Monday, 4 August 2014

Some OAU Students And Their Confused State Of Reasoning

Reactions have continued to pour in over the Bus gift from the Osun State PDP Gubernatorial candidate, Senator Iyiola Omisore for the August 9 Poll. In the series of latest responses from Great Ife students in what seems to be in defence of the decision of the Union officers to accept the Bus gift, they argued that what should be the priority of the concern of any OAU student at the moment is how to get back to school.

In his own reaction, Samuel Hungbeme Nayon wrote; ''Some OAU students and their confused state of reasoning. Should the Union leadership turndown the offer by Omisore? Or. Should he have call a congress of great ife students before receiving the bus.. Some pple and dier thinking sha. I don't see anything wrong with the offer and that's not what we are to be discussing or celebrating here, What we should be asking the leadership is their achievement as regards what sent us home(increment). That's all''

Certifying Samuel's opinion, one Durodola Temidayo gave his opinion;
My Opinion......... This is the best post I will see as regards to the ongoing argument among the Great Ife students one the issue of bus donated by Senator Iyiola Omisore...
Great Ife let's reasoning among our selves, let's see beyond the election, let not get carried away by one day election, we shouldn't take politics so much that we allow it to disintegrate us. We should see this as a gift and Nothing more than that, what if governor Aregbesola also decides to donate a bus too.

What should be our major concern is our right to vote, not only voting but making our votes count too. I can hear some people say the Students' Union leaders are trying to sell the vote of Great Ife students, How?. Majority of us are not in school to exercise our civil right So, how did relate to our Union leaders selling our vote by collecting bus and cash gifts..Or do you think if we are in school, do you think this will change my mind on who to vote for?....
My people.......If the Union leaders have  rejected the bus earlier on most of us will make it a political issue, by saying the union leaders are in support of one political party and doesnt want any gift from the opposition. I heard about tertiary institution where the union leaders use buses donated to them by politicians so why is this one different. Why is it that many students of OAU are so myopic and think only of actions and neglect the consequences of these actions.
Great Ife, shouldn't allow ourselves to be lead astray by some students on an matter, we are Intelligent, We're intellectuals so we should be able to decide on who to vote for. On this note am signing out and wish all my Goons Happy Resumption in ADVANCE.

In a similar reaction, Oni Oluwabusayo said ''People don't forget about the school closure now, they are now talking about the bus issue. O ga o. Me just dey look sha o cos I dey neutral to everything wey dey happen 4 OAU.''

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