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2014 OSCAR Award: Meet Oyagbile Peter, The Most Charismatic Student Leader

The historic Outstanding Students' Choice Awards of Recognition popular known as had come and is gone but it will never be forgotten so quick by the entire OAU community. Aside from being the very first of its kind in Obafemi Awolowo University with such huge popularity among staffs and students, its nomination and election fairness and credibility is a song that abounds in the mouth of many.

Today with us is one of the most celebrated personality on OAU campus and beyond, the OSCAR Most Charismatic Male Leader.

OAU Peeps: Congratulations on your award as the Most Charismatic Student Leader! Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
Petrus: Thanks. I am Peter Oyagbile, a graduate of Botany Department of Great Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, A Goal Getter, forward thinking person and always believing in possibility and execution of great ideas.

OAU Peeps: Wow. Tell us how growing up was like with you? Will you say life has been fair to you?
Petrus: Growing up was cool. Life has been good and still very good, thanks to God for the free gift of nature giving us opportunities for great exploits. Though I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I am the fourth of six children with lovely parents who could afford us the privilege of good education.  I was able to identify the importance of life and being relevant in life early enough which prompted in me the thought for greatness and significance.

OAU Peeps: Can you tell us about the leadership positions you have held before now?
Petrus:  I was a Labour Prefect during my primary school education, then I was the Senior Prefect Boy during my secondary school education and then the class rep in my first year in OAU with excellent success recorded and great accountability. My tenure as the President of NABOS ended some months back.

OAU Peeps: Now to the Award that exposed you, how did you feel when you found out you had won the award the other day?
Petrus:  I was excited.

OAU Peeps: Was there a lot of suspense leading up to the decision and did you think you might win or will you call it a total surprise?
Petrus: The suspense was not much, I expected it because I am the optimistic type. Though, I doubted it at a point.

OAU Peeps: That category of the Awards was obviously very tight and competitive with popular nominees like Iyeku Akinwale Tansi(IFUMSA President), Ifeanyi Emegwa(Equity) and some others. What made the difference?
Petrus:  I cannot really figure out the difference, but I think it was a great privilege to have been awarded and to have gotten such a great feedback from the teaming population of OAU students for their honest nomination.

OAU Peeps: Something that caught many people's attention was that your Association, NABOS had the highest popular nomination and eventual awards. How did you go about this?
Petrus: Smiles... It is not that we knew the awards would be coming our way, but we were just been diligent in getting our goals fulfilled. And the successes we had steered up possibilities in us.

OAU Peeps: So far so good, has the Award affected you in any way?
Petrus: Yes.

OAU Peeps: How?
Petrus:  It has been an encouragement and a stimulant to be more diligent and to take up more leadership responsibilities.

OAU Peeps: During your tenure as the President of National Association of Botany Students'(NABOS), your administration obviously witnessed unprecedented success. What was the secret?
Petrus: Thanks to God for the success achieved and also to my Mentor in leadership, Prof. Greg Erhabor who has made me to see the need to be committed to the pursuit of excellence. A set of wonderful Executive Team with excellent team spirit and the cooperation received from my teaming followers made a whole lot of difference.

OAU Peeps: 'BOTANISCA 2014' was a buzz on campus, how did you achieve this?
Petrus: As an Executive Body, we understood the purpose of the event, and we were able to communicate it rightly to great NABOS which earned us their cooperation and contributions.

OAU Peeps: In your speech in the BOTANISCA Magazine, Maiden Edition, you mentioned, "We all should be able to ask ourselves 'Why Botany?' because until you answer the question why, you may never understand the how of life knowing fully well that we are big as the dream we set out in our mind." So why Botany for you?
Petrus: It is a unique Basic Science that has given me the platform for my desired profession and to become a dream weaver in the science World.
OAU Peeps: How will you rate the OSCAR event?
Petrus:  It was excellent! because it was an idea of some set of students like every other student on campus which was eventually executed.

OAU Peeps: What were the major challenges you had leading your department?
Petrus: (i) Bringing about change was initially difficult. (ii) Insufficient funds in the execution of goals and vision was another challenge.

OAU Peeps: As a student leader, what are the major lessons you have learnt from your followers?
Petrus: Accepting people the way they are especially at their different levels of understanding and reasoning, Decision is hard work which requires high level of wisdom when it comes to people’s opinion and lastly, Success determinant depend much on the cooperation from followers.

OAU Peeps: Combining Academics with Campus Politics, how did you strike balance?
Petrus: I had to let go of some conveniences so as to be committed in order to strike balance.

OAU Peeps: Any regret in life so far?
Petrus: None

OAU Peeps: Are you in any relationship?
Petrus: No

OAU Peeps: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
Petrus: Impacting and influencing lives with a more higher leadership responsibility, married and a consultant in Research and Development.

OAU Peeps: Is there anything you will like to share with our readers?
Petrus: Let us keep discovering and exploring our capabilities in order to be a perfect match with opportunity.

OAU Peeps: What message do you have for your fellow students and youths out there?
Petrus: It is important for us to know that we are as big as the dream we ever set out in our minds. Therefore, let us not stop dreaming; let us not forget our driving force of always becoming the best in whatsoever we do. No matter how the past has been, we can always do better and we can always go for the best. Let’s dare to go extra miles in achieving the unusual excellence, opening up our minds to generating insights into what the future holds for us as great intellectuals.

OAU Peeps: Thank you for your time Mr Oyagbile Peter. Your shout out to the OAU Peeps Crew?
Petrus:  It’s a privilege been here. Thanks! My Shout out goes to the OAU Peeps Crew, you guys are doing such a great work… keep it up!

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