Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Students To Face Panel Over Bed Space Racketeering

In what seems to be a clampdown on suspected students involved or trying to be involved in accommodation (bed space) racketeering, they will have to face an Investigative or Disciplinary Panel as the case may be once the school resumes next week over the matter.

The information reaching us has it that these students may have been linked with Bed Space illegality in one way or the other. Those affected include students that have in one time or the other posted on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and others) requesting for sellable bedspaces or offering one for sale.

One of those affected by this development who pleaded anonymity lamented the clampdown and blamed his inability to secure a bed space as a Returning student in any of the Halls of Residence as the reason for his interest in buying any one available for sale. Another student who was already notified of his suspected involvement who reacted to it said he never had the intention to buy or sell bed space at any point in time. He described the accusation as an attempt by the Management to frustrate and indict some selected students that were actively involved in the recent struggle against the school fees hike.

In messages that have been posted to some of the suspected students by the Deputy Dean, Divisions of Students' Affairs(DSA), their names have been compiled and they would soon have their letters from the Registrar. 

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