Sunday, 3 August 2014

Place Your Adverts On 'OAU Peeps' For FREE

Greatest Ife Students!

Good day and hope your break has been productive so far? As part of efforts to appreciate you all for your listening audience and welcoming gesture towards 'OAU Peeps' the newest and hottest hub of information on OAU campus and beyond, we will give out 4 free advert slots to interested students.


- You must be a student of OAU
- Your banner for advertisement must be colourful and attractive.
- Your advert must be that of genuine goods/services
- You must be an ardent follower and reader of our Blog. This by commenting on our updates, promoting our updates on various social platforms.



  • Google Estimated Daily Pageview: 7,000+
  • Google Estimated Weekly Pageview: 50,000+
  • Our audience is specifically targeted at OAU students the most.

Banner/Image Properties

-Banners/Images must be of high quality and very attractive. 
-It must not be too huge or heavy. Preferably not more than 60KB. 
-We do not accept Banners/Images with violent representation/nudity.
-You can link your images to wherever you want to.
-Promotional Ad sizes must be 125x125px


*Every promotional ad lasts 5 days on our Blog before giving opportunity to another set of Great Ife students.
*You can only win once. Multiple faked entries will be disqualified.
*Promotional Ads that we consider as against the interest of OAU Peeps will not be allowed.
*We reserve the right to remove any advert from our Blog if it violates any of our rules and regulations and any of the set rules of our Hoster.

Interested? Comment here and we will randomly pick 4 students for the first week of our promotion.
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