Thursday, 28 August 2014

Seven Unforgettable Lessons At +1 Year

To God be the glory, above expectations, the Lord had been ''too" good to me, even now that the choice of being a Daniel in the Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar becomes almost an unachievable task; To Him be the glory. The statement for this concluded year of mine was that it will be a “year of dancing” and people who are very close to me can testify with me that God is the best future teller.

Though I had my ups and downs but sincerely Jehovah has been very faithful. To this end I sing "Holy are you Lord, all creation call you Lord, worthy is your name, we worship your majesty, awesome GOD, how great thou art oh Lord! mighty are your miracles, I stand in awe of your holy name, Lord I bow and worship you". Let me emphasize that the above is not in any form a sense of spirituality but a realistic conclusion expected of any intellectually and 'wholesomely' minded person. The above stands as my first lesson.

Lesson2: The road to success has many potholes. There is need to be emotionally stable. Timelines changes, resources dry up, assumptions prove false, plans and people fail, one must keep traveling steadily along HIS pathway.

Lesson 3: God is good at giving you duties greater than your capabilities----> An important method people say He uses to build men.

Lesson 4: To be frank, the more you know God, the more devil knows you, you have got to brace up, temptations, trials will be on the Increase.

Lesson 5: One have got to be simple and learn not to be in haste, don't act on impulse, don't be hasty. Time is the best revealer of the original, for the expiry date of the original is far longer than the fake. Think well, Trust well and test well.

Lesson 6: Get the word from the source and sustainer at the most convenient time for it is promises that sustains in periods that you can't explain.

Lesson 7: I have learnt to never for any reason joke with my family members both spiritual and biological, they may be the only men standing. I have learnt to be happy, agile and very optimistic. I am the most loved by GOD.

This year is my "year of basking in His grace"(Hebrews 4:16). I appreciate all who have in one way or the other affected my life. Without you all, I cannot be where I am. I also use this medium to apologize for any one I offended this year. I solicit your continued support.

Lastly I congratulate the people and Government of The State of Osun as our beautiful state clocks 23!

The writer of this article, Isaac Oluwatobi Adeniran is member of Gospel Students' Fellowship(GSF), Obafemi Awolowo University
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