Sunday, 3 August 2014

Omisore Bus Donation Tears OAU Students Apart

The level of the fire that has been sparked by the Bus donation from Senator Iyiola Omisore to the OAU Students' Union amidst the students of OAU may not have been discovered. In what seems to be like a displeasure over the acceptance of this gift by the Union leaders, our sampled opinions of Great Ife students on her Facebook Group page reaveal more.
Olubanji Engels Oluwole
''This bus was collected by the OAU students’ union leadership as a gift from a politician. Personally I believe it rubbishes the age-long values and pace-setter’s tradition of Great Ife Students’ Union. Before now, we have recorded several politicians barred from entering the Great Ife campus and many more chased out of the campus. This is not because we hate there personality, but because we abhor what they stand for, and represent as a collective.''

Ogunniran Gideon Ogidiolu in his own reaction in an article he tagged 'OAU STUDENTS' UNION: A HOME OF JOY BEFORE THE ENTHRONEMENT OF BASTARDS', said  ''...Greatest Ife! The unholy romance of Ibikunle-led union with politicians is a dent on the face of OAU union's virtues capable of tearing the fabrics of the ideals and celestial traditions of this reputable union. Its a shame on all OAU students and alumni if this bus of sham and misrepresentation is not rejected. Jimoh Ibraheem who happens to be a benevolent alumnus of this institution has at a time offered the union a coastal bus which was rejected because of his insistence to have his name imprinted on it for his political gains.''
Yusuf Basit
''Abeg why we dey disturb ourselves on dis matter, Omisore Gave Student Union Bus, does dat mean we dey give our vote for him? 90% of OAU student didnt register on campus. I have d fact. If Politicians doesnt give u Bus who will? Shey na socialist people wil? I just dey laff''

Abdulhameed Abdulmujeeb
 ''I've always taken a backseat when it comes to criticism of the current Students' Union leaders executives, but with d rate at which this excos are tarnishing OAU students' image, it's too much to bear. The most recent being the receipt of a bus from Senator Iyiola Omisore, this administration has commited a lot of atrocities. From not being assertive enough in their first challenge as Union leaders, to seeking and accepting ridiculous gifts from political gladiators, the crimes of Ibikunle and Co gets more grievous by the day...''

 Socrates Biko Mbamalu

''It is a shame, a big one on OAU students that they have condescended so low in intellect and moral sense to think that the action of Omisore, a very clear political action, is something we should not criticize, alienate ourselves from and reject. Invariably, all Great Ife students have been associated with this man, whose nefarious actions, such as the accusation of the murder of Chief Bola Ige is yet to be cleared. What we must realize is that this is not just an issue of whether we were given a bus or not. Our Union is not a begging Union and neither is it an NGO. The person the bus came from is of questionable character, and so is the person that received the bus.''

Something that really bothers me as someone that has been watching and studying events lately especially since the inception of the Ibikunle-led administration is that, thesame students blaming the SU leaders for collecting a Bus gift from the Senator suggested to the Students' Union leaders to meet him for his personal intervention over the increased school fees which seems to be the starting point of romance between our Union and the Politician. How then that it is now that Omisore seems to leverage on his invitation to spice up the hope of becoming the next Governor of Osun State that thesame students come up as enemy? Who is deceiving who?

We are currently trying to reach the Students' Union President to know his reactions on the already mounting allegation over the Bus gift.
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  1. The bus looks great and the team/union is doing great to maintain its cooperativeness! Guys, I'm proud of your achievements!