway the world before the truth manages to get its pants on ’’ - Winston Spencer Churchill

Since the autocratic closure of the school by the management on 18th June and Great Ife students left the barricades, the leadership of the Union has not failed in its duty of holding regular discussions to appraise matters. Today the leadership of the Union met to reappraise issues that concern the 2014 Parliamentary Session of the Union and the ongoing struggle against increment in school fee. Variety of matters were discussed ranging from the current state of the struggle and some germane administrative issues were holistically assessed especially the most recent of them. An encompassing resolution of the meeting was to give re-assurances to our students on our commitment to the struggle and to clear the air on all allegations levelled against the leadership of the union. Prominent issues discussed are:


Last week the University Senate was supposed to meet to decide on issues of the review of the fees, reopening of the school and resumption of students back to campus as well as other policies surrounding the fees among other issues but the meeting was inconclusive. Also the threatened commencement of late registration was not implemented by the management due to the efforts of the various mediating intermediaries and the constructive means the union used in prosecuting the matter. We commend the solidarity of students who maintained their stand with the Union. It is pertinent at this crucial point in history that we restate our commitment to the struggle and that we will continue to prosecute the struggle using constructive methodologies that will give the needed results as we had promised during our electioneering. Our methodologies led us to opening negotiation through mediators with the management where some concessions were gotten and the same got the management to agree to work study and instalmental payments for indigent students without leaving behind the review of the fees. We remain committed to the mandate which was given to us at election into various offices which the current saddening closure is not part of. We have been assured by our various mediators, bodies and individuals, that final resolution of all contentious issues is being achieved to achieve resumption this month. We have been and will continue to prosecute the struggle and run our administration within the ambit of this mandate of constructive and result-yielding methodologies of attending to issues.


The leadership of the Union received with great amazement the release by the Vice President on the Union Facebook page on the evening of Monday, 4th August where she raised allegations against the remaining leadership of the Union on the receipt of a bus donated to the Union by Sen. Iyiola Omisore and the prosecution of the on-going struggle on the general. She claimed not to be aware of the issue of the bus at all.

It is pertinent to state here:

That the VP was in attendance at the meeting in May where the donor assured to intervene on the crisis and promised the donation of the bus and readiness to help the Union on other projects especially on the on-going struggle of hike in school fees. This was far back in May, no electioneering in view. She (Olori) expressed concern at another meeting of the Leadership on the delay of the bus as she hoped to use it in preparation for the orientation week which is incidental to her office since she was aware management would frustrate us with mobility because of our struggle. She also expressed joy at the arrival of the bus last week Thursday and even congratulated the President on the receipt of the Bus and DEMANDED for what to celebrate it with, only for her to come out the following Monday to express ignorance of the receipt of the bus. What a high level of hypocrisy and betrayal! The question that is still difficult for us to answer is: why is she doing this? Whose script is she acting out? She raised issues regarding externalised actions and why they were struck out, particularly the planned Ibadan action, the same reasons that struck out the Osogbo action is why the Ibadan action was struck out, these reasons ranging from the advice of our lawyers and advisers and Olori cannot claim not to be in the know of all these. In case the management fails to honour our invitation for dialogue and/or moves of our solidarising mediators, our attention was advised to be centred on the Abuja action because of the fact that Abuja is the seat of the Federal Government and and capable of yielding needed result for we have exhausted all that needed to be done both physically and strategically such as several press campaigns and mass sensitisations we had. All resources and logistics are to be concentrated on this AND OLORI was made the grand strategist to plan/mobilise for the action due to her NANS connection. This she never did and never intimated the leadership, instead she was busy with her money making partisan-politics ventures. Since she couldn’t deliver on the Abuja action, she was called to divert attention to the day of the coming of the president Goodluck Jonathan in Ife. Her response was that ‘’she can’t be part of any protest, that she has an INEC job to do to raise cash and that she won’t waste her time fighting for any students who are catching their fun at home and have also gathered enough fund to pay their school fee’’. So who is deceiving who?

Well, we are not surprised because her unholy association with the Osun State NANS/JCC has been the shade in her eyes or how do we explain her involvement in the leafleteering at Ilesha and the rally for APC at Osogbo? Time they say is the ultimate judge!

In the leadership meeting preceding orientation week, it is the same way she prevailed on all other executive members to suspend actions to allow total concentration on her orientation programme only for her to appear later in public to blame us for the suspension. What a duplicity! Great Ife, the minute of the meeting is there for verification.

That the report of the meeting with Sen. Iyiola Omisore and the leadership of the Union with respect to the expected donation/intervention was mentioned at a congress of Great Ife students before the Orientation programme and NOBODY objected to it or requested that we reject the donation then (Olori inclusive), so why now? Where were all the self-acclaimed lovers of the image and sacredness of the Union and its traditions when this issues where presented at the congress? All those raising the issue of ‘’persona non grata’’ where were they then? The truth and falsity of the persona non grata issue will be a subject of another day. Great Ife our vigilance must be brought to play here so we don’t allow ourselves to be used as puns on the chessboard of political-mischief makers and rotunda messiahs.

That we didn’t go to Sen. Iyiola Omisore to beg for a Bus, he intercepted us at the palace of the Ooni (20th May, 2014) and promised to see the VC on our behalf the day after, it was after his meeting with the VC that he invited us to a meeting that was attended by the leadership of the Union, Olori inclusive, where he briefed us of the outcome of their meeting and promised to provide a bus to aid our mobility and subsequent struggles as a Union. This also was reported at the Congress.

That the Bus given to us is an unbranded and un-numbered brand new Bus. We did the branding on the Bus and wrote the inscription on it, if the inscription on it is the issue, it should be so stated. Not the hypocrisy, calumny, lies and deceit that is been peddled around.

Great Ife! You have now been obliged with information from both sides, we leave you with your conscience to decide just as we are still watching with keen interest the political drama being played on the social media and we will not allow anybody or group of individuals to super impose their selfish interest over the collective interest of Great Ife Students. We only avail you with the truth as you have a right to it. Union leadership remains one, Olori our constitutional wife inclusive for this trying period will surely pass over and the lips of truth shall be established forever.

Greatest IFE we remain committed to PROMPT RESUMPTION of our students back to the University campus and restoration of normalcy in the university as well as HOLISTIC RESOLUTION of all lingering matters being fallouts of the increment struggle. We have not deviated from the mandate we were given at our election into our various offices- the alternative to the status quo. On the security of the hope of the Nigerian child no matter his/her status and the path to a better Nigeria – EDUCATION we stand.

We hope the partisan-admins of this page will not delete this post and remove genuine students and their comments as you have been seen to be doing. Just yesterday, you still perpetrated the evil. We appeal that you desist from these infringement on students’ rights of expression for this group page is gradually losing credibility. God bless you! ...La lucha sigue!


BAMIDELE Oludare J.                       SHITTU I. Olatayo                          IBIKUNLE Isaac M.
P.R.O                                                       Secretary-General                              President.
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  1. And all of u guys(all student union excos) av just dissapointed us all...dnt u knw dat ds is wot d skull management wanted? They will be happy nw that fracas has finally broken out betwn u guys... Oh u guys av forgotten dat ''divided we stand, divided we fall''?
    They tested u wit money and u failed us... So very disappointed in you guys... U've wasted all our time, stress, strength just cos of individual political monetary advantage at d detriment of our individual future...
    Am ashamed of u guys...
    U just lost d battle frm so called 'IN-HOUSE'...